Son Of Sardar First Day Box Office Collections (Estimates)

Despite stiff competition from one of the year’s most awaited releases (Jab Tak Hai Jaan), Son Of Sardar has done well on it’s opening day.

Since the best of single-screens were pre-booked by Yashraj Films, Viacom and EROS managed to rent out a few single screens in the interiors. In the south, a few cinemas which usually play regional films, screened Son Of Sardar. Overall, on the release day, the difference in screen count between SOS and JTHJ wasn’t huge. JTHJ released on 2600 screens and SOS on around 1900-2000 screens.

Like mentioned in the box office opening article, business for Son Of Sardar was best in the Northern territories like Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Rajasthan. Down south, the response was poor. The opening in West Bengal, which is quickly emerging as a Shahrukh Khan-dominated territory,  was below average.

The late afternoon and evening shows were affected due to Diwali festivities around the country. As per early estimates, the first day box office collections of Son Of Sardar is likely to be in the 8-9 crore range, which is good considering the fact that it released with a SRK-Katrina-Yash Chopra film.

The word-of-mouth is mixed. We expect Son Of Sardar to remain steady at mass centres, while the big city multiplexes are likely to witness a drop.

Considering the high costs, tomorrow (Wednesday) will be crucial for the film.



  • Son of sardar was simply a compilation of santa banta jokes and terrible acting put together, it would be highly foolish to compare it with a masterpiece like jab tak hai jaan

  • King khan rules, ajay devgan sir,you are no doubt a good actor but your choice of movies these days are really wrong, anyways better luck in the future

  • sos’s life time collection will be arround 90-100crore. And jthj’s life time collection will arround 160-180crore. I my go up to 190crore or above.

  • son of sardar is not good..action sceens are over like rajinikanth films…and story screenplay so poor..ajay perform just ok.. my rating is 2\5

  • SON OF SARDAAR will be a Blockbuster. its a great fun film, while JTHJ is plain boring. can’t beleive its a yashji film.

  • truely speakng both jthj and sos crap but yah sos was much better then jthj .. they have made joke out if the movie…slowest movie ever..rating is good bcz there is sympathy factor for yash .. nocritic want to criticise him

  • Nc comparison between jthj and sos. Jthj has class.. From storyline to songs to acting everything is great. Jthj rocks

  • I could understand Bengals loyalty towards srk. but what I couldn’t is South. I am from mysore and I watched the evening show of sos. the occupancy was just around 40 percent in 2 multiplex here screening here . but jthj had around 80 percent in evening. even they say next 3 days they r expecting full house for jthj and not so encouraging for sos

  • SOS iz realy a rocking movie……………strongest pt of movie iz, its music, action nd omg its unforgettable funny dialogs ,,,,its a huge package of entertainment ……….worth watch..

  • good collections from sos, depesite huge negative things created by srk fans and also with less no. of sreens. All media channal says sos gets thumbs up by viewers and jthj gets mixed, but some fake internet sites shows viceversa and creates negativity towards sos , this is bad.

  • sos is not a boring movie. this is a good or verygood movie.. but jthj is a excellent movie compared to sos..

    my rating is sos 3.5/5 and jthj rating is 4.5/5

  • I says son of sardar is very good movie then jab tak hai jaan. Sos absolute very nice funny,entainer,action movie

  • I dint know when Hindi audience will grow and watch and promote good movies. Lots of good movies are made in Marati, Bengali and Malayalam. Unfortunately these low class hindi audiences will not like these good movies. Even in Hindi, good movies like Kahani and all are viewed only by multiplex audiences. How far you can watch love triangles by the same actors and how far you can bear this amnesia for the leading actor. Pl watch and promote good movies.

  • Hi..
    Both are good movies.. I watch JTHJ Shru… did excelent work
    I m still not seen SOS sory can’t comment on SOS…

  • son of sardar is a good movie.ajay devgn comedy,romance&action is comparision between SOS&that BORING&BAKWAAS jthj.AJAY DEVGN iz a clas actr yaar.

  • SOS is a fantastic movie, ajay has proved that he is more good than shahrukh movie, none the less solely katrina will take the ship of JTHJ to the shore

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