Sultan completes 50 days in theatres

Bollywood megastar Salman Khan’s Sultan completed 50 successful days in theatres on 24th August. The biggest blockbuster of the year continues to lead the highest grossers of the year list, by a huge margin of 172 crore.

In other words, no film has even collected half of what Sultan did during the Eid weekend this year.

The Ali Abbas Zafar directed film is also the only universally successful film of 2016. We have had a film like ‘Baaghi’ which performed very well at mass centres and ‘Airlift’ and ‘Rustom’ that were excellent at multiplexes, but no other film except ‘Sultan’ has worked with every section of the audience.

Sultan was also Salman’s 3rd film in 12 months – Bajrangi Bhaijaan (17 July – 321 crore), Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (12 November – 213 crore including all versions) and Sultan (6 July – 301 crore). The combined collections within a span of 365 days was Rs 835 crore net from India – without including collections from the overseas box office.

DaySultanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Wednesday)36.54-
Day 2 (Thursday)37.32+ 2%
Day 3 (Friday)31.67- 15%
Day 4 (Saturday)36.62+ 16%
Day 5 (Sunday)38.21+ 4%
Day 6 (Monday)15.54- 59%
Day 7 (Tuesday)12.92- 17%
Week 1 Total208.82 crore
Day 8 (2nd Wednesday)10.82- 16%
Day 9 (2nd Thursday)9.52- 12%
Day 10 (2nd Friday)7.43- 22%
Day 11 (2nd Saturday)11.46+ 54%
Day 12 (2nd Sunday)15.18+ 32%
Day 13 (2nd Monday)4.08- 73%
Day 14 (2nd Tuesday)3.72- 9%
Week 2 Total62.21 crore
Day 15 (3rd Wednesday)3.42- 8%
Day 16 (3rd Thursday)3.51+ 3%
Day 17 (3rd Friday)2.14- 39%
Day 18 (3rd Saturday)3.81+ 78%
Day 19 (3rd Monday)5.14+ 38%
Day 20 (3rd Sunday)1.30- 75%
Day 21 (3rd Tuesday)1.25- 4%
Week 3 Total20.57 crore
Day 22 (4th Wednesday)1.15- 8%
Day 23 (4th Thursday)1.05- 9%
Day 24 (4th Friday)0.57- 46%
Day 25 (4th Saturday)0.98+ 72%
Day 26 (4th Sunday)1.51+ 54%
Day 27 (4th Monday)0.34- 77%
Day 28 (4th Tuesday)0.36+ 6%
Week 4 Total4.91 crore
Day 29 (5th Wednesday)0.34- 6%
Day 30 (5th Thursday)0.33- 3%
Day 31 (5th Friday)0.24- 27%
Day 32 (5th Saturday)0.49+ 4%
Day 33 (5th Sunday)0.78+ 59%
Day 34 (5th Monday)0.16- 79%
Day 35 (5th Tuesday)0.160%
Week 5 Total2.5 crore
Day 36 (5th Wednesday)0.15- 6%
Day 37 (5th Thursday)0.14- 7%
Remaining days0.71
India Total Collections301.06 crore


  • Glad that this recordless turtourous mega crapfest completed 50 days.hence Indians again showed their standard that during holiday period they’ll can withstand any bigger torture and India’s development is completely can be reflected from their mindset,rofl.

    @tiger-the real chuha,the day lallu will give a 100cr film/200cr ww film in clash,an 30cr offbeat film in IPL season,then get confirm that he becomes able to as great as 1/100th of KING KHAN.that non actor who hidden behind EID+masala genre from his rebirth period 2010 ,his fans no need to tell about his decade struggling stardom,rofl.s till kya fayda?after getting EID bheek too,aukatless beggar remained aukatless for lifetime,rofl.

    @anand_the fake,but how can WE ignore the past?do you mean by that your decade struggler disaster star was a smaller star than tushar/zayed indirectly?????which is true though.but still see MEGASTAR KING still THE BIGGEST CROWD PULLER AND HAS RECORD BROKEN MOVIE during HIS so called weak period.ehile you bhabi was not even top 5 and his movies opened below emraan hashmi movies in last decade,rofl.

