Speculation over Shahrukh Khan’s Future Films in 2014 – 2015

Over the past one year, there has been immense speculation over the films Shahrukh Khan will do, after he isdone with Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express and Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. Most of the big name directors have been reported to have scripts ready for a film with SRK, but how much of the reportage holds true in actual terms is not very clear.

Let’s discuss the probability of each of those individual films happening.

Shahrukh Khan Future Films

Who will he work with after Chennai Express and Happy New Year?

A for Apple, B for Billi, C for Cutta: SRK was quoted as having said in an interview that he will start this film once he finishes Happy New Year. But talk about this film from his inner circle has gone low, and there are murmurs he may end up only producing this film. For starters, ABC is a slice-of-life film based in Delhi about a commoner who struggles to cope up because of his inability to master the Queen’s language.

R. Balki’s film: Amitabh Bachchan has been asked about this collaboration with R. Balki and Shahrukh on Twitter many times over the past few months and he has replied back more than once saying that he hopes this film materializes. A film bringing together the Shehenshah and the King Khan handled by a able director will be a feast for Hindi film viewers, if it happens.

Rahul Dholakia’s film, produced by Farhan-Ritesh’s Excel Entertainment: Not much is known about the film except for the fact that it is about a small-time Gujarati smuggler who smuggles alcohol into the alcohol-free state and becomes a big Don. The film maybe officially announced before Chennai Express releases. However, it’s controversial nature may keep SRK from going through with it.

Anurag Kashyap’s film: There was chatter in the news until recently that SRK is really looking forward to work with Anurag Kashyap and had asked him to write a script for him. Insiders close to the director say that Anurag will start working on the “highly commercial” film once he finishes Bombay Velvet, and if the script gets SRK’s nod, they start filming sometime in 2015.

Other rumours: SRK has been keen to work with Anurag Basu for a long time and there have been many interactions between the two regarding doing a film together. Their collaboration will happen at some point of time in the future and it is too early to divulge the specifics.

AR Murugadoss has gone to SRK with every Hindi script he has written post the release of Ghajini, but the actor has refused them all stating that he doesn’t want to be a part of a Southern remake. He has apparently asked Murugadoss to come up with an original Hindi script for him.

Ashutosh Gowariker has been lying low since the release of his last film ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se” and is planning to come back with a bang with Swades 2. The script is almost finished and it deals with the next chapter in Mohan Bhargav’s life and how he deals with a few more of rural India’s problems.

Other than all the above mentioned projects, films with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Prabhu Deva, and biopics of Dhyanchand and Kasabha Jadav have made gossip columns. But most of these films seem farfetched at this point with Shahrukh already having so much on his plate.

Eitherway, the next phase of SRK’s career starts now and the films he chooses will be looked at closely by everyone who is associated with Hindi cinema.

Tell us which films you want Shah Rukh Khan to do in the comments section below. Where do you think this phase of SRK’s career will lead him to? Get involved.

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  • The best and Top directors of Industry are standing in the queue to get the dates from King.
    That what SuperStardom means.

  • he should do all of them except masala films, hope ce & hny were one offs.

  • would love to see him in “Rahul Dholakia’s film, produced by Farhan-Ritesh’s Excel Entertainment” …Gujarati smuggler who smuggles alcohol into the alcohol-free state and becomes a big Don. WOW

  • hahaha this makes no sense, indicine you have put all the rumours into this articles, most of those films are only rumours. if you count by that way then akshay,hrithik and salman had almost 8-10 films lined up, confirmed and unconfirmed both.

  • Well all are good directors in line but i think he should for now do masala movies as after few years he like other khans won’t be suitable in masala genre while movies of directors like r.balki n ashutosh can still be done :)

  • Prabhu Deva
    R K Balki
    Karan Johar
    Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    A R Murugadoss
    Rahul Dholakia

    Also wishing:
    Raju Hirani
    Imtiaz Ali
    Anand L Rai
    Prakash Jha

  • @r20 all these all directors willing to work with King Khan but some of them haven’t anything really exciting for King. You can read the interviews of respective directors in which they accept these rumors. So the ball is in SRK’s court to select or reject.

