It’s Entertainment is for kids: Comedian Krushna Abhishek

Comedian Krushna Abhishek, who received appreciation for his performance in Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan, will make a comeback with Akshay Kumar’s It’s Entertainment.

The film, Krushna says, is genuinely a film for kids after a long time!

“Genuinely, after a long time, there is a film coming for kids. ‘It’s Entertainment’ is strictly for kids. In the film, we have Akshay Kumar, myself and a dog and three of us go to solve a case,” Krushna said.

“It’s a great film and children will enjoy it. This film is also important for Akshay as he will be seen back in his ‘Hera Pheri’ mode,” added Krushna, who believes his chemistry with Akshay is ‘awesome’ in the film.

Krishna Abhishek with Kashmira

Krishna Abhishek with Kashmira



  • I think it’s entertainment will be releasing 1 week later to criminal Salman’s Kick………..This will be superhit and KICK gonna be disaster for sure (after the debacle of flop Jail Ho,it’s confirmed)

  • I think it’s entertainment will be releasing 1 week later to criminal Salman’s Kick………..This will be superhit and KICK gonna be disaster for sure (after the debacle of flop Jail Ho,it’s confirmed)……

  • This is Great News bcoz a large manority of Akki fans infact are immature kids….! Happy Days are back for these JOKER fans

  • @r20 mr 420 you will be able to watch ‘its entertainment’ now in cinemas with your ‘joker’ souvenirs n laugh out loudly like the little rugrat you are in unison with all the other kiddies…! Happy hera pheri days are back joker fan

  • Its Entertainment will atleast be entertaining now that a dog n Krushna are in it to help Akki solve the crime of who directed “JOKER” but “Happy New Year” will be anything but happy bcoz Sarkar thought it’d be a good idea to to throw a New Years Party on Diwali- it will all end in tears of that there is no doubt…!

  • Kids should stay away from akkis film otherwise that can badly affect on their cognitive development…..

  • All the best to Akshay Kumar!! Holiday and Gabbar are going to be huge hits. This I’m saying cause I’ve already watched the telugu version of it. Looking at the minor detail given above about Akshay being a detective, I guess even Its Entertainment will be super entertaining and hopefully will be a success. I wish Akshay kumar has 3 100cr grossers this year and hope at least 1 of them crosses 200cr. :)

  • Another film for Kids like Joker.
    Also it is releasing after salman’s KICK.
    Remember Joker was also release a week after Ek Tha Tiger.

  • @Navin11 Uncle

    Everyone knows whose fans are immature as well as bhojpuri.Being a Uncle to everyone here on indicine it is your responsibility to behave maturely but you have shown time to time that you are a big stupid moron.
    You were shouting 200crs for Jail ho but it turned out to be Fail ho!!!

    I don’t have much expectations from It’s Entertainment,i think it will collect 70crs to be genuine…

  • I wish this film does well. Want tamannah’s success.
    @navin: at least akkifans are kids. But they are not brainless fan like you.

  • How funny..!!
    According Krushna Abhishek, we have three star in the film, Akshay Kumar, myself and a dog. Kaisay din dekhney par rahey hain akshay SIR ko.

  • @Nagin, i think you have forgotten the endless flop phase of your bhojpuri bhaijaan. LOL he was giving flops after flops, disasters after disasters till 2009. Akshay was ruling from 2007, when he gve 4 back to back superhits in the same year, in the same year your bhojpuri bhai was struggling to give a non-flop LOL! even the sar studded salaam e ishq was a box office bomb !!!

    @Flop Kumar, no need for your advice you moron. The Choli brothers@Kunaal choli, khans are compared to pigs. @Virat choli, lol you flop ho was barely 100 cr, watch out for kick , it may not even touch 80 cr. Its Entertainment will be full of entertainement while kick will be full of headaches.

    Those who are saying this film will be flop or do 60 cr , they are just fooling themselves.

