Sultan completes 50 days in theatres

Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s Sultan completed 50 successful days in theatres on 24th August. The biggest blockbuster of the year continues to lead the highest grossers of the year list, by a huge margin of 172 crore.

In other words, no film has even collected half of what Sultan did during the Eid weekend this year.

The Ali Abbas Zafar directed film is also the only universally successful film of 2016. We have had a film like ‘Baaghi’ which performed very well at mass centres and ‘Airlift’ and ‘Rustom’ that were excellent at multiplexes, but no other film except ‘Sultan’ has worked with every section of the audience.

Sultan was also Salman’s 3rd film in 12 months – Bajrangi Bhaijaan (17 July – 321 crore), Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (12 November – 213 crore including all versions) and Sultan (6 July – 301 crore). The combined collections within a span of 365 days was Rs 835 crore net from India – without including collections from the overseas box office.

DaySultanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Wednesday)36.54-
Day 2 (Thursday)37.32+ 2%
Day 3 (Friday)31.67- 15%
Day 4 (Saturday)36.62+ 16%
Day 5 (Sunday)38.21+ 4%
Day 6 (Monday)15.54- 59%
Day 7 (Tuesday)12.92- 17%
Week 1 Total208.82 crore
Day 8 (2nd Wednesday)10.82- 16%
Day 9 (2nd Thursday)9.52- 12%
Day 10 (2nd Friday)7.43- 22%
Day 11 (2nd Saturday)11.46+ 54%
Day 12 (2nd Sunday)15.18+ 32%
Day 13 (2nd Monday)4.08- 73%
Day 14 (2nd Tuesday)3.72- 9%
Week 2 Total62.21 crore
Day 15 (3rd Wednesday)3.42- 8%
Day 16 (3rd Thursday)3.51+ 3%
Day 17 (3rd Friday)2.14- 39%
Day 18 (3rd Saturday)3.81+ 78%
Day 19 (3rd Monday)5.14+ 38%
Day 20 (3rd Sunday)1.30- 75%
Day 21 (3rd Tuesday)1.25- 4%
Week 3 Total20.57 crore
Day 22 (4th Wednesday)1.15- 8%
Day 23 (4th Thursday)1.05- 9%
Day 24 (4th Friday)0.57- 46%
Day 25 (4th Saturday)0.98+ 72%
Day 26 (4th Sunday)1.51+ 54%
Day 27 (4th Monday)0.34- 77%
Day 28 (4th Tuesday)0.36+ 6%
Week 4 Total4.91 crore
Day 29 (5th Wednesday)0.34- 6%
Day 30 (5th Thursday)0.33- 3%
Day 31 (5th Friday)0.24- 27%
Day 32 (5th Saturday)0.49+ 4%
Day 33 (5th Sunday)0.78+ 59%
Day 34 (5th Monday)0.16- 79%
Day 35 (5th Tuesday)0.160%
Week 5 Total2.5 crore
Day 36 (5th Wednesday)0.15- 6%
Day 37 (5th Thursday)0.14- 7%
Remaining days0.71
India Total Collections301.06 crore


  • @parshya

    Yes Bhai chased his own records. While all the other stars chased Bhai’s records 15-20 years. Thats the difference between bhai & others…!!!

    What? You didn’t say anything against Bhai??? Then what is this…”Don’t worry sholey ka record tut jayega.. Par collection 302 hi ragga
    Ha ha megastar..could not give ATHG since 22years..”
    Now why are you changing your colour???

    Don’t make false allegations to justify your nonsenses. Which Bhai fan (not chameleon) bashes Aamir khan??? Show me..

    What’s your problem if #indicine call Bhai a Megastar??? #indicine also call Aamir legend, Perfectionist but have you ever seen any Bhai fan complaining about that???

    You are free to praise Aamir, you can predict 370cr/570cr for Dangal. We have no problem. But don’t drag Bhai’s name unnecessarily. Otherwise you won’t get such polite reply next time onwards.

