SRK is the biggest superstar, I’ll get to learn a lot – Alia Bhatt

When Karan Johar announced a film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in the lead, Twitter and other social media websites trolled the filmmaker and the lead actors for what was assumed to be a romantic pairing.

While the makers have promised a different film, details about the plot line and the characters that SRK and Alia play, has been a closely guarded secret.

Talking to the Press Trust of India, Alia said that it’s too early to talk about the untitled film.

However, she was quick to add that working with someone like Shah Rukh Khan, is a dream come true moment for her.

“I am very excited to be working with him (SRK). He is the biggest superstar. It is a dream come true moment. He is one of the best and most respectable actors in the industry. I would get so much to learn from him. It is a great learning opportunity for me.”

Directed by Gauri Shinde, who last directed the acclaimed ‘English Vinglish’, the yet-to-be-titled film starring Alia and SRK has already gone on floors. Alia, reportedly, has started shooting for the film. SRK will join her after wrapping up ‘Dilwale’.



  • @NVS Yes some actresses are dumb but there are also some intelligent actresses like Kat and Aish who know which criminal they need to throw out of their lives at the right moment:)

  • @Sahir 11:14 : What was the opening of flop ho? And how can you put a 2009 release movie on 100 CR parameter? Did you forget the debacle of epic “Veer” which released in that era?

    @Nawaj Sharif 12:17 pm : If she learns how to drink then its fine, but she should not learn how to drink and drive, crush innocent beggars and then use machinery to save one’s ass.

    @JS 12:20 pm : SRK is struggling for hits? Are you in your senses? In fact he is the only superstar who is continuously giving hits/superhits/blockbusters. His last flop was paheli way back in 2005. And when you say , takla is a superstar from 1989 to 2015, then you should reiterate it as follows:

    1989 : Salim khan and Barjatya launched him as star. Post that, big gap …..
    1994 : Madhuri came as rescue and revived his career. No need to mention that Barjaytyas were again there backing the criminal.
    1995: SRK came as rescue and save takla’s sinking career with Karan-Arjun .
    1999-00 : Again a gang of Saif-Tabbu-Karishma-Sonali came to rescue his career.
    2009 : A real dev(God) came from south industry to revive the career of criminal khan, who later called as Prabhu Deva and movie was released with a name “Wanted”.
    So you can say takla was revived time to time and finally he got the superstar tag in 2009. But from 1989-2015? No way !!;

    @Challa : Thank you :)
    @01:34 pm : You nailed it completely.

  • Miss Alia if that is true then why did he agree to play character role in your upcoming movie??? Or you are showing respect for upcoming onscreen papa???

  • @sahir:
    Correction required queen yet to cross 15cr on non holiday (opening day).

    Rnbdj’s gross collections were 170cr and Ready collected 210cr gross. But according to you queen fans rnbdj collected more than ready. It seems queen fans think 210cr are lesser figures than 170cr…Hahahaha.

    And in which world are living idiot where Bhai has give only 18hits?? Bhai’s blockbusters+superhits no goes beyond 18 but you idiot included even average grossers to king’s hits list and excluded clean hits from Bhai’s list…..get well soon hypocrite….

  • @idiotzone 2:12pm:
    Jai ho collected 18cr on opening day but crossing even 15cr mark is a big dream for your drama queen..

    And the same madhuri also revived queen career with dil to pagal hai. You are barking too much on barjatya backing. Remove barjatya from Bhai’s career still he has 10 blockbusters. Do the same for your queen and remove yrf-dharma and see your queen does not have even 10hits forget blockbusters…Hahahaha…

