Star Screen Awards 2008 Winners

The winners of the Star Screen Awards of 2008 are out. Here is the list..

Best Actor – Hrithik Roshan for Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actress – Priyanka Chopra for Fashion

Best Director – Ashutosh Gowariker for Jodhaa Akbar

Best Film – Jodhaa Akbar

Most Promising Actor – Farhan Akhtar for Rock On!!

Most Promising Actress – Asin for Ghajini

Best Comic Actor – Tusshar Kapoor for Golmaal Returns

Best Jodi – John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan (Dostana)

Most Popular Male – Akshay Kumar

Most Popular Female – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Best Background score – AR Rahman for Jodhaa Akbar

Best Playback Singer Male – KK for Khuda Jaane (Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Best Playback Singer Female – Shilpa Rao for Khuda Jaane (Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Best Supporting Actor – Arjun Rampal for Rock On!!

Best Supporting Actress – Shahana Goswami – Rock On!!

Best Choreography – Khwaja Mere Khwaja (Jodhaa Akbar)

Best Lyrics – Anvita Dutt Guptan (Khuda Jaane – Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Best Action – Race

Congrats to all the winners!



  • Raj: If u r a new Raj on this website ( and not that old stupid enemy who’s name is Raj too!) so let me ask u the following:

    You say that Priyanka and Arjun Rampal did nothing to deserve winning at the awards function.. what do u really think that any actor has to do, to prove he’s talented, good, and deserves to receive awards?! You might say that Rajeev ( I don’t know his full name) but the actor in the movie (Aamir) also did nothing as an actor! what did he do, actually, he also deserves to receive award as one of the best debutants in 2008, but u might think that he doesn’t deserve it!!

    I don’t know which way u value actors but, do u think that actors have to jump, scream, run after criminals or try to be funny like Tushar in Golmaal! or roar like lions to prove that they’re good actors?!

    Arjun Rampal was so good in Rock On, I saw him in many movies but in Rock On, he did his best, and Priyanka, used to be in her previous movies only a beautiful doll, a lover to some actors and nothing else, never did any difficult roles, but she proved herself as a good actress thru Dostana & Fashion. actually.. they should’ve rewarded her for the 2 movies and not only for Fashion, her acting in Dostana was also very good.
    If u didn’t watch it yet so go ahead and watch Dostana.

  • Dear Friends,

    All Know very well and I Hope you all agree with this that this time “Star Screen Awards 2009” was totally all Unfair . Fixing and Cheating. Jodah Akber was a good movie but does not deserve for the Best Movie Award,They are many other Best Moveis in the list, and Rhitik Roshan that stupid guy He does not deserve the Best Actor Award, He Got the Award only becuase of He is Son In Law of Sanjay Khan.This Sanjay Khan , Feroz Khan there Dons of Bollywood, they control on Such events That is why The Awars went to Rhitik Roshan and Jodah Akber, and more over Aishwariya Rai Is no more.. She is finished, She is Good for Nothing, Akshay and Amir any one of them deserves the BEst Actor Award, Best Movei is “Ghajini” “A Wednesday” Best Lyrics ” Hauley Hauley Is.. in RBNDJ, For Music ofcourse AR Rahman, Anyways It is past now, we cant do anything But my Friends, please remember that This Star Screen Awards 2009 is all Shit / Fixed / Chating and Unfair….

  • Raj, Taare Zameen Par released in 2007 and it won several awards last year :)

    Mohammed Hamed, your comments are funny! Hrithik won the best actor award because he is the son in law of Sanjay Khan? Sanjay Khan has a son by the name of Zayed Khan, who has never won an award in his life!

    Feroz Khan has a son, Fardeen Khan, who again has just won the Best newcomer award (filmfare) and nothing else in the last 12 years! Dons of Bollywood eh?

    And you say, Hrithik didnt deserve it for a flawless performance in Jodhaa Akbar? Hmmm!

  • Dear Indicine Team / Manish: Just one question, Tell me honestly Is this Star Screen Awards 2008 are realy based on Actor’s performance and are there true? No fixing ? is not partiality?

  • iam very happy for KK. he deserves this award and for past few years he deserved for best playback singer award. welldone star screen award

  • GHAJINI is the best film… but there is not a single award for that film except asin award.. but ghajini not at all little than jodha akbar.. Really hrithik had outstanding performance in jodha akbar which anyone could not do… but here ghajini is a mind blowing story line and execution has overtakes all the film including jodha akbar.. Ghajini is entertainer and mindblowing film of bollywood… For this great job, they might get several awards here.. am disappointed………. sorry amir… I love u amir…..

