Mahesh Bhatt as Dalai Lama in ‘Siddhartha’: First look

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, the man behind several blockbusters, will now be making his acting debut in Mukul Mishra’s Siddhartha. Bhatt will be playing the character of Dalai Lama in the film. 

Being naturally bald, Bhatt will seen playing a man who goes out in search for truth after his life is shattered by betrayals.

“Shivam is lost in the brothels of Varanasi before he goes to Manali where he is found by Bhatt sahab’s character who believes that Buddha is in him and helps him to get the answers he was looking for.” director Mukul Mishra said.

Mahesh Bhatt too said he liked Mukul’s narrative, after which he decided to be a part of the film

“Yes, I’m doing Siddhartha. I liked Mukul’s narrative and his vision. Buddhism teaches you that everything is transient and I understand it. I think I can do justice to the role. I have met many lamas and had an intense interaction with the Dalai Lama. The story appealed to me and I could co-relate with it because like the protagonist I too am always in the quest for answers to life. But get this straight, I am not an actor but a filmmaker.” Bhatt said.

We have a couple of first look photos of Mahesh Bhatt as Dalai Lama in ‘Siddhartha’. Check out the pictures!

Mahesh Bhatt plays a Buddhist monk in Siddhartha

Mahesh Bhatt plays a Buddhist monk in Siddhartha

Dalai Lama Mahesh Bhatt

Dalai Lama Mahesh Bhatt



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