  • @Xrate : SRK saved Salman in Karan Arjun !!!! Lol are you on any weed ?? Stop smoking idiot and face the facts !!!!!!!!! For every successful movie of Salman you have excuses likewise for every haklu’s movie there are various reasons !!!!!! Accept or perish (back to asylum – this time permanently) !!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is nothing new. Every actress who works with Khans or A list actors will praise specially these young and upcoming actresses. Dont be surprise if she calls Aamir or Salman as biggest if she works with them tomorrow. Moreover Alia famous for her IQ we can take this in stride and move. Nothing big to blow out of it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @iamKRK , @goatzone
    1995-1997 Yrf launched Srk with with 2 big blockbusters.
    1998-1999 Srk gives small hits due to Yrf and flops due to low stardom.
    2000-K3G Dharma-Hrithik-BigB combo give a big blockbuster
    2001-Sunny deols Indian crushes Srk’s disaster Asoka
    2004- Srk gives huge flop Swades and epic disaster YJLK with 35 lakhs lifetime. Where was his consistency.
    2005- Epic flop Paheli
    2006- Don fails to be a big grosser inspite of Big B created brand, struggling to be a hit
    2009-Billu becomes disaster inspite of having 3-4 Srk songs and big role.
    2010- Salman’s Dabangg becomes blockbuster does 150 crore, Srk MNIK struggles to be a hit with 71 crore.
    2011-Srk struggling to cross Ready, gives flop Raone which fails to even recover its budget.
    2012-Srk struggling to cross Ready
    2014-Srk multistarrer HNY 180 crore, Salman’s Kick 212 crore (trade)
    2015- Salman gives 320 crore grosser inspite of Baahubali clash. Srk bakriwale struggles to cross 140 crore due BM clash.
    Salman rules #1 since 1989. Not any changu mangu Yrf-dharma star.

  • Gauri shindes next will be either black remake (where a bbuddha romances his grand daughter’s friend) or piku sequel….

  • @Retard
    You said it 100 % true. I still remember during Bodyguard Kareena said Salman is the best then during Ra-one Srk and during Talash Amir.

  • @xrate : Keep celebrating feku king’s tiny HITS when we enjoy BBs and ATBBs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This should be the actual chronology of Bakrapur Queen :

    1991 : Aziz Mirza signs him for Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman but due to delay ugly queen gets launched in Deewana as side kick !!!!!!!!

    1993 : Thanks to Abbas Mustan and Yash ji for Baazigar and Darr else he would have been doing Maya Mensaab sequels !!!!!

    1995 : Thanks to YRF (Adi Chopra) and Kajol who helped haklu to give his first ATBB. But wait he had two Epic failures in same year Zamana Deewana which ended the career of Ramesh Sippy (Sholay’s director) and Trimurti (Despite multi starrer and Shubhash Ghai-Mukul Anand collaboration it is Epic flop).

    1998 : Another banner called Dharma and Kjo saved his @ss not to forget Salman’s cameo which made KKHH as ATBB. Haklu tried working with Dharma earlier in same year in Duplicate but fell flat on face due to absence of Kjo.

    2001 : Another Dharma production with Big B, Hrithik and Kajol directed by Kjo saved him.

    2002 : Remake of classic Devdas from Dilip saheb saved his career when SLB directed him

    2004 : Another YRF production called Veer-Zaara again thanks to PReity, Rani and Big B.

    2005 : Another shameless act by remaking another classic Don which helped him win the clash.

    2007 : Almost entire bollywood (in OSO) came to haklu’s rescue to pass over HAHK after 13 years.

    After every one know his aukaat no need to humiliate further. If you have even little shame you will remember this every time you write agains MEGASTAR SALMAN KHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @iamAkn both jai ho and ready crossed 100 crores with ease which MNIK and RNBDJ never did so how can they their gross b more than jao ho and ready?looks like u r gone mad
    @xzone well whatever its opening was,i can assure u it was more than that of all srk’s non holiday releases

  • @Chuha 05:36 pm : Wrong, I think you are imagining about coming Diwali’s marriage DVD, where Takla khan will carry forward the legacy of HAHK and he will be playing the role of Anupam’s elder brother this time, who was kicked out by Mohnish(from his own house) since he was eying on Mohanish’s wife (Madhuri). Now , he has taken a shelter at Anupam’s house and how Anupam’s son and daugher-in-law (Niel and Sonam) treat this takla and how he struggles to survive, the entire story will revolve around that.

