Aamir Khan visits physio, gets mobbed by fans: Photos

On Sunday, Aamir Khan had an appointment with a physiotherapist in Juhu. To avoid media-attention, the superstars visit was meant to be a secret. But as soon as Aamir stepped out of his car, he was mobbed by fans.

While there are rumours that the actor has hurt his back and shoulder while shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming film Dhoom 3, the reason behind his session with the physio is unknown.

Photos below.

Aamir Khan in JuhuAamir Khan in Juhu as he undergoes physio while shooting for Dhoom 3

Aamir - JuhuAamir Khan in Juhu

Aamir KhanAamir Khan talks to the media

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  • Aamir and Salman are the two most popular Khans in India and overseas.
    No other Khan comes close to their popularity and no. of fans.

  • Aamir hurt his back…?
    Oh dear- hope he makes a speedy recovery and my prayers are with him. Aamir is the best thing in Bollywood barring noone so we need him ‘back in the saddle’ doing what he does best and that is giving his fans breakthrough cinema…! :-)
    Aamir roxXxXx and Dhoom will rock again this year.

  • @nolaniitjee
    SRK is the only “GLOBAL MEGASTAR”.Aamir & Salman do not anywhere close to him in terms of global popularity.

  • Convo between Aamir and his body double during Dhoom 3 shooting:

    Aamir: Hey, I am Mr. Perfectionist. You must perform my stunts exactly in the manner I instruct you.

    Body double: I have to do the stunts, so I’ll do them my way.

    Aamir: Shut up! Do as I say. I know everything.

    BD: Here you go, do your stunts yourself then.

    Aamir: *hesitates* What? Ok…k…k…ay!

    *performs a dangerous stunt, falls*
    Oh teri! Kamar todh di re!!

    MORAL: ???

  • hrithik: aamir isn’t god. if god wants belle can b 100 times better than aamir. then amir can’t b like belle in 50 births. belle very funny. liked it :)

  • Guys i think belle was there as a spot boy and he heard the whole converstation b/w aamir and body double and after that conversation that body double hit the poor belle that’s y he is mentally unstable dear wait till d3 and mental when these will come than you will become a–ll-eee

  • @belly That conversation is reminiscent of the one between Thakur of Sholay and his body double. Dont believe me then look at Thakus shoulder injury sustained whilst shooting a love making scene with Deepika in Chennai Depress. What happened was The Double had performed all the stunts in the film but when it come to the love making scene on flower beds and rolling around the hill side. However then Thakur stepped in and demanded Rohit call of the Double and let him perform the scene himself. King was ready, downed some shots with afew special pills ‘via-Agra’ and was about to jump on top of Deepika but she was still not ready so rolled over and king subsequently fell down the hill side and rolled several dozen times until the crew caught him near the foot hills.
    The moral of the story is to be a perfectionist one needs careful planning and close attention to all details however trivial. Being eager thus jumping in recklessly can cause one to look rather amateurish and buffoon like…! :-P

  • @hrithik I don’t need to be an Aamir. I am blessed and satisfied with who I am.

    @bollywood Thank you dude for liking and supporting. Cheers! :)

  • I hope this is just like a routine checkup and nothing serious has happened to Supervillian Aamir khan.

  • @Belle i think u r that body double of Aamir khan that’s why u know everything in detail and it looks like u had a brain injury while doing stunts of “Dhoom 3”.lol

  • @bollywood: u think God will make people like bellle so big? u must be kidding. BTW I never said Aamir is God but what he has achieved cannot be reach with an attitude like belle.

  • Get Well Soon!!!!!!! Aamir May I hope God Bless You

    He should maintain bodyguards to get protect from fans as he was a celebrity should take utmost care with bodyguards otherwise thinngs will turn around like this and makes pain bigger so as an good observer Aamir will be taken care next time

  • All are you fighting about body double for Aamir khan i m here to clarify you see

    and this was the scene see the video


  • Lot of SRK fans are doubting the success of Dhoom 3 stating that it is being directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. Abbas-Mustan directed the flop Agnikaal before directing Khiladi,Baazigar & Race.Similarly Umesh Shukla directed Dhoondte Reh Jaoge before directing Oh My God.Similarly Anurag Basu & Sujoy Ghosh were coming back from Kites & Aladdin respectively before delivering Super hits Barfi & Kahaani. Moreover Aamir Khan have turned Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra into successfull director by doing Rang De Basanti

  • @hrithiklover Im hoping for your sake you aint having a pop at my beloved Aamir…! What are you trying to prove with these youtube videos…? Are you trying to convey to the whole world that just like ‘xzone’ you too can spend 20hrs everyday liking ‘hrithik’ videos…? Seriously give it a rest- if you proving to yourself that Aamir uses a body double then what do you expect- the man is 48 and a new father of an 18 month old baby. We his fans dont want Aamir doing action movies as we just want to see many more ‘3 idiots’, ‘TZP’ or ‘PK’ type movies. However the man himself is doing an action flick so Im not gonna knock him for it as I know that action is a genre largely associated with Akki, Salman, Ajay and Hrithik. Kudos to all these actors and I dont care if body doubles get employed just like we dont care if make up artists are working overtime or dubbing is needed extensively. This is the movie business and risking injury is unnecessary and pointless.

  • aamir gud actor but not great as human he is worst…he praises salman just undermine srk….everyone knw tht…..aamir poor dancer he pairin with kat is horrible becoz of height factor…

  • 3 idiots will gross 200 croress srk in it instead of aamir such its script….but aamir dont hav balls to negative early in career which srk did…

  • @karizma. you made a good joke. if srk was in 3idiots then the film would have been disaster srk not good in comedy he is only fit for romance.

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