SRK’s Happy New Year Trailer will showcase its scale

It is all known fact that the theatrical trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year will be released on 15th August with Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns. Now, the buzz is that the trailer of the Farah Khan film will be one of the longest trailers released in Bollywood.

According to sources, the trailer of the film will be more than 3 minutes long. SRK and the makers of the film wanted to the showcase its scale (which, from what we’ve heard, is unbelievable large) and also give all his co-stars enough screen-time in the trailer.

A source close to the development revealed “The film has shaped up very well and SRK is very happy with the end result. He wants the audience to gauge the massive canvas of the film, enjoy the rich production values and wants all his co-stars to get equal face time in the trailer. Hence he asked his editor to cut a lengthy promo and show every aspect of the film.”

The theatrical trailer of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara (3:16 minutes) and Holiday – A Solider Is Never Off Duty were the other trailers released in recent times with runtime of more than 3 minutes. The average length of most trailers is usually between 120 to 150 seconds (2 to 2.5 minutes). The trailer of Kick was 2 minutes 37 seconds whereas the trailer of Singham Returns was 2 minutes 39 seconds.

There are also reports that Shahrukh will be going all out to promote Happy New Year mid-August onwards. The idea is to be subtle yet effective this time around (not in your face or borderline annoying like Ra.One).

Well, we can’t wait! The tagline of the film sounds more like ‘Iss Diwali.. Todenge records India waale’ doesn’t it?

Happy New Year Poster

Happy New Year Poster



  • THIS DEEWALI IN DANGER-dhoom3,’s MY KING who gave 1ST 200CR SINGLE STARRER MOVIE to Bollywood despite of facing so big movies on it’s way but now HE IS GOING TO GIVE 1ST 300CR MOVIE TO Bollywood.amir fans are so much insecure here as they are afraiding if amir’s choice like talash,don’t worry it will easily surpass 100cr as directing by Raju’s multistarre films,lol on dedh phutiyan fans.

  • @rom nw yr, agreed mhn nd oso were big hits but classics? If mhn nd oso are classics then ready is mega classic, dabang 2 is ultra classic, bodyguard is all time classic…….lol.

  • since it’s farah khan’s movie, it might be a huge commercial success but at the end of the day, it will be a crap movie too, just like Om SHanti Om, Mai Hun Na or Tees Maar Khan!! so I am not doubting on its commercial success but I have a full doubt of its being a well made genius movie!

  • Really SRK is bollywood news engine,always in the headlines even for playing with dog.The name’s just enough to set tongues wagging and have people bitching.It seems in India sun only rises everyday for people to talk about SRK.Love him or Hate him you can’t Ignore him
    Now I understand why Indicine is so adamant to post SRK related news cause he makes traffic increase

  • Yes ISS Diwali todhenge HNY Record
    all time blockbuster
    1st day 37 cr
    2nd day 33 cr
    3rd day 40 cr
    4rth day 42 cr

    1st week 200 cr+
    2nd week 100 cr+
    life time 320-340 cr
    oversease 200 cr+

  • @sid duplicate lets see, my pridiction hny will break all the records of dhoom3 like oso did past of dhoom2 n don’t jump pk is not dhoom brand, talash2

  • Why is the editor cutting a new trailer when he can just re-release Jokers 2012 trailer and save money…?

  • The most important aspect about the 3 min trailer will be if the trailer resembles hubby Shirish’ Joker or wifes Farahs Teesra Manoos Khan…. My bet is that the film will resemble both movies as its about a con and Italian Job twist where aliens scoop in n grab the loot thus abit of Players where the Sarkars 11 Jokers get revenge…. All Time Block Buster coming….,.

    Yeah Thats right- All Time Block Buster Coming this Eid and Diwali will just like 2012, 2011 have to be content with just a mediocre HIT film…!

  • aamir is nothing without raju hirani dhoom brand and yashraj banner. srk break records even with ordinary scripts like CE and hny. if srk do 3 idiots or dhoom 3 than we might would have seen 800 crore clubs in Bollywood. anyways hny gave srk its highest grosser after 7 years for sure.

  • pk will collects max 125 crore in India. raju har baar 3 idiots nahi bana sakta. and its not a dhoom brand. buzz of pk is surprisingly even lesser than welcome back and Bombay velvet. lol.

  • Lol Lol Lol..good to see haters being insecure about PK so soon!!! Aamir Sir has proved that his movie really doesn’t need promotions to make it a monster Hit!!! wherein our insecure KING needs promotions, postponement of releases and lot other things to make his film a Hit!!!

    Even i agree that our King is the real King..but haters..Turup ka Ikka, hamesha Baadshah se badi hoti hai..Keep crying and wait for PK to blow your Lungis again!!! :P

  • @sid_pagal,lol on you,you’re talking about the same person who gave a bb after 11 years from 1996 and who took 12 years to break DDLJ record,right? MY KING alone broke 3idiots record with outmultiactors,it’s your good fortune JTHJ faced clash and CE faced 3 big movies otherwise your puny d3 BMW would have crashed under the BIG CE.KING KHAN is not insecure to face big clash irnnit shifted any film from June December and next year HE will release in non holiday AUGUST15.your stars gave flops like jai ho,talash released in republic day and bakri eidn while MY KING fave a HIT released in February with MNIK despite of facing so much controversy and gave biggest overseas hit with a classic while your so called called classic ssic actor couldn’t do that still yet miracle with a classic,lol.kindly check in google-THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD and you’ll found KING KHAN’S PHOTO.but we couldn’t found any such name for our tingulal,lol.

  • Trailer long karne se movie hit nahi hoti .Tough time for SRK and Farah after his last failure with #HNY Chances are to be going it’s “Flop”

  • Are these guys thieves, jokers or players. It should be more like dhoom in style and not like cash remade as joker + tees maar khan + game + any bhojlugu trash.

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