    @Syed Ahmed khan 05:57 pm : Hehehe can you imagine criminal in Devdas and Don? Just frame takla gorilla in your mind with any of the dialogues of Devdas or Don, trust me being a takla fan also, you won’t be able to hold your laugh :P
    To remake such cult classics and make them successful, you should have enough courage and talent. But I can’t expect anything more from a moronic resident of Lalluland like you, because lallu spent his entire life copying south Indian movies to revive himself, so for you fools that itself is a great remake and thus you won’t be able to differentiate between recreating the magic of a yesteryear classic and copying each and every dialogue and scene of a south crap.

    @Sahir 06:17 pm : What was the release year of SRK’s last non-holiday release and Takla’s crap ho?? You don’t need any mathematician to conclude that 2014 is a bigger figure than 2009 !!!

  • Hey Challa I do practice what I preach and as you continue with your ranting and ravings etc. I will respond accordingly to you and all those who exhibit hatred, one fights fire with fire and meet at the point where it is necessary, I waited awhile to see if what you said about changing would become obvious in your comments but they did not, you are consumed by hatred and revenge and what I have to say about SRK is not something that I learned from movies but by own observation in his life, having met him,

  • Obviously, a daughter will have good words for her dad. No wonder its emotionally binding… Everyone says this about their co-actors and before the release of his/her film. Piku returns!!

  • Also, Challa I have witness his drunken and disorderly behavior on more than one occasion, plus a few years back the affair with PC I was in London at the same hotel as him, same floor, and the going on that was happening was a fact not fiction, plus it was SRK, Vivek Oberoi and Ash who instigated the press conference against Salman, Ash is no saint why do you think she lied after the Press Conference and dumped Vivek Oberoi afterwards, he then realized that she used him like she used Salman Khan, Oberoi has tried to apologise to Salman without any luck and I don’t blame Salman, you see SRK will admit that the one actor in BW he is afraid of is Salman, because they thought Salman’s career was going nowhere and cooked up a story to get Ash out of the relationship but it backfired, the media ran with the lies etc. but look who is laughing now, look at who she end up with, what goes around comes around, sad no. You know what makes people today love Salman because we all realize that as humans we are by no means perfect, we are all sinners, no big no small, rich and poor alike are not without sin of some sort, so when you point your one finger, four points back at you. The difference is SRK is hypocritical about his life and his involvement in the awards etc. the day the story comes out about his fight with Salman you will die of shock and Salman will never tell the world that’s how he is, but have you realized that after this happened SRK collections started to drop and Salman’s rose to new levels. So my dear never judge a man unless you walk in his shoes, and remember the media’s job is to spread rumour and lies etc. and when someone comments on these site you never know who they really are and what truth they know. As long as you attack unfairly Salman, Akki, Akshay, Aamir you will be also attack unfairly as we say here tit for tat, but for God’s sake please don’t let xzone poison your mind. I know who he really is and it won’t be long before the cyber police have him off the site.

  • All guys read
    If any one has query
    I’ll provide actual link of following movies

    Many of srg’s avg films are declared as hit
    By Boi & + collection also but verdict always remains a main thing

    SRK Movie – actual verdict – changed verdict
    Mein hook na – avg – hit
    Kal ho na ho – semihit – hit
    Devdas – avg – hit
    Veer Jara – clean hit – super hit
    Pardes – hit – super hit
    Racine – flop – clean hit
    Kola – flop – avg
    Trimurti – disaster – flop
    Badshah – Blw avg – avg
    DTPH – super hit – BB
    Chalte – 2 – semihit – hit
    Ramjane – avg – hit
    Yes boss – abv avg – hit
    KKHH – BB – ATBB

