Star Screen Awards 2008 Winners

The winners of the Star Screen Awards of 2008 are out. Here is the list..

Best Actor – Hrithik Roshan for Jodhaa Akbar

Best Actress – Priyanka Chopra for Fashion

Best Director – Ashutosh Gowariker for Jodhaa Akbar

Best Film – Jodhaa Akbar

Most Promising Actor – Farhan Akhtar for Rock On!!

Most Promising Actress – Asin for Ghajini

Best Comic Actor – Tusshar Kapoor for Golmaal Returns

Best Jodi – John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan (Dostana)

Most Popular Male – Akshay Kumar

Most Popular Female – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Best Background score – AR Rahman for Jodhaa Akbar

Best Playback Singer Male – KK for Khuda Jaane (Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Best Playback Singer Female – Shilpa Rao for Khuda Jaane (Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Best Supporting Actor – Arjun Rampal for Rock On!!

Best Supporting Actress – Shahana Goswami – Rock On!!

Best Choreography – Khwaja Mere Khwaja (Jodhaa Akbar)

Best Lyrics – Anvita Dutt Guptan (Khuda Jaane – Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Best Action – Race

Congrats to all the winners!



  • I expected this that ja will sweep the awards and that was for 2 reason. The first reason was after 2001 there hasnt been a period film that was superhit and that was lagaan. Before lagaan there wasnt a single film which was hit. Sure there were alot in the 1960, 70, 80, 90. But what i hav seen the period film always wins the or sweeps the awards. I expected hrithik to win and all the polls were showing aamir would win, but i think hrithik deseved it and priyanka to, while ash was my choice for best actress. But she got best popular female award sums up that was the most popular actress this year

  • Congratulations for all, I’m happy for Hrithik ( he deserves it), Arjun (he deserves it too as he’s in the industry for some long years and never heard that he won awards & Priyanka ( as she worked very hard in 2008).

    For the first time I hear that they’ve given awards for ( the most popular make & female!).. what does this mean actually.. I don’t know!

  • Fathiya its just an attempt to please the big stars! Akshay Kumar was awarded the Most Popular Actor, which isnt an award for his performance but for his popularity. He came on stage and said Aamir Khan deserves the award and left. Akshay didnt accept the award.

  • i m happy that akshay kumar get that award but he is very good by telling Aamir deserve it ….He is truely good not like the SRK who will tell i m the king of bollywood………..I m happy that hritik win award……asin also win that is good and tusshar deserve that

  • That’s a good step which Akshay did which means he’s modest ( and I wish that he wins next year an award as the best actor too) but which movie won as the best story? I can’t see it in the list, I can see only best film which is JA.

  • Every poll decided that Kathrina is the most popular female actor. Indicine Team please enlighten me as to how Aishwariya Rai was chosen. Hrithik, Asin, Farhan and Arjun deserve their awards.

  • Coz aishwarya rai actually does ACT! No offence but katrina could act as well as a barbie doll! Plus aish had two critical and successful films! She is favourite to win more best actress in critical categories!

  • Aishwarya is a better choice for best actress! Her career is better after marriage! Tell me other married actresses whose careers are still intact! Anywhez hritick deserved to win! Congrates to priyanka and the whole team of jodha akbar!

  • Sorry, i thought the award was for the most popular not best, maybe i misunderstood. the different polls as pointed out by the Indicine Team always place Kathrina at the top. Maybe the polls are wrong. in the west we look at talent not beauty, Aishwariya has not been applauded for none of her roles in the Hollywood movies. the review were embarrasing to say the least. Congratulations to Anil Kapoor, AR Rahman and the entire cast of Slum Dog Millionaire. you have brought pride to India.

  • Dont insult AISHWARYA but even comparing her to fake actress katrina! Aish deserved to be recognized for her work! Other actresses her age group(rani, preeti,sush) are hanging on by a straw! Aishwarya had two hits last year(where her performances are consisent!) she had the unforgettable tour plus she managed to represent bollywood at cannes last year!saifa sorry but katrina is known for her two minute dialogues and two items numbers!plus isnt she always that rich girl from the states who doesnt know hindi properly! Oh sorry, she still hasnt learnt hindi! Her acting is at best POOR!

  • Who in there right mind would award katrina for anything!aishwarya is worldwide reknown.i know this coz i live in KENYA, AFRICA and everyone knows her here!only her and sharukh khan do people know! She has always proven her talent in every passing movie! Arguing with haters is a waste of time!

  • at the end of the day acting talent does not matter when it comes to awards otherwise Shabanajhi or Jaya or Rekha would win win hands down every year. six hits in a row for a star is enough to show that the star has the x-factor (popular power).