    Have been tolerating you, #abhay malhotara & some others nonsenses due to my huge respect for some nicest guys like #Navin, #Sky & # Rew1 etc. But har cheez ki ek Hadd hoti hai!!!

  • @hrithik 4:02 PM

    You have forgotten another epic one…”Dilwale collecting 60+cr on opening day “….LOL.

  • @ tiger,who told u SRK is playing alia’s dadaji or nanaji ?kuch v apne mann se.he is playing her guide,her life coach.but why I am telling u all this .u can’t understand these true and good facts.

  • Aamir is Baap of salman. Period. Bollywood has only one megastar and that is Aamir khan. No one can come close to him. Dangal will prove it once again. Aamir will kick the ass of indicine who keeps overpromoting lallu.

  • Off late too many chameleons spoiling Indicine. Some are pretending as Aamir & Ajay fans because both are very close to Salman n his fans like them too. Akki fans are much better at least they don’t pretend to be someone fans to bash Salman. The chams won’t get a long run !!!!!!!!!

  • @Kessler Ammadi yes, I’d Lallu will just smile then not only will it cross 100 cr but it will become ATHG but sadly since HAHK that hasn’t happened as madhuri was the main soul of the movie and that’s why it bename ATHG. No doubt all lallu fans are idiots so not surprised to see one more idiot in you. We all know how many lallu movies used to flop badly in last decade. Let your decade loser none actor come out of eid and Masala movies where he is hiding behind and then we will see his aukaat. It won’t even cross 40 cr life time forget 100 cr.

  • @NVS wait for Dangal and see it will breally BB’s foot falls record. All though Aamir’s only competition is himself.

  • @NVS wait for Dangal and see it will break BB’s foot falls record. All though Aamir’s only competition is himself. Salman is lucky that the one man industry does only one film at a time as he is perfeftionist. If the one man indystry and the biggest megastar will start doing more films and come every year then salman will be nowhere close to him. Despite less movies he is dominating salman like a daddy.

  • @hrithik and @Tiger first read the comments of your mate @salman khan king khan who was doing nothing but spouting all the way through in last 3 idiots sequel article. He has spoken much more nonesense tahn his height. I hardly see Aamir fans bashing salman unless salman fans start it. He keeps speaking rubbish like craps like dabangg 2 and prdp better 3 idiots which even die hard salman fans (who have brain) would laugh at. He calls suraj-Salman combo better than aamir hirani combo which is not true at all. So first tell your loonatic mates to shut up and stop blabbering against aamir.

  • This Christmas ATBB and ATHG
    Mark it….History will repeat this Christmas… No one can challenge AAMIR

  • From where did sultan had 5 open weeks mr shambuji?? In which country pls tell. Atleast in india it didnt had open weeks after first week

  • @Parshya 2:42 pm :

    Don’t hide behind name of Aamir just to save u’r monkey ass from bashing, You are a loongitard and You have proved it several times with u’r hatred comments towards Bhai.

    And What with 50 days #SULTAN failed to beat #BB, Really ??
    50 dinontak 4000 screens par tere baap ne movie jalai thi kya ??? Abe tereko ek film ke run ke peeche ka Economics bhi pata hai kya, Aaya bakwass karne ??? #SULTAN had only 1 open week and hike ticket rates were only applied untill extended weekend so it did 180cr in 5 days itself which includes 2 working days too….But you fools never understand this things ! Your only goal is to degrade bhai Anyway.

    More screens to aise likh raha hai comment mai, jaise ki duniya bharki screenings sirf #SULTAN ke liye thi, baaki movies (Madaari,Kabali,Dishoom) to jaise Moon pe released huyi thi ?? #SULTAN never shown drop in collection in the entire run, Movie has great repeat value that’s why it had shown tremendous trend on Saturday/Sunday of every week, Check out terrestrial break downs and look at the trend of the movie, Aisehi wo movie Highest tax paying movie nahi bani agar Crap hoti to 3.3cr footfalls crossed nahi karti. agar 2 open weeks hote to tu jo #BB kar raha hai na usko bhi crossed karleti, 1 open week ke baad bhi us movie ne 302 cr kiye, Ye kyon bolege tum log.

