SRK – Farhan to start shooting for Raees in November

Shahrukh Khan will begin shooting for his next film, after the release of Happy New Year, on November 1st 2014.

The news was confirmed by producer Ritiesh Sidhwani on Twitter. “All those asking, Raees begins filming on 1st November with SRK & Farhan Akhtar”

The Rahul Dholakia film will feature SRK playing a role with grey shades, for the film time since Don 2. Farhan Akhtar will be playing the role of a cop.

While there were rumours that Farhan wouldn’t be a part of the film due to date issues, the actor has been able to work out his schedule and allot enough days for the film.

Farhan, who has directed SRK in two films so far, will be sharing screen-space with him for the very first time.

Raaes is expected to release after Maneesh Sharma’s Fan, which is scheduled to hit screens on August 14 2015.



  • We loved srk because of his versatility ….keep it up…no matter whole world against u…but we fans r with u…all the best for Raees team… My most anticipated movie for next 5 years.

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  • A question to SRK HATERS —- ‘Whose your new daddy (s) ???’

    SRK HATERS —- ‘Farhan & Rahul Dholkia’….;-)

  • @myanmar mai aur misses khana,yuraj,marigold,london drmz,god tosi grt ho and veer=48cr. ragni mms2=50cr sunny leone is much bigger than bhai. Raees will be classic unlike kick and rathan ki bjao.

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  • Its great Farhan back to the team but the movie will be for class audience like our complan kiddo and his duplicates one who disappeared for long time. Look our kiddo predicted 4th back to back atbb’s for srk for which srk struggling for one since KKHH, i hope Raees won’t be turned as after than Srk became raees and his fans and distributer became kangal. Its interesting to see that after Raees srkians will be in Talaash of srk twitter account in hope to get their money back by calling Jai ho to threaten Srk. @shaheer don’t worry dude @r20 won’t be here after Holiday released. @navin and @sachin11, very funny comments. Good one dude.

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  • Seeing the comments already this film is sending shiver down the spine of many….While many are hoping that their fav stars could match up with SRK in negative roles in coming years…….Lol to them…..;-)

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  • Very xcited foh raees.. Happiee to see farhan back in the movie… In sha Allah it wil b a blockbuster/atbb n may become one of the most critically acclaimed movie of all time which did commercially well too..!!

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