  • guyzzz please…what are we putting up these kinda comments for/those awards are given & over…no use cribbing….hritik very much deserved for the kind of dedicated performance it was…..Aishwarya too deserved it,but Priyanka actually managed to shoulder a female oriented film at times when males heros are worshipped,so credibility goes to that fact & not her acting prowess alone….
    @Mohammed Hamed….brother,i think you are very biased movie-goer& thats not a bad thing…but look,when an award is given,its for the overall performance,Hritik has that much of charishma,& not because of Sanjay khan & Feroz khan…nobody remebrs them anymore,just like Indicine team said..they cant get their sons to get an award too..i agree thatr Akshay & aamir are good actors…but Aamir was nominated for the supporting star…wait till Ghajini is nominated at the other awards…its gonna sweep all the awards!!!
    & yah..eve i beleieve that the awards are fixed to an extent…..but not all of them…

  • Dear Aman, I saw your comments and I Understand but… as every know’s that the real story of Mughal Empire Akber ans his Wife Jodah is 70 % different then the story/script of “Jodah Akbar”. When producers / Directors are making such historical movies they should understand how far it effects on peoples mind, specially young generation. what they will learn? Atuhentic Sources say something about Hisotry of Mughal Empire Akbar and in picture is something else. anyways….. movie is just a movie for entertainment., Take care

  • Shahrukh too deserves to win the award as best actor, RBNDJ was his best performance after Chakde India, the movie, Shahrukh & the director deserve to win some awards.. hope that they will do it.. during other awards’ functions.

  • Hey guys…..I don’t understand why u guys are argueing for such things. “Everything happens for a reason”. So there might be something that audience thought was right. And who ever won awards in “star screen” I think they deserved it. Sooo just calm down people. But I agree that some of the awards were given to wrong people that we might not be thinking like for supporting actress, I think it went to some girl from Rock On. right? I think she didn’t deserve it but….what can we say guys.

    There will be other awards cumin up for 2008 or 9 like “filmfare, zeecine, , and some other ones so just cross ur fingures for those awards that they’ll go to actors who reaallly deserves ’em. and if you want ur fav actors or actresses to win then VOTE!

  • First and foremost, having watched the entire presentation of the Star Screen Awards 2008, I bow down to God Almighty, and express gratitude and delight once again that the classic masterpiece Jodha Akbar was recognised and given due credit. I will be very upset if Filmfare Awards and Zee Cine Awards do not do the same. Just because Ghajini was a top grosser, that does not mean that it was the best film. As I have mentioned over and over again, it was full of flaws. For eg, in the climax of the film, when Ghajini received a phone call from Sanjay (Aamir) that he was coming after him, how could Ghajini escape to his lair without any guns? He was a hardened criminal. In previous scenes he was shown to have used a gun to finish off his enemies. And in the main scenes at the end there were no guns? This is just one instance. I can give you ten other such examples. So how can Ghajini be the best film?

    To my esteemed colleagues above, you liked Ghajini, well and good. You went and saw it many times – that is excellent. Thank you for helping fill Aamir’s coffers, when all he did was to present you with a half baked cake, topped with delicious icing in the form of tattoos, 8packs, sinister hairstyles and bloody violence. I’m sure he must be laughing all the way to the bank, marvelling at our gullibility.So let’s show our intelligence by at least rooting for films such as Jodha Akbar, A Wednesday and Aamir at the next awards ceremonies.

    I will shortly post my observations of the Star Screen Awards Ceremony.

    Till then, allow me to sign off.

  • My observations of the 15th Annual Nokia Star Screen Awards 2008, presented to the public in my area of the world on Sunday 1st February 2009.

    1.The jury worked hard and remained fair throughout most of the categories. However, I did not agree with their choice in the following areas:

    – the Award for Best Art Direction should have gone to Jodha Akbar instead of Rock On. The Artwork in Jodha Akbar was truly magnificient, including the sets, the costumes, and the breathtaking sceneries.

    – the Award for Best Cinematography should have gone either to Ghajini or to Dostana or to Jodha Akbar. Even the filming of A Wednesday was more impressive than the cinematography of Rock On.

    – Shahana Ghoswami certainly did not deserve the Award for Best Actor Female in a Supporting Role. I protest vociferously over this. Both Kangana Ranaut and Mugda Godse were far more impressive and their roles in Fashion were substancial. Shahana Ghoswami’s role was like a cameo in Rock On. It was very short and forgettable.

    – The same for Arjun Rampal. Aamir Bashir, Jimmy Shergil and Anupam Kher were far more deserving. And I am so surprised that Sonu Sood was not even nominated for Jodha Akbar.