  • Srk should stop making films and concentrate on IPL because it is his last hope.

  • Please, stop wasting ur tym on THESE baseless speculations AND

  • I wud luv ti see him all d directors u have mentioned so I cud not vote ..he is such a good actor h pulls ur heart string .. just awesome

  • AR murogadoss was the best option with a original script as King Khan always like to do films that are not remakes.

    Anurag Kashyap and Ashutosh Gowarikar and also R.Balki’s venture

    Lets hope all of these films work. All The Best SRK


  • it is proved that indicine is great fan of SRK. Murugdoss directed only two movies after Ghajini, both were tamil movies, and one of them was Thuppakki. ARM then offered it to Akshay first and but Akshay wasbusy at that time. So he made it in Tamil and remaking it in hindi with Akshay.

    So which movie did ARM offer to srk? Will u please explain.

  • I would like to see SRK in the films of Rahul Dholakia and Asutosh Gowarikar. These ventures are looking promising . He should also work with R. Balki , Anurag Basu and SLB. Because i want him to do more films like CDI and Swades. I am an SRK fan, because of those movies , not because of OSO and MHN.
    so, i am not super excited for CE or HNY or A for Apple as any one can do such type of movies. No SRK special feelings will be sensed in these movies. But once he will do the Rahul Dholakia’s aur Asutosh’s film, again we will see our old SRK.
    I know that he is doing masala films just for the commercial purpose. But as an SRK fan, i am not bothered whether his movies collect 10 cr or 100 cr. But i only pray, that he continue to stick with fresh and impressive scripts.

  • what a perfect misleading by indicine.a.r.murugados never offered thuppakki remake.it was only offered to akshay.don’t give wrong infos to praise your fav. srk.

  • It looks like Each 1 of them will have a diffrent story which make it so hard to pick only three

    i hope to see him in all of them.
    it will be superb

    but if i must pick then
    1- Karan Johar : another golden story from the golden friends , karan always gives us a king size stories no 1 can make it but the king himself , he start with him and gave us 5 movies together and the 5 were like a walking dream , karan started with the king and look where he is now, just at the top where he belong

    2-R. Balki (with Amitabh Bachchan) 2 legends in 1 movie again, the shahnshah and the baadshah together again that will be wow, so fantastic

    3- Ashutosh Gowariker, I realy want to know what will happen with mohan next

    4-ABC i think this 1 will have a funny parts

    5- Farhan’s don3 , first time to find stylish don – smart don and cute don all in 1 with the king. farhan is so sweet director also sweet actor

    6-Anurag Basu I watched only barfi ( charli chaplin in colors :D )
    waiting to see what he will give us next then i can say yes or no for SRK :D

    7-Anurag Kashyap working with him will be a new mix, but with the stories he wrote like jbj and Gow and dev d i think he needs to change his views becuz they will not work with SRK

    8- Sanjay Leela Bhansali Realy i didnt love devdas end , full of sadness , so much sadness to handle, but he is a very good director, waiting for another epic, i wish if it will be something like merchant of venice

    Kasabha Jadav, Rahul Dholakia, I dont Know so much about them

    AR Murugadoss If he wrote a good story like gajni without its action part which was so hard to believe like a robot fighting with wasps :D , it will be so great

  • thats fantastic…..as a number of directors r lined up to work wid srk and it’s super exciting that this list comprising the names like prabhudeva, murugdas, bhansali, gowarikar, anurag kashayap……means in upcoming years, srk is bound to back wid a bang…. …great article indicine…really liked it ….

