Heropanti Dialogues: great physique, poor dialogue delivery

The first dialogue promo of Heropanti is out and Tiger Shroff goes all out to flaunt his perfect physique, incredible agility, excellent dancing skills and style.

However, he lacks in something that is more important that everything else combined – dialogue delivery – something┬áthat can make or break an actors career. While his physique is fantastic, he doesn’t really look like a ‘macho’ action hero either.

Some might argue that we are probably being too critical of Tiger, its his first film after all. So.. we leave it to you, watch the two dialogue promos of Heropanti and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Directed by Sabbir Khan, Heropanti also stars the beautiful Kriti Sanon. The film releases in theatre on May 23rd.



  • Nothing great. Tiger Shroff looks gay :( His voice doesn’t have that power and intensity required for the role.

  • His physique and dance are fine but his biggest weakness is his voice modulation and dialogue delivery. Dilutes his efforts.

  • That’s the main problem with some of the actors whose fathers were/are from film industry.
    Tiger seems to be a great dancer, has a great physique and action skills, but lacks the main thing, i.e. acting skills. Even Arjun Kapoor wasn’t that convincing in 2 States.

  • @aakanksha:
    if someone looks feminine, then dat looks cann’t be called “gay type”. It should be “transgender type”.gay are men who are only attracted to other men.but they behaves,looks and sounds like men and they have reproductive power as normal male unlike transgender. while transgenders show feminine nature. Gay and transgender are two different things. Most of the indians are confused between them.
    However,i think tiger’s weak points are his looks,weak voice and dialogue delivery.

  • Still better than stammering srk who utters the same word 20 times before moving to the next word of the sentence.

  • Absolutely brilliant….he will be darling of all section of audience. Tremendous superstar material. This is just first movie. Still good dialog delivery. Recall first movie of all superstar especially salman who had similar dilog delivery.

  • he might be a good actor but he sure as hell doesnt have the hero look…. he doesnt even have any glamour to him. he is really dull looking. he either needs better pr, or a stylist…. he just seems so blah!

  • Lol!!! Who r pointing on tigers dialog delivery..even after 20 years and 150 movies back on akshay has not even learn how to deliver dialog. Outimd tank because of his poor dialog delivery and his fans put entire blame on that poor guy imran. Mark my tiger shroff will be next big thing.
    @R20. Don’t worry about srk. World knows srk is the best after dilip kumar and amitabh as far as dilog delivery is concerned.

  • @r20 Still better voice than funny and crappy voice of Akki. He has the worst accent and voice among bollywood stars.

  • What will click with audience no one knows, or will ever know.

    lets wait and see what Tiger achieves, and reserve our judgement for later,

  • He’s OK but his face looks feminine and voice doesn’t have power. His voice sounds like Imran Khan’s.

  • 100 times better thn siddarth malhotra aka toy boy of k.jo lukkha like krk is targeting ayushman who came with god fathers or gay partners….tiger first film he will improve anupama chopra said abt him very displined he is puttin lot of effort into everything ppl who is talking abt his looks are racists…

  • well big fan of srk and jackie sheroff is very good friend of srk played his partner of devdas i support tiger sheroff and his much better thn tht stupid siddarth malohtra useless actor and i remember indicine is covering him in hasee toh phasee saying good screen presence which is not there tiger is better thn lot of young out there

  • It seems all those who criticize Tiger Sh. here, are GREAT actors with lots of OSCARs……
    Don’t be so much critical, he is a normal guy with nice physique…..

  • Tiger is a real super star nd 100 times better than varun dhawan nd siddharth malhotra he proved himself in his movie heropanti which is smash hit in box office

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