Aamir Khan visits physio, gets mobbed by fans: Photos

On Sunday, Aamir Khan had an appointment with a physiotherapist in Juhu. To avoid media-attention, the superstars visit was meant to be a secret. But as soon as Aamir stepped out of his car, he was mobbed by fans.

While there are rumours that the actor has hurt his back and shoulder while shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming film Dhoom 3, the reason behind his session with the physio is unknown.

Photos below.

Aamir Khan in JuhuAamir Khan in Juhu as he undergoes physio while shooting for Dhoom 3

Aamir - JuhuAamir Khan in Juhu

Aamir KhanAamir Khan talks to the media

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  • @Navin For a movie like dhoom people may expect some real stunts rather than using body double FYI 20hrs a day for liking videos were not possible i m good at SEO thats why i get fast news regarding anything
    And the story about body doubles first of all i dont have any offence about dhoom 3 or Aamir i too have some memorable words on him i know his stature and strength but some people are trying to degrade k3 in prev article inorder to defending them i showed some facts how k3 is bigger than d3 in terms of hardwork so it came like that but see if there is no debate like K3 vs D3 then nothing will be there
    just google search for Dhoom 3 body double you will get it whole information i m just posted a video thats all
    if you want more see this 17 videos collection of Dhoom3 in Making also


  • @hritik lover dhoom-2 most stunts done body double only….hritik is not akki mind it………

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