  • @Navin man Is yur fav actor in Chunkey Pandey….lol….akshay kumar is d best……And d best never rest….lol…..Holiday-160-190crs…..its Entertainmnt-90-120cr…….Gabbar-140-170Cr……!!

  • This shows that salman fans are true backstabbers as even tho bhojpuri and akki are friends, they still insult akki, what kind of fans man!!

  • Akki films are of two types- 60crore and 30crores.
    I think this will be the 30 crore type.
    Lifetime=30 crore
    Akki is smaller than Harman Baweja.

  • @babaji ki lungi Well if im everybodys ‘uncle’ then whos everybodys dear old buddha eh babaji…?

    I think you forget that when you come up crappy user names like yours then you need to live upto certain expectations but you seem to be more concerned about your attire these days than your actual reputation here as a cranky old buddha talking gibberish about how lungis are too expensive nowadays n not cheap like the good old pre independence days when you were a wee little boy…!

    Grow up n act like your namesake or get a new username buddha ji…!

  • @nipin senior A rohit fan talking about brainless fans- jeez next we will have ‘sakhi rawant’ giving ‘rakhi sawant’ tips on politics…!

    Listen you clown- akki fans like ‘r20’ may be jokers but atleast they didnt buy into Akkis joke about aliens invading Paglapur unlike you Rohit fans who go to sleep every night dreaming of a returning Jadoo to come back n rescue your super non flying wannabe superhero Rohit from my beloved Awesome Frogman in the next installment of the Xmen rip off franchise- ROHIT 4…!

    Kids are more mature than you Rohit fans bcoz kids grow up n realise Santa Claus, Bogeyman, tooth fairy r make belief personas but you Rohit fans still believe in Jadoo- grow up losers..,!

  • @trini backstabbing is an art form well exercised by Sarkar n put in practice by his lungiwala fans ie how Sarkar supporting media questioned non stop Papa Roshan about his fake copy cat characters sorry collections for Rohit 3 n how you fans suddenly ridiculed Rohit fans n undermined Rohit 3s collections last year.

    As an Aamir fan I always said Dhoom 3 beat collections of Rohit 3 n Lungi Express but you backstabbing lungiwalas never believed that 2 films in record time could derail crappy express’ crappy boxoffice record. The shock still affects you mentally today n some lungiwalas are still hiding low in Paglapur til this day like ‘xrate’, ‘geewan wetpants’ etc etc.

    Backstabbers in the dictionary should JUST have a picture of a lungi with no words n this will be a more than sufficient explanation as to what types of people are famous for this word…!

  • @Navin, No backstabbing in Oxford Dictionary should have a pic of lallu and tingu, since lallu backstabbed SRK but urging AJay to clash with JTHJ since lally feared ETT record was in danger due to SRK-Yash Raj combo………………………….also Tingu shamelessly backstabbed SRK during promotions of ghagini and called SRK a dog when he himself is a little poodle………………..And No it was NOT SRK who blamed Roshans for manipulation, it cud have been anybody, HR said that it cud be his so called friends that were spreading manipulation tales, Abhishek is also a childhood friend of HR and it cud have been HIM stating of manipulation as in KWK he stated that he is proud that his dad never made a movie to save him………….clearly alluding to how Papa Roshan saved HR with KMG when he was a flopstar……………so Abhishek is clearly jealous of HR stardom…………….plus salman is also friend of HR,so salman cud of been angry of manipulation as he cudnt stomach that not only did CE crossed 3 idiots but not K3 crossed 3 idiots while he is yet to cross 3 idiots……………….so stop making it seem that it was SRK to blame, why wud SRK called manipulation when his team did VFX for the film and SRK himself told his fans to watch K3 and that he wud come next diwali

    but navin u are a hyporcrite cuz I saw u shaming HR fans for manipulation…………….so u lallu fans also accuse them of manipulation, so why are u pointing fingers at us……………

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