    Before blabbering non – ‘sense’ try to understand facts and try to be loyal with one Fanbase, don’t behave like RAM VILAS PASSWAN, Jidhar satta dekh li udhar ghuss liye 😂 !

  • @mansvi

    Who told you that he is a Bhai fan??? Any random user can appear with a new ID and bash Aamir or Salman. How can you call him a Salman fan or Aamir fan without seeing his long term activities??? BTW, FYI true Bhai fans like #Hrithik and some others thrashed king Salman Khan badly. Can’t you see that???

  • @parshya
    We have no problem with such comments.

    WTH you dragged Bhai’s name again??? Do you want the same treatment Loongiwalas get from me??? If no then keep yourself away from Bhai related articles.

    P.S- Agar main tumlogo ka AUKAAT dikhana shuru kiya naa toh #indicine pe 2 din bhi nhi tik paoge.

  • @Manasvi : He is a chameleon. I think you did not read my comment for him on 3 Idiots sequel article. We do not consider such chameleons as Salman fan. Bash him but not bhai, no Salman fan can write such things about Hirani and Aamir !!!!!!!!!

  • @parshay
    dhoom 3 did 188cr 1st week,and from rest days only 95cr ,a 175cr budgeted movie did 285cr, reason indicine called salman megastar he gave many blockbusters with
    new/flop/crap directors in last 6/7 years,many says kabir is talented director but. his Ek tha tiger was crap ,so was phantom.

    5days weekend were exist there before
    sultan release, but did u ever think that
    sultan’d do 300cr with a director like Ali Abbas zafar before release ? best target was 250cr, u see sultan’s indian gross collection is almost equal to Bajrangi bhaijan (2 cr less) but due to tax increasing in few state there is 20cr difference between bajrngi and sultan

    now about amir , 3idiots,dhoom 3 ,pk these 3 movies that put amir on top,2 of them came from biggest and finest director another came from biggest franchise, but yes this year everything will be all clear if Dangal can
    do more than sultan then Aamir is bigger than salman

  • I m not against sallu but because of some sallu fans,they force me to bash him….if I see the comments against Aamir…then I will not stop to bash him….

  • @buzz you jerk then what was Lagaan, rand de basanti, fanaa, ghajini? Do you jboe anything about those directors. How many hits has rakesh Mehran given without aamir? RDB is his only successful movie. Do you know who is fanaa’s director kunal kohli? He has not given any hit apart from fanaa. Do you know the director of Lagaan who has only given one hit without aamir and that is Jodha akbar. Apart from aamir’s Lagaan and JA his all movies flopped including the recent mohenjo daro. And do you know that ghajini had a debutant director from South and debutant actress Asin. Still it shattered all records and crossed 100 cr (first film ever to do so.) So don’t bark about stardom if you don’t know anytJing. What was salman doing when ghajini shattered all records and crossed 100 cr followed by 3 idiots which crossed 200 cr? Oops. He was doing films like yuvraaj, God tussi great ho, heroes, Main Aur Mrs khanna, London dreams, jaaneman, marigold kind of disasters. So don’t compare stardom of your lately born kid with megastar who is founder of all major clubs. In any direction be it east, West, North or south Aamir is bigger star than salman. No matter how much yoyou losers hate Aamir, truth will remain as it is. I will only accept salman bigger star when he breaks Aamir’s record of 4 ATHG and if dangal also becomes ATHG then salman will have to give 6 ATHG to prove himself bigger star. That’s a big challenge and so called megastar has to prove it. Otherwise no chance at all boss.

  • @Rogit
    It’s more than open after 2 weeks since GGM was leaked and Dishoom didn’t did well along with other small releases.

    That was almost no competition, 120+ crores is shame on your star and his supporters who earns in 45 days after a grand opening bcoz of 5 holidays. If it was totally negative response like FAN then that’s a different story.

    Hope you got it.

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