Bigg Boss 9 Date and Timings announced

The 9th season of Bigg Boss, with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan as the host, will go on air from October 11 2015.

The first episode, which will reveal all the contestants on the show, will be aired at 9PM Indian Standard Time, after which the show will air between 10:30PM to 11:30PM everyday.

The change from prime time to late night 10:30 is because the show is considered to be inappropriate for normal family viewing.

The first season of Bigg Boss was hosted by Arshad Warsi, followed by Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan for Season 2 and 3 respectively. Since then, it has been Salman Khan all the way, as the superstar will be hosting his 6th consecutive season as Bigg Boss host.

Salman’s stint as Bigg Boss host coincides with his ming-boggling run at the box office, which also began from 2010 when ‘Dabangg’ released in theatres.



  • Though nothing against Salman khan, but honestly i hate this big boss show. I really dont like Salman hosting it continuously because there are lot of controversies due to some cheap contestants and Salman also gets forced to be involved and it deteriorates his image. Honestly I feel that after doing a classic like BB Salman should not host such controversial crap show big boss. He was great as host in dus ka dum. I want to see him in dus ka dum king of shows which has purity and no controversies.

  • Oh god ! Not again :(
    This crapfest is all set to ruin the nights with same scripted drama. Thanks colours TV that you shifted the timings to 10.30 pm. Else, there was an outside chance of, newly born babies like “The real chuha” and old age aunties like “Naveena”, getting a heart attack after seeing a bald gorilla as host.
    Btw, here is my exclusive list (if takla khan thinks of his dieeeeee-hard fans and invites them as inmates) :

    1. Imam siddiqui : Syed Ahmad Khan aka Hrithik
    2. Dinesh lal yadav aka Nirahua aka Bhojpuri superstar : Chuha
    3. Dolli Bindra : Naveena’s Aunt
    4. Ali : Hyderabadi eNViouS(NVS)
    5. KRK – Ultron the lunatic

    With these inmates, fun will be doubled. Isn’t it? ;-)

  • @x zone: Hahaha could’nt agree more with you,these bunch of lunatics deserve either to be on Bigg Loss or in jail with their tapori Bhai,they are polluting the indicine environment with their crappy comments.

  • Great news. I am waiting for the show.

    Checkout here the winner of golden banana awards.

    1. Most irritating debut commenter of the year
    =”Azhar biopic” tie with “(AZHAR–13TH MAY 2016)”

    ( both r same person with multiple other id)

    2.Bas kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award
    =Sunny chechi

    3.Most frustrated commenter of the year
    = Babaji ka thullu

    4.Chamcha giri of superstar award
    = (AZHAR–13TH MAY 2016)

    5.One man army award (only one fan of an actor)

    6.Baawra Ho Gaya Hai ke Award

    @indicine please publish it.

  • Discussion among Bhaitards now!

    How much will Bigg Boss collect on Day 1 and will it break PK’s lifetime record?

  • Reality show made sallu a star …!!
    Otherwise bhai is a 2009 born star …!!
    none of his south craps has become highest grossing movie of all time not even
    his 2001 gadar remake bb ..

    Too much fun !!!

  • Salim Khan: Salman should not tweet such things,he was being ignorant,he should only concentrate on his films.

    Bhaitards: Chup kar G@%%% ,B#@#@*&&, M#@$@^&**

  • Blockbuster show of blockbusters giving Bhai unlike some gatarchap actors’ disaster shows lije zor ka jhatka, sabse sjana kaun and many more….

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