    It seems that the jury was all out to remain in Javed Aktar’s good books. Rock On was an off-beat film. It was not bad overally but certainly not deserving of so many awards. I reiterate once again that even Farhan Aktar should not have walked away with the Award for Best Debut Male. The rightful heir to this award is no one else but Rajeev Khandelwal.

    Also I am not sure if you all agree with the choices made for Best Playback Male and Female, and Best Lyrics, all of which went to Khuda Jaane from Bacchna Ae Haseeno. I felt Teri Ore from Singh if King [female], Kwaja Mere Kwaja from Jodha Akbar [male] and the lyrics of Pehli Nazaar from Race were better choices.

    2. What has happened to our “sabhyata” i.e. our culture? The Star Screen Awards were not only being watched by the Indian Film Fraternity. The program was aired internationally and had a global audience. Surely this would be the ideal medium to show the world the richness of our culture and heritage. But instead, via the spoofs by the hosts and the performances by well-known film personalities, we showed what little regard we have for our own culture and heritage, and how much we are entranced by the ways of the west.

    – Truly Bipasha Basu’s attire during her dance performance was X-rated. I have seen the same attire on sale in many adult shops in Soho, England and in the red light districts of Bangkok. All that was missing was a whip and handcuffs, and we would feel we were in a topless bar. Bringing a naked male bust as a prop to enhance her dominatrix sexual gyrations was an added insult.
    I could not believe the sponsors [Nokia, India Express Group, Screen] actually advertised this as a family show. Shame, Shame on all involved in that performance, especially Bipasha Basu. She is a bengoli beauty. She does not need to use sexiness all the time to prove her worth. I noticed even John Abraham was looking down during her appaling and outrageous stint [or rather, stink] on stage.

    – The hosts, Sajjid and Farah, made too much fun of the gay culture, which is now an established and acceptable norm of society. By poking fun they showed how backward we still are in our thinking. Such childish behaviour belies the fact that India is now a member of the developed world. Let us stop such immature nonsense during such shows, and leave such shenanigans to Karan Johar and his entourage to use in films. And once again, gay jokes are out in a family show.

    3. I did not appreciate the fun being poked by the hosts at films that have flopped. Farah says the jokes were on because she was amongst family and friends. But did she forget the millions of viewers around the world watching the show? Therefore, such comments are not viable during such events.
    Already the crews of such flop films as Love Story 2050, Tashn etc are hurting enough because their hard work has failed, do we need to rub salt in their wounds by cracking jokes about their flop films in front of such a wide audience? Does this mean anytime a film flops the crews ‘izzat’ will be ‘utareid’ in public by their own peers?

    Humour is a very vast field. I can hardly agree with Sajjid Khan when he says that he cracks such jokes expressly for the viewers, as otherwise people would stop watching the show. That is nonsense! We are watching the show because we want to see who has won the awards. In addition, if we can be treated to clean, witty humour that would be an added bonus. But the kind of performance Sajjid and Farah put on, all the gay jokes, the funny comments about flop films, the attack on Aamir Khan decision not to attend Award ceremonies, was all in very poor taste – downright trashy.

    4. As you all know, Ashutosh Gowarikar lost his cool and had an outburst on stage. I agree with the point he was trying to make. Too much airtime is given to the hosts, Sajjid and Farah, to doll out their trashy humour and very little time is given to the receipients of the awards. Afterall, it is their moment and their day of glory, and they should be allowed to express their feelings of joy properly. This can only be achieved if Sajjid and Farah’s airtime is cut down substancially. Farah claimed, in retaliation, that Sajjid and herself put no restriction on the winners and they could speak for as long as they wanted. And yet, when the winner of Best Dialogue for Welcome to Sajjanpur was thanking his crew, his producer, director etc, Farah made a comment after he finished that his speech was almost as long as the whole film, Welcome to Sajjanpur. So it seems Ashutosh was making a valid point. And I agree with him entirely.
    However, I do feel bad for him. I hate to see such senior and talented artists lose their cool on account of such trashy artists as Farah and Sajjid Khan. But it is high time somebody speaks against such hosts who have no idea of how to draw the line when being humorous. SRK, SAK and Karan Johar are included in this category [last year’s Filmfare Awards Ceremony attests to this]. So well done Ashutosh!!! Perhaps, next year, the sponsors will be more careful when selecting the hosts for such an important ocassion so that the ocassion is presented to the world in a manner that we can be proud of. Also, if these hosts continue, many of the senior artists and stars will avoid attending such functions. After all, nobody likes fun being poked at them in such an obvious manner. IF I were Neeraj Pandey, acclaimed writer and director of A Wednesday, I would never attend again a function in which I was told that I was dressed like a beggar.

