SRK is the biggest superstar, I’ll get to learn a lot – Alia Bhatt

When Karan Johar announced a film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in the lead, Twitter and other social media websites trolled the filmmaker and the lead actors for what was assumed to be a romantic pairing.

While the makers have promised a different film, details about the plot line and the characters that SRK and Alia play, has been a closely guarded secret.

Talking to the Press Trust of India, Alia said that it’s too early to talk about the untitled film.

However, she was quick to add that working with someone like Shah Rukh Khan, is a dream come true moment for her.

“I am very excited to be working with him (SRK). He is the biggest superstar. It is a dream come true moment. He is one of the best and most respectable actors in the industry. I would get so much to learn from him. It is a great learning opportunity for me.”

Directed by Gauri Shinde, who last directed the acclaimed ‘English Vinglish’, the yet-to-be-titled film starring Alia and SRK has already gone on floors. Alia, reportedly, has started shooting for the film. SRK will join her after wrapping up ‘Dilwale’.



  • True ! The most important aspect of SRK movies are, he gives equal opportunity to his co-star unlike some insecure khan who cut the role of Nawaj and Munni just to ensure his gorilla type of face should be seen on the screen all the time. Many times SRK has put the name of his co-stars ahaed of him in the credit line. He knows, he doesn’t have anything to lose as he is enjoying the super stardom since 1992, unlike a 2009 born star.

  • Film looking interesting & with strong story………………….otherwise SRK(The Biggest Superstar)never choose wrong script & film only for money like(media called S. Star who are actually star not S. Star)Ajay(AJ)
    Akshay(Gabbar,Brothers,Boss & many more)
    Ranveer(Kill dill,DDD)

  • Alia Bhat i don’t wanna share about SRK
    Because i observed that Salman and Aamir are much better Superstar than SRK.
    But i am eagerly waiting that SRK will give a classical movie like Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijan and Aamir’s 3 Idiots.

  • so called biggest superstar is struggling to give 20 crore non holiday opening and cross 100 crores on non holiday release lol

  • She can only learn….

    How to become Biggest SuperStar of Hindi Cinema by releasing own Films only on EDX (EidDeepawaliXmax) Holidays !

  • I must say. ..this movies is women centric….n srk must doing camio…..waiting for it….very good line up for srk…

    dilwalre; fan , raees, n gauri shinde movie

  • Winner of golden banana awards are:-

    1.most irritating debut commenter of the year
    =”Azhar biopic” tie with “(AZHAR–13TH May 2016)”
    (Both r same person with other multiple id)

    2.Bas kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award
    =Sunny chechi

    3.Most frustrated commenter of the year
    = Babaji ka thullu

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    6.Baawara Ho Gaya Hai ke Award

    @indicine please publish it.

  • If they release it on Christmas 2016 then
    I will be very happy !
    but if they release it on some other dates then I say srk should not do this movie.

    We want don 3 from srk sir !!!!
    srk sir release don 3 on Christmas 2017
    and make another movie and release it
    on Eid 2017 we will be very glad to wait !!

  • Hahahaha lol anyway who cares about what the cute & pretty but the dumb..dumber….dumbest alia says, everyone is well aware of her IQ levels & intellect , indeed she is one of the best examples of actresses for’ beauty without a brain’ cult apart from other actresses like anuskha & deepika (though deepika pretends to sound intelligent she is as dumb & as stupid as alia or anushka) , tomorrow she will say that Narendra modiji is the director of ‘The dark knight’ or that Sachin is the PM of USA or that Rohit shetty is the greatest woman bobybuilder of all time lol she is that dumb & stupid :D :D

  • Very True ALIA

    and we are too much excited to watch u both together.

    KING of All Time & Queen of New Generation Unique & Interesting combination.

    Wish u Good Luck

  • @xzone for your info. Salman is the biggest megastar, having most highest yearly grossers than any other other actor. Srk career was born in 1995 and ended in 1997, that too due to YRF and Dharma. He gave big grossers only in these 2 years. And now he is struggling to give a hit.
    Salman has been #1 from 1989 to 2015 and still is.
    And Salman gave 6 blockbusters in 5 years, unlike your Leap Year Blockbuster star. LOL.

  • She’s right, she will learn a lot from him.

    But, I do hope it’s not a romantic pairing. We saw how Jab Tak Hai Jaan turned out to be.

  • Yes he’s the biggest superstar and the best actor of Bollywood.He treats all the leading ladies of his movies with utmost care and tenderness.That is perhaps the reason why everybody dreams of working with him.
    He’s a true gentlemen and an inspiration

  • @Sarifa I remember you giving me long lectures about being a better person and not hate somebody incessantly.It would be better if you practice before you preach others
    @xzone You’re too amazing bro!!Love reading your comments

  • What is so special about her. She’s the same person in every film. Very limited actress. Pretty girl tho.. these days that’s all you need to make it big.

  • Lol she is doing the “Who is better mommy or daddy?” thing. Right now it is SRK later it will be Salman then after that Aamir. As much as i like her acting but this lying gotta stop. She probably learned this from Kareena :P

  • Take any big star,any big heroine from Bollywood to Hollywood ,everyone is THE DEEWANA of BIGGEST MEGASTAR ON EARTH—-KING SRK.

    salmir fan’s frustration just started after Varun Sharma said the same thing,after Ainsley and now Alia.this is just ‘tadap tadap kar ees DIL se aah nikal to rahi’ moment for salmir fans.yeh to jale ke upar namak chidakna jaisa ho gaya.

    and salmir fan’s condition is just like—-ab bas karo,someone please praise our 2008/2010 born actor’s taarif,please we can’t bear it anymore.please someone praise our talentless papa’s boy,we tried paid media to active PRs but nothing works.please someone help our talentless papa’s boy.

    but Reality is you can give 20-50 hgoty by associating with big director big brands,but you can’t achieve GLORY until and unless YOU’LL BE KING SRK.KING SRK proves from time to time WHY PEOPLES CALLED HIM THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD?????no perfaketionist/bhai like fake names ,it’s ONE AND ONLY KING / BADSHAH NAME IS ENOUGH TO SHOW WHO HE IS—-THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR OF INDIA WHO don’t know what is failure periods,ROFL.

    Alia also said —-K2H2 is Her favourite film and KING KHAN’S ACTING in that film.

  • Well said Alia!!! SRK is undoubtedly the biggest star of Bollywood, we have ever witnessed .

    @AmAr pReM : She is not talking about 2010 born actors. without any doubt both the names you mentioned are bigger stars among 2010 actors like Ranbir, Ayushman, Sidharth.

    @sahir : Your tiny actors are yet to cross MNIK gross ( even RNBDJ gross too) on Non-holiday failed several times with Jai ho, Ready, Taalash, Dhobi Ghat etc.. first cross that on Non-Holiday.

    @Sarifa : What you said can be learnt only by working with an non actor like Bhojpuri Bhai as after all he is the one who is most famous for drinking, abusing, and driver a car over ppl being drunk.

    @JS : Salman who has 9/10 less hits than SRK is struggling for hits? SRK 28 hits,, 15 flops, & 0 disaster.. while Salman 18 hits, 37 flops,, & 4 disasters. Who is struggling ?

    Salman also gave just 1 solo hit in a whole decade (10 years) which was also a south BB remake!

    & SRK has highest All time highest grosser with a lead roles while Salman has 0, He is struggling to get one ATHG since debut debacle BHTA & still struggling ..

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