    If Prabhu Deva would have arrived a little late ,then our bhai would have begged in front of MANNAT now,rofl.

  • Good article! We never had such thoughts about Bhai..yes 3 films and 865 crores in a year..We all thot only Akki has 3 100crores a year…But Bhai Has 8 centuries in a year! EPIC

  • Wowww…..great, that’s proved how to like Salman’s movies to watching long time but other side global fankhastar’s movies are not to interest to watching a long time….just throw the dust-bin after 3 days….Bhai ko blockbuster pasand hai …..baki sabko flop pasand hai.
    Bhai ko bajrangi bhaijaan,sultan pasand hai…global fankhastar’s ko dilwale,fan,happy new year,flop pasand hai.

  • @Anand_The Original Talking about footfalls(Though they may not be fully beleivable) and saying BB is bigger it>>PK is ridiculous.

    The footfalls of Aamir’s Mela in 2000 was higher than Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Wanted, or even Veer Zaara(Which was the last film to run 25 weeks on selected multiplexes) and Chak de India had lesser footfalls than Mela. Mela is perceived to be a huge flop, rest are blockbusters.

  • @Shambuji
    Without holiday, your global king’s highest grosser would be of 85 cr. Even if you take out the EID weekend collection of SUltan it still collects 128, which would still make it the biggest grosser of the year.

    Bhai needs to stop EID+Kabir+Masala genre to prove himself? I can only laught at you. Just imagine where your global king would be he had stopped Yashraj+KaranJohar+ROmance genre?. I dont need your answer. You need some painkiller at the moment. Coz watching someone collecting more than 800 crs within a year must be really hard for someone like you.

  • Airlift & Drishyam were also completed 50 days but they are not atbb . Airlift superhit & Drishyam semi hit .

  • 365 days, 835 cr collections – Domestic.

    So, in last one year, his movie contributed 2.25 cr per day to the industry.

    Nothing more to say.

  • @s.a.s
    Indicine is salmans fan that’s why they uses Megastar for Salman but they don’t see the Aamirs achievement.. Salman could not give ATHG still Indicine called him MEGASTAR and Aamir has everything ATBB/ATHG/NON HOLIDAY FIRST DAY OPENING/NON HOLIDAY HIGHEST WEEK END/EVERY CHRISTMAS ATHG..still ignores Aamir
    Hats off Indicine to ur logic… Keep it..

  • @prashant Abhishek

    Smell the difference between romancing a heroine and doing dadaji/nanaji character of a heroine… LOL

  • If we exclude fuve days weekend sultan 125 cr collection is more than akshay highest grosser except rowdy rathore ,airlift more than srk highest grosser except dilwale chennai express ,hny more than hrithik movies except bang bang krrish 3 thats why he is box office king

  • @parshaya

    Why are you blabbering nonsenses on Bhai??? Did any Bhai fan say anything against Aamir??? Enough! Bahut bardasht kar liya tumlogo ki bakwas. Abb aur nahi.

    Listen munni, ye jo tu ATHG ATHG karr raha hai…. Bhai delivered ATHG way back in 1994 (ur idol didn’t even delivered a blockbuster till then forget ATHG or ATBB). While your idol achieved the same in 2008. Feel the difference.

    Now, you will argue that Aamir delivered 4 ATHG but Bhai gave only 1. Also Bhai is chasing Aamir’s highest grosser record since last 7-8 years. FYI, Aamir chased Bhai’s highest grossers record for 20 years (1989-2009). Now don’t say that 7-8 years are longer periods than 20 years..

    P.S- No offence to Aamir sir but this idiot deserves a reply. This is my first anti Aamir comment and mayby the last (if she won’t come up with utter nonsenses again).

  • Within a span of one year the megastar has given 2 of the biggest ever BBs in Bollywood history and two of the most watched movies this decade, 450+ crores gross overseas in just 1 year with these 3 movies , so 835+ crores net in india & 450+ crores gross overseas – the total worldwide gross for these 3 movies within a year is a mind-boggling 1600+ crores , to put that into perspective this amount is more than half of the total business done by all the Hindi movies released in the entire year from the last eid to this August of this month !!! Simply mind-boggling!!!