    @hritiklover…..thanks buddy…appreciated ur comment…ur comment made my believe strong that no srk fan can be a hritik hater and no hritik fan can be an srk hater, except some exceptions…..:)
    @samar… one day,definitely he ll retire, but before that , stars like sallu and aamir , too, have to be retire…moreover, ur fav akshay and ajy devgan r also not in their thirties….they are only 2 or 3 yrs young than khans….so they r also standing on the retirement boundary, if we believe on ur theory…..

  • Srk should stick with YRF and Dharma productions only bcoz he can’t give big hits without them.

  • Whoever the director, srk always does good movies. .thatz why i love him and his movies. .

  • @sachin11…here is something for guys like u, who thinks yrf and dharma made srk…..
    read it carefully :

    Shahrukh Khan – The one man show
    Some Interesting Facts About SRK-Yashraj-Dharma(Karan Johar) Films. Completely Stunning. Do Read Whole Article.

    Do You Know, That Yashraj Productions Which Is Biggest Production House In India Has Only 5 Blockbusters To Their Name In 31yrs.

    INDIA: 3 BB Out Of 5 With SRK.
    1) Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge.
    2) Dhoom 2
    3) Chak De India.
    4) Rabne Banadi Jodi.
    5) Ek Tha Tiger.

    OVERSEAS: 6 BB out Of 10 With SRK.
    1) Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge.
    2) Dil Toh Pagal Hai.
    3) Mohabbatien.
    4) Veer Zaara.
    5) Salaam Namaste.
    6) Dhoom 2.
    7) Fanaa.
    8 ) Rab Ne Banadi Jodi.
    9) Ek Tha Tiger
    10) Jab Tak Hai Jaan.
    They Have Given Most Number Of Times Blockbusters With Shah Rukh Khan, In India And Overseas.
    They Have Worked With Shah Rukh 8 Times and 8 Times Either In India Or Overseas Thier Films Got Blockbuster Tag. But They Have Worked 51 Times Without Shah Rukh With Others But They Have Only 4 Blockbusters.

    Do You Know, Dharma Productions Which Is Said To Be 2nd Biggest Production House In India Has Just Only And Only 2 Blockbutrers To Their Name.

    INDIA : 2BB With Only SRK.
    1) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
    2) Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum.

    OVERSEAS: 5 BB Only With SRK.
    1) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
    2) kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum.
    3) Kal Ho Na Ho.
    4) Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.
    5) My Name Is Khan.
    Here Also They Have Those 2 Blockbusters With Shah Rukh Khan Only.
    They Have Worked With Shah Rukh Khan 5 Times and All 5 Times Either In India or Overseas Thier Films Got Blockbusters, But Without Shah Rukh They Worked 15 Times With Others But They Dont Have Single Blockbuster Either In India Or Overseas.

    YashRaj Films Success Percentage
    With SRK = 100%.
    Without SRK = 38.56% Only.

    Dharma Films Success Percentage
    With SRK = 100%
    Without SRK = 40% Only.
    So This Data Clearly Shows That Yashraj And Dharma Productions Are Incomplete Without Shah Rukh Khan .

    so got it???? or u need any another proof…..???
    In reality, yrf and dharma r incomplete without srk and vice-versa is not true….

    @indicine….please publish it and correct me, if i am wrong or any of the data mentioned above is incorrect……

  • @king agree wid you and you snatched words from my mouth,its never about money neither for stardom its only about touching heart wid superb acting which makes srk what he is today.

    His terrific acts in cdi, ddlj, bazigar, daar, swades, mnik, devdas and kal ho na ho (my fav) can never ever be repeated. Those were classics no one remember how much cdi, swades earned but everone knows what srk has done in these movies, he acted to perfection

  • @xzone: nothing is finalized yet and you started already? Salman’s lineup of upcoming films is very clear, while SRK is only thinking.

    Salman fans are ready for MENTAL, KICK, then Rajshri production after that its NO ENTRY MAIN ENTRY, then TIPS films directed by Parbhu Deva.