    Salman’s movies verdict also changed by BOi

    Pyar kia to darna kya – hit – super hit
    Biwi no. 1- hit – super hit
    Bandhan- semihit – hit
    Hum dil de choke – abv avg – hit
    HSSH – semihit – BB
    Dulhan hum le Jaynes – avg – hit

    Aamir movies verdicts

    Rangeela – hit – BB
    Ishq – semihit – super hit
    Gulaam – semihit – hit
    Sarfarosh – abv avg – hit
    Mann – flop – avg

    Ajay devgn movies

    Jaan – avg – hit
    Ishq – semihit – super hit
    Hum dil de chuke sanam – abv avg – hit
    Kachhe dhage – abv avg – hit
    Hogi pyar ki jeet – avg – semihit
    Bhoot – avg – hit
    Masti – semihit – hit
    Golmal fun unlt – abv avg – hit


    Kachhe dhage – abv avg – hit
    Kya kahna – semihit – super hit
    Kal ho na ho – semihit – hit
    Hum tum – semihit – hit
    Salam namstey – semihit – hit

    Akshay Kumar

    Now turn of actual superstar of Bollywood

    But underrated by media
    Verdicts change & down grade
    Vise versa method for Akshay Kumar

    Only upgrade movie is garam masala

    Maidan e jung – avg – flop
    Jaanwar – hit – semihit
    International Khiladi – avg – blw avg
    Hera pheri – abv avg – avg
    Dhadkan – abv avg – avg
    Ek rishta – abv avg – avg
    Waqt – abv avg – avg
    Ajnabee – abv avg – avg
    Awara pagal diwana – abv avg – avg
    Jani Dushman – avg – flop
    Heyy babyy- super hit – hit
    Bhulbhullaiya- supercity – hit
    Namstey London – hit – semihit
    Kambakhat ishq – semihit – avg
    Welcome – BB – super hit
    De dana dan- abv avg – avg

    Following were not flop
    These are below Average
    Desi boys, blue, thank you, dosti, aflatoon

    These movies were not disaster
    Only flop
    Insan , ATHWS, AAN, police force, CC2C,

    Boi Vise versa only akki movies verdict &
    upgraded other stars movies
    Why media & box office sites are against akki

    If Anyone want details about it
    Send me ur mail I’d I will give you older Boi links
    Where you got that really they did bad with only Akshay
    I don’t know
    Now some people also against Akshay
    Don’t know why
    He is genuine versatile actor
    All know
    Even haters also know

    That’s why I hate movie & bollywood
    & love cricket
    Kyonki kuchh Bhi ho jaye cricket me facts and records kabhi koi change nhi kar sakta
    Jo actual h wo hi rahenege
    Esa nhi hoga kabhi ke Murlidharan ke 800 wicket ko kam karke koi 753 karde you Sachin ke 100 centuries ko kam karke 98 karde
    Par bollywood me Esa hota h
    Hua Bhi h
    Kam jyada karte h bollywood me

  • @Sarifa I don’t know whether he behaved rudely towards you just exaggerated facts since everybody’s aware about your love for Srk.You have your own perception about Srk and I have my own about Salman the only difference being you have met him.I haven’t met Srk but I have read some amazing stories on various sites including Quora where people have written about his generosity and warmth.And I can safely presume they weren’t some fake stories created by Srk fans.It would be better if I don’t talk about the way Salman treats his girlfriends which has been proved by voice recordings.Also Srk’s affair with any heroine has never been confirmed by either of them.You have any no right to comment on the issue unless you were stalking them and installed some hidden cameras in his room.Talking about the fight on Kat’s birthday neither of us know what the truth so it can’t be said it was Srk who instigated the fight.Also you have said you believe in forgetting past sins of humans well in that case you should forgive Srk if he has made any mistake by ill-treating you or being arrogant.Since it’s a small sin when compared to the crime of ramming your car over somebody.But I am sure you won’t.The reason being simple you have more hatred for Srk than I have for Salman and if you really practice what you preach you would write better comments and find more happiness in your life!!

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