    Most watched & the biggest grosser of the 80s decade – MPK

    Most watched & the biggest grosser of the 90s decade – HAHK

    Interestingly the most watched movie of this decade so far is Bajrangi bhaijaan and it’s inflation adjusted (considering footfalls, average ticket prices & dominating single screens business) collections is around 5 crores more than PK’s India net collections , while pk’s overseas & worldwide collections are just on another level altogether & more than 100+ crores than BB!!

  • @mekanik

    If 300cr grosser SULTAN is a recordless movie then what will you loongiwalas call a ‘recordwala’ movie, content rich 80cr grosser billu 2???…hahaha.

    How can Bhai face a clash??? Whenever Bhai tries to clash others run away in fear of him. Even duniya ka sabse bada superstar is not a exception… LOL.

    Hahaha… Barking on Bhai’s holiday releases! Ans to a few simple question… Who stops your global king to release his movies on festive season??? And if Eid guarantees 300cr grossers then wthy your global queen runs away from Eid??? Doesn’t he want his movies to collect 300cr???

    Actually it’s your king who struggles for whole 90’s. Hence, literally king is the decade struggler not Bhai. Wanna see proof???

    And if papa yasjhi backing was not there your global king would have entered into Big Boss house as contestant and fight with guys like krk, rakhi sawant etc..

  • some are still commenting on other star movies by watching their favorite star movies(debacles) they would have been died .

  • some of them are still commenting on others movies by watching their favorite movies(debacles) they would have been died

  • @TIGER- the real king
    How many years bhai chasing his own record of HAHK….atleast Amir broke his record before him..
    Why some salman fans blabbering against Amir..why r u not stopping them..see my above comment.. Nothing wrong in it.. I just want to tell that why indicine ignores Amir
    One question to u
    Why sultan fails to break BB even if there was a 5 day weekend… 50 days run,higher ticket prices,more screen

    Meanwhile bechari begger khan must be a very sad man. He made a movie for his fans and they rubbed shit on his face. I’m sure even if Salman does a movie and just smiles thru it it will cross 100cr lol

  • @Old-Age Era SRK, what bad has I said negative about your SRK here under this article. Please point out.

    Had I said anything bad about SRK under any other article, please go and comment against me under that article. Why bluffing here unnecessarily?

    Yes, Tiger & Me are the reasons why Salman gets bashed by others. But do you really know why SRK gets bashed? If you don’t know, find it out.

    You are new here. You may not know. But I have been in this site for 8 years.
    So, don’t teach your father how to make babies.

  • @Old-Age Era SRK, what bad has I said negative about your SRK here under this article. Please point out.

    Had I said anything bad about SRK under any other article, please go and comment against me under that article. Why bluffing here unnecessarily?

    Yes, Tiger & Me are the reasons why Salman gets bashed by others. But do you really know why SRK gets bashed? If you don’t know, find it out.

    You are new here. You may not know. But I have been in this site for 8 years.
    So, don’t teach your father how to make babies. …

  • @sss : Abbey bakwaas band kar. First you set your own foolish expectations and later when it proves you wrong you cry with excuses. We have never seen your Charlie coming with 300 crs storm, building 19 abs, Saif getting Bharat Ratna & GGM beating Sultan. Tu kahan ka praani hai bhai ?? Pluto or Bakrapur ????

  • Off late too many chameleons spoiling Indicine. Some are pretending as Aamir & Ajay fans because both are very close to Salman n his fans like them too. Akki fans are much better at least they don’t pretend to be someone fans to bash Salman. The chams won’t get a long run !!!!!!

  • @LOL Badhshah
    You can’t compare versatile acting of actors like SRK, Ajay, AB, Aamir with a non actor Salman.

    Talking about FAN, movie is not a sultan genre and it didn’t had 5 open weeks including weekends, , in fact it’s 120 crores in 45 days is shame on a movie which collected 180+ crores in first 5 holidays.

    The day when Salman gives hit movie other than Eid holidays, I would consider them as a star or else he is just a holiday time pass actor.

    Audience will not remember his movies for a long time compared to AB and SRK movies like Sholay, Zanjerr, DDLJ, CDI, MNIK

    All knows aukaat of Lallu…

    Love you AB and SRK… Make way for Raees

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