SRK – Farhan to start shooting for Raees in November

Shahrukh Khan will begin shooting for his next film, after the release of Happy New Year, on November 1st 2014.

The news was confirmed by producer Ritiesh Sidhwani on Twitter. “All those asking, Raees begins filming on 1st November with SRK & Farhan Akhtar”

The Rahul Dholakia film will feature SRK playing a role with grey shades, for the film time since Don 2. Farhan Akhtar will be playing the role of a cop.

While there were rumours that Farhan wouldn’t be a part of the film due to date issues, the actor has been able to work out his schedule and allot enough days for the film.

Farhan, who has directed SRK in two films so far, will be sharing screen-space with him for the very first time.

Raaes is expected to release after Maneesh Sharma’s Fan, which is scheduled to hit screens on August 14 2015.



  • Raees will be huge….eagrly waiting. Grt to see srk back with good directors like dholakia and maneesh sharma. It will be intresting to see king khan and farhan in acting and action oriented movie.

  • yiepee..farhan is back as cop..very excited about this movie…my both fav actors share the screen together :)

  • KING KHAN’S AGE is endless.I’m so happy that Farhan again back in RAEES,because it’s most important film for him than all his this time KING KHAN will get NATIONAL as well as 15TH FILMFARE award.I think THIS FILM will take long time for shooting compared to FAN.SO 2015 will be KING KHAN’S years just like 2014.OMG,I can’t wait more.

  • hhmmm very exiting cant wait it would be the best film for my king………good luck for the raees teams………

  • Srk and Farhan Akthar in a movie directed by a national winning director, Rahul Dholakia. Srk in a negative role while Farhan plays the role of a cop. It does not get better than this.:) Raees, we are waiting. Happy new year, Fan and Raees, three films which will set the box office on fire. Cannot wait at all.:)

  • We are happy that Farhan is acting in Raees coz his stardom has increased after Bhaag milkha Bhaag and he is a good actor so now we have a star and a actor in the film and our king will get another hit easily

  • srk will shut the mouth of haters by his versatility of acting in this movie like he did in swades AND CHAK DE INDIA AND MNIK

  • Srk and Farhan in the same should be renamed as Running Race as bollywod top runners r starring in this movie.Hope we get to see a Marathon between them.Farhan has good physique and stamina so he has high chances of winning the race but Srk will have more comfortable costume lungi and will drink energetic coconut water during race and will give tough competition to

  • Salman Khan rejected Baazigar, Aamir Khan Darr, Saif A Khan DDLJ, so these KHAN’s made SRK ! We repay !

  • Some people say Aamir and Salman are crowd pullers. Funny, because I didnt see much of a crowd outside the theatres showing jai ho and talaash. Btw, on an other note, 2 states collected more than talaash. So did ram leela and BMB. Looks like Aamir lost the tag of ‘superstar”. He is now behind Farhan, Ranveer and Arjun. Time to plan for his retirement and pension plans. Salman need not worry much about retirement as he’s gonna go to jail soon.

  • Farhan will steal the whole show , he is a power performer unlike shahrukh who only knows how to shiver and stammer and cry all the time. Even in CE, Deepika stole the whole show while srk just kept watching. this movie will collect around 70-80 cr and the credit is all for Farhan.

  • Look whos back guys- its our resident technofreak ‘remotecontrol’ who unfortunately got lost somewhere 6 months back bcoz someone forgot to replace his faulty batteries- but hes back now n to prove hes back to his normal self he leaves a way too familiar seen before uninspiring crappy comment…!

    Some things never change but heres hoping these new batteries of yours keep you operational for abit longer than those lungi recycled powered ones you bought last Eid…! :-P

  • Sarkar with a National Award winning director is great news bcoz hopefully Sarkar can learn from Rahul n take on board some actual acting tips as opposed to heeding to his very own ‘overacting’ tips which Sarkar is well renowned for…!

    Hope Dholakia can succeed where Shetty, Yash ji, Akhtar, Sinha, Kjo have all miserably failed in the recent past and that is to reign in the unnecessary overacting overkill by Sarkar…!

  • MYANMAR RANGOON are you mad?? don 2 collected 110 crore and jthj collected 115 crores in india so it only crossed my name is khan which was released way back in 2009.Dont spread false rumours if you know nothing yourself.
    @r20 your akshay is not capable of making a movie which would collect more than 60 talk about others and i bet you if raees only collected 70-80 crore i will leave indicine.When raees will release you will disappear from indicine,i know that much..

  • RAEES will be KING KHAN’S 4TH back to back ATBB after CE.also loser ratan dhan payo will be 4th flop of salman after jail ho,so salman get ready for another kick from KING KHAN,now no one could save you.

    @bulli ki lulli,@navin bhojpuri,bhai career finished after jail ho,now wait for kick to be kicked out from theatre,then only you could understand THE POWER OF US especially your bhai depend upon SRKIANS to get hit but during jail ho he disrespected KING KHAN andit got average only due to us as all salman fans watched it on you tube,lol.after kick,lallu fans will again write a book”99999 reasons why kick become a debacle”.

  • @navin
    I think u still didn’t recovered from failure of jail ho n court case of bhojpuri lallu dats why talking irrelevant. get well soon otherwise who ll save kick from becoming disaster.
    u r still stuck in srk lungi. just wait in pk aamir wearing ghagra after that v ll call all of u ghagra wali. srk can run in lungi but aamir will fall flat on face in ghagra.

  • @Myanmar, 2 states didnt cross 100cr yet. How can it cross don 2 and jthj. Get your facts right before you comment here.
    @sachin11, speaking of running races, your bhai would win even though he’s not there in the film cause he’s famous for “hitting and running”. Lol!!!

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