    5. I am unable to fathom out why Akshay Kumar did what he did. First of all, his wife Twinkle appeals to everyone to keep their fingers crossed that Akshay wins and when he did win, he gave away his award for a reason that did not make much sense. All I can say is, I sympathise with poor Twinkle, who must have been so so disappointed. In fact, she even looked miffed, and made a comment to Sajjid that the one award they had has also been given away so now they have nothing. I take this opportunity to wonder why Akshay did not make a similar noble gesture with his recent Padmashree. I am sure, and my heart tells me, daal mein kuchh kala hai!

    Anyway, I am jubilant about Jodha Akbar’s awards for Best Background Score, Best Choreography, Best Director, Best Actor Female [Popular], Best Actor Male and Best Film. I thank my dearest God for this bounty. I also congratulate all the other winners, and wish them all the best.

    Well, friends, these were my observations; no offense intended to anybody. With this, kindly allow me to sign off.

  • Congrats to all those who won.

    We all know that these Awards are generally the result of a complex combination of “expert” analysis, audience reaction, box office results, a little politics, maybe even a little touch of roguish manipulation, all topped with a dose of subjectivity. Whatever the results, some of those posting comments need to CHILL.
    We cannot change the results.

    Be graceful and let those who have won enjoy and savour their success. Put yourself in their position and ask yourself how you would feel? Some of them may never win again and it would be churlish to spoil their moment in the limelight. If they are sensible people, they will probably know that fortune has smiled on them more than they could have hoped. Let us be magnanimous just as we would wish for ourselves in our own careers.

    In particular, Dr RC Patel, I humbly request you to do yourself a favour and prescribe a mega chill pill for yourself (& send one to Ashutosh Gowariker – its sad that such a talented man is unable to handle success with modesty). You are an educated man (not the only one BTW) and yet you feel compelled to bore everyone with your very strongly held views about certains films and actors. Take it easy man. Just as you appear to have favourites, respect the fact that other cinema goers will have theirs and in some cases, they’ll be the same as yours and in others they won’t. What’s the point of trying to ram your views down everyone else’s throats? You may not have noticed this but your detailed postings divulge your own prejudices, but that’s understandable, ‘coz you’re entitled to your opinions and even to express them. The sensible approach is to express them gently, objectively and with sensitivity. Why hurt others’ feelings?

    BTW, so that we can all continue to enjoy the results of the hard work of those in the industry, I hope that all genuine cinema lovers will support the industry and go and watch the films at their local cinema and enjoy the experience as intended by the industry. Please do your utmost to avoid piracy and all that that entails. Doc, please spare us all and resist the temptation to post a response to this.

  • Mr Khan

    It seems that my comments are real hard hitters! But I like to speak the truth which is ofcourse very bitter to digest..

    However, I do agree with you that in speaking the truth I may be hurting many people’s feelings. And sincerely speaking my intention is not do that. Not at all! Therefore, as from nowonwards, I withdraw myself from giving any of my opinions on this site.

    I do apologise sincerely if I have hurt anyone’s was unintentional.

  • Dr Patel,
    You’re obviously very passionate about this subject and must be a true cinema buff which is great. But please don’t mistake passion for truth. That is what fanatics do.

    I also recognise that it has not been your intention to hurt anyone’s feelings but I’m afraid that it could be an unintended consequence. I regret asking you to refrain from submitting further comments and hope that you will ignore my request and lend a bit of spice to such debates with your postings. Kind regards. BTW, I only saw the Awards ceremony in question on one of the STAR channels here in England last weekend, hence the late response.

  • Mr Khan,

    Now now if all the intelligent people, including yourself, revisit the comments you have made, they might find that you are being judgemental in some way or the other and forgetting the fact that you could be hurting some people’s feelings too! Or that doesn’t matter…or does it??

    BTW, truth is spoken when you are passionate about it not when you are fanatic about it. Am I right?. I am a fan of talent and not favourites (as you have put it). Just try putting yourself, lets say, in Rajiv Khandelwal’s shoes, whose brilliant performance outshined all newcomers, and no awards in hand as yet. How does he feel right now?? Or that doesn’t matter…or does it??

    I hope you now understand as to why I expressed my views.

  • Dr Patel,

    I think you may have misread my postings. I do not for a moment say that I agree with the results. I fully recognise that there will be deserving cases that get overlooked and yes, it must be devastating to be on the receiving end of such decisions. In Rajiv Khandelwal’s case, I’m sure and hope that he will turn in an even better performance next time and success will taste even better. I’m sure we have all experienced setbacks in life and have come back stronger next time. Its what they refer to as character building stuff, although it feels more like a kick in the pants at the time.

    I suspect that the readers will be getting bored with our discussion, so if you’re ever in Manchester, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss the subject with you over a drink.
    Kind Regards.

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