Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review

QUICK REVIEW of Jab Tak Hai Jaan(page will be updated shortly)

Yash Chopra is renowned for his eternal romantic love stories and Jab Tak Hai Jaan is his most intense romantic film ever. The characters here are arrogant, egoistic and unforgiving. His heroine – if I remember right – has just one scene in a saree. Yet, his magical touch is visible throughout, in every romantic scene in the film.

There are several twists and turns in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, all of which mostly work. Coming to the negatives, the film is lengthy (close to 3 hours) and slow-paced. Also, the music (A.R.Rahman) is one of the weakest for an Yash Chopra film in a long time. It has a few good songs like ‘Challa’ and ‘Saans’, but pales in comparison to some of the tracks from Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Veer Zaara (arguably the best Hindi album ever).

The performances are very good – Shahrukh Khan, quite obviously, has the meatiest role and does very well. The intensity he brings to the character of Samar in the second half (as the army officer), reminds you of his fabulous performance in Chak De India. As the younger Samar, he is at his charming best. Although he looks a little too old for the young lover-boy that he plays on screen, he looks good with Katrina and the two share excellent chemistry. Watch out for the dance sequence just before the Ishq Shava song, which is followed by one of my favorite scenes in the film – at the railway station where Samar declares his love to Meera.

Anushka Sharma has the smallest role, but makes an impact. Her loud, bubbly and talkative character is quite similar to Geet in Jab We Met. Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher have one scene each.

Overall, Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a good one-time watch, a modern take on old fashioned love. It’s slow-paced and tends to drag in the second half, but the performances (especially SRK and Anushka) more than make up for it. Also, don’t be in a hurry to leave the cinema hall. The clippings of Yashji during the closing credits, will make you cry.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  • Hmmm…. Well, okay. So for indicine it doesn’t seem to be upto the expectations. Lot of people are saying that music is a drawback of the movie. For the 1st time I heard a negative remark of A.R. Rahman’s music. Surprising!! Indicine, what about Katrina? Please do tell us something about her as well. & the few kisses? Were they natural? ;-)

  • hahaha srk depends on heriones skin show and lip kissing scences to remain a superstar???..once upon time there was a king called srk, who romanced in a dignified way.. now to save his stardom he is doing all this? such pathetic script and poor story line for a Yash chopra film… indicine 3 and half stars??? seriously man cocktail is much better than this..

  • its a one time watch movie…bit too long… srk n anuska was gud,,,, ktrina jus ok… it has no chance in single screes.. it will do great business in high end multiplex…

  • my feeling after watching the movie it is doing excellent business in single screen,probably better than multiplex.

  • what??? Indicine every one is praising the movie except you?? I think south remakes affected your teste for good films.

  • So that’s the only negative thing about the movie??
    Hmm so it looks its a good movie after all even other critics are giving 3-4 stars to this movie.
    So it looks like JTHJ is a clear winner.
    Well I an gonna wach this movie this weekend :)

  • Most of the people said movie is ok not up-to the hype created, music is drawback for sure, length is bit long 3-hrs and last kissing scene looks without passion.

  • Obviously after so many articles, I guess you have a lot of expectations with the movie. So I have just one question here with Indicine.

    DOES THE MOVIE DESERVE THE SAME RATING AS 3 IDIOTS since I guess you gave it a bad rating asyou had a lot of expectations from 3 idiots. Please dont be partial here. Give the movie the rating it deserved not more because its director died.

    3 idiots was obviously a better movie with a better recall value and better peformances hence going by the Indicine’s parameter for judging movies, this movie definitely doesn’t deserve 3.5 rating same as 3 idiots.

  • After all the reviews reading, The movie will hardly touch to 100-Crores apposite SOS is doing good as well although it’s a fun film only.

  • I saw it this morning, it was ok but the plot is a drawback, it doesn’t have shade of yashji’s previous classic lamhe, darr, chandni, deewar, and even veer zara. to me it was an extention of DTPH which i thought was yashji’s weakest of films apart from music.

  • Its an amazing movie, loved it . . ‘The man who cannot die’ avatar was a smart one . . True love reigns
    JTHJ is my fav for the year …

  • SO what do you say indicine team? What’s the word of mouth? Avg, good or negative?

    Whats do you think will be the final collections?

  • Very fine review by Indicine. JTHJ will not survive at the box-office after first extended weekend…bcoz it’s very slow-paced and boring. Nothing new in the film. Old wine in new bottle.

  • wow beautiful location, lovely costumes had 2 eat 2 popcorn hungry paisa vassool………going 2 watch 1 more time…….book ur tickets right now n enjoy good romance heart touching……….happy diwali jab tak hai jahaan……..

  • wow i watched ths movie today evening,wat a grt luv story yaar i cnt explain that nd at the railway station scene i just say wow………srk rockzz again…..my rating is 4.5/5

  • deep boring shit..weakest story..waiter turns bomb disposal squad member how?…zero coherence in the story…climax is draged lik anythin and testin my patience. chracters in the film r not gud lik veer-zaara..its shame if this kind of movie becomes hit…epic letdown…epic diaster…music expect heer is poor for yash chopra film…hope indicine publish

  • what the hell indicine??? it’s not even a one time watch. It was headache, even Ra.one was better than this. And, i am being completely unbiased here.

  • JTHJ is AMAZING, FABULOUS, MINDBLOWING, EPIC!!!!! SRK is soooooo INTENSE that u fall for him not once, twice, thrice but more than 10 times.. that is why he is the GREATEST ACTOR EVER… each frame is flawlesss!!! At a time when film-makers are making stupid masala movies catering to low class audience for money, here we have SRK-Yashji making movies from heart.. these masala stuff stay for a weekedn and perish… JAB TAK HAI JAAN is already a part of history and will be remembered for years to come!!! The greatest love story of all time.. You can also call it modern day DDLJ.. SRK- Anushka and Katrina weave a magic that will remain forever!! Needs multiple viewing to completely absorb the intensity of the movie!!! TOOO GOOODD!! Much above my grand expectations!!!

    @indicine please be honest in writing your review .this movie will change everyone feelings . S RK God of acting very original n natural top notch performance ever seen. HATTS OFF YASHJI . UNBELIEVABLE DIRECTION IN 80 AGE

  • Jthj is getting good reviews frm everyone nd reports r also good. I havn’t watched it yet bt very excited to watch it.

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