  • Akshay is the TRUE king of bollywood because he is not gready like that bastard SRK! I am really happy for ASIN, Hrithik and I didnt like the fact that gay ass movie DOSTINA was even nominated, they should not even release those types of movies! also I am really happy that SRK didnt win any award this year because he dont deserve any and those past years he won, he really didnt deserve them then!!!

  • I think this awards are totally crap,check out the nomination ,to be very fair i dont know why they dont Nominate RBNDJ for the best film and aditiya chopra for best director, everyone knows that the Movie was a big Hit 2008,i really dont understand.
    and for best playback singer male should be ‘Sukhwinder Singh for “haule haule”, KK didnt desreve this award and in playback singer in female was also not fair,sherya Ghoshal should win this award for “Teri Ore”.
    Arjun deserve this award he acted very well.
    Akshay Wins most popular award and he deserves it,because he is really famous for the last 2 years.
    Asin is a good actress,but to be very fair she didnt deserve this award i think Anushka should win this award because her performance was much more powerfull then Asin.
    In best actor Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan performances was very powerfull than Hrithak.
    so Star Screen was totally unfair,i hope upcoming big awards like LUX,Zee Cine,Film Fare do the justice.

  • Where is low budget films like AMMIR……..which is deserves award. Rajeev Khandelwal has done really good acting. Why award given to only person’s belong to only BIGGIES. Please do not forget such films

  • Bollywood overall deserves an award for being Bollywood…..thank you!!! I love all of Bollywood, all of you guys rock!!!!Most loving and adoring fan!!!

  • Whoever you are, Malik, it is quite obvious that either you are in serious need of an optician’s services or else you belong to the SRK camp of dirty, rotten scoundrels. Not Amir nor SRK come even close to Hrithik’s level of acting prowess. There is no way in which either could have done Akbar as flawlessly as Hrithik did. On the other hand, Hrithik would have played Amir’s role in Ghajini or SRK’s role in Rab ne perfectly. That is why he is the best actor.
    Learn how to judge properly and refrain from sharing such unenlightened comments with us.
    With all due respect.
    I also take this opportunity to thank Almighty God, the jury and the public for restoring my faith that meritocracy indeed exists. I hope other award bodies will also follow suit or else they will lose their credibility forever.
    Bravo, Star Screen Awards and down with the ignorant Maliks!

  • i think hrithik truly deserve the best actor award. he’s acting was very good. i really liked it. m happy that SRK didnt win any award and even his film RNBDJ was not nominated.its good that bachna ae haseeno also won awrds bcoz all the crew did a lot of hard work such as VS.

  • You must be happy RC Patel, that Hrithik won the Best Actor :D

    Am happy toooo. He truly deserved it. And i agree with you that Hrithik could have performed Aamir role in Ghajini much better than Aamir did. It was actually a role meant for Hrithik.

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was utter nonsense. I would have been very sad if Hrithik was in that movie. But i agree i he did that role, he would have played both Raj and Surinder much better.

    Bravo Hrithik. your the best!

  • iam NOT the other raj who has left a comment above.

    this screen awards is truly fixed, and is a complete farce !!!

    there is no way priyanka chopra deserves the best actress award for fashion. its even idiotic to suggest that. her acting in general is awful, and in the film fashion her acting was just average. she did nothing exceptional do deserve the best actress award !!!

    and why has the best supporting actor award gone to arjun rampal for rock on ???? what did he do ??!! NOTHING ! again his acting was nothing deserving of an award. so, i can’t beleive it. these guys are getting awards for doing absolutely nothing.

    i have lost complete faith in these awards, and without a doubt they a rigged and have no credibility.

    there are far better, REAL actors that deserved these awards more. for example om puri – best supporting actor for singh is kinng, akshat kumar – best supporting for taashan, amitabh bhachan – best supporting for bhootnath, aamir khan – best supporting for taare zameen par, etc.

    and for best actress, a number of good performnces spring to mind, far better than priyanka chopra. e.g. kareena kapoor for jab we met, vidya balan for bhool bhulaiyya, aishwarya rai for jodha akbar,.

    so this screen awards is a complete joke and has no credibility.

  • I personally think best actress should have been aishwarya rai for jodha akbar but a popular awards means atleast recognition for her work! Congrates to hritick, aishwarya, a rahman and ashutoshi for JODHA AKBAR. Its was truly my best film of last year!

  • Happy that jodha akbar which released early last year wast forgotten!hritick was flawless his acting was regal and intense, aiswarya was spellbinding(that sword scene still fresh in my mind), all in all, it deserves all the awards its getting!

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