‘Son Of Sardar 2’ to release during Diwali 2017

There are reports that Ajay Devgn has planned the sequel of his 2012 hit, Son Of Sardar, during the festive weekend of Diwali in 2017.

Released in November 2012, Son Of Sardaar clashed with Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan during Diwali. The film went on to do business in excess of Rs 100 crore and held its own against the might of Yash Raj Films, Shahrukh, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

Salman Khan Son of Sardar

Ajay, Sonakshi, Salman, Sanjay Dutt in Son of Sardar

With the Khans dominating the festive weekends of Eid, Diwali and Christmas, it will be interesting to see if Ajay’s Son Of Sardar 2 gets a solo release this time around.

Also, back in 2012, Devgn had accused Yash Raj Films for pre-booking single-screen theatres for ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, when they released Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger. Will Ajay be more careful this time around?

Note: The official announcement is expected to be made soon.



  • No chance of solo release on such a big fest……@ultron ajay’s next three movies combined collection will be less then 200cr…..

  • SRK’s ‘FAN’ has been completed.. and will release soon but they have yet to announce release date, music composer and other things but insecure people like Ajay, Aamir, Salman who books release date 2,3 years before..

  • Ajay devgn once used to do good movies like Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam, Zakhm, Company, Legend of Bhagat Singh.
    But then money lured him to do stupid movies like Son of Sardaar, Action Jackson, Himmatwala.
    Hope he comes back to doing good movies instead of these craps masala movie

  • SOS defeated JTHJ in clash and showed Srk what a weak star he is. If OUTIMD had not been postponed, CE lifetime would be less than Ready.
    But Srk begged Akki and Jeetendraji to postpone the film, which they did out of sympathy

  • The movie will mint money in the initial days of release but if the content is crap like aj and sr then it will crash

  • Son of sardar is one of crappiest movie
    I have ever seen ….without any joke…!!!
    Now they r ready for the second crap…
    Ajay sir u are drunk ….

  • JS : Tumse na ho paayega beta.. How it defeated? in Domestic JTHJ did more business than SOS, in World-wide JTHJ did more.. in Overseas JTHJ did more.. how? Mullu Bhai samjha hai kya SRK ko?

    JTHJ 3 hours long movie, non masala movie did way more business than Blockbuster remake & masala movie SOS… even Bhai after doing song in SOS couldn’t help it..

    By the way Don vs Janeman. CDI vs Marigold.. BAH (young Ranbir’s ) vs GTGH (Salman’s) clashes yaad hai?

  • Diwali belongs to SRK Salman Aamir or HRO, Akki will also do… but no BIG NO to this sequel… 1st part was a torture.. 2nd will be even worse..

  • he is a damn good actor no doubt abt it… also a crowd puller… after bhaijann he has more 100 cr movies. & 2 national awrd winner also thats a rare combination..mass + class…..

  • first part was awesome. Although i like SRK but i must admit son of sardaar was better than jab tak hai jaan

  • @iamAKN,
    JTHJ= Katrina Anushka SRK A R Rehman Yash Chopra last film HUGE buzz

    SOS=Ajay Sonakshi Salman song

    And JTHJ had more screens than SOS, and still SOS lifetime was almost equal to JTHJ lifetime.
    In otherwords, Ajay won the clash.

    And about Salman’s clashes, that time has long gone. Now is the time of 5 back to back Blockbusters of Salman.
    While your Srk is still struggling to give a superhit forget blockbuster, like his whole career.

  • SOS got highest TRP in 2012. A family watch and deserve a sequel and ajay know that he will not get the solo release.

  • Why are stars booking dates in advance.In the coming days we would hear news about films set to release in 2020.
    All those claiming Sos had defeated JTHJ should check the collections of the movie once again.It did around 20 crores more than Sos in Indian and thrice more in overseas.Even you guys expect Srk to destroy his competitors.

  • Son of Sardar was an ultimate crap film!!

    Come on man,this is too much..pre booking slots for diwali 2017!!

  • Ajay Devgan is an actor Who only Works in films !
    he hasn’t host any show .
    less brand endorsement .
    haven’t perform in any award Show cos he can’t .
    Don’t goes to events !!
    His fan following is very less nd I don’t understand y Ppl Compare him with other A lister Top Actors .
    he iz a big star no doubt bt still Way behind then his other contemporaries .

    BTW I liked SOS nd His comic timing ! jų v es film k Sath clash krega , would Face Loss Like JTHJ .

  • SOS is a crap film, people won’t watch the film whenever it comes, we might see another clash between srk v/s ajay in diwali 2017.

  • JS : btw Akshay Kumar’s movie ( Blue ) Fardeen Khan’s movie ( All The Best ) & Salman Khan’s movie ( Main aur mrs khanna ) released together and Salman’s Main Aur Mrs Khanna took the lowest opening among all & also grossed lesser than Fardeen Khan’s film… Mullu Bhai has always lost in clashes against SRK even against an actor like Fardeen as well….

  • JTHJ was a strictly average movie, if SOS clashed with a film like CE it wouldn’t have collected even as much as Himatwala and AJ.

  • @ JS :
    Whatever you want to say , you may say . No one will tell you anything . But the FACT remains unchaged , as always .
    JTHJ Domestic : 122 crore
    SOS Domestic : 102 crore
    JTHJ Overseas : 89 crore
    SOS Overseas : 48 crore
    JTHJ Worldwide : 211 crore
    SOS Worldwide : 150 crore
    Now tell me where and how SOS defeated JTHJ .
    Even your Bhai’s ‘Po Po’ torture did not help !!!

  • sos was bad and sos2 will be even worse, without rohit shetty ajay devgan is nothing. he will disappoint in holiday releases so is better off releasing his movies on non holidays.

  • JTHJ runtime : 2 h 58 min
    SOS runtime : 2 h 18 min
    Which means JTHJ got lesser no. of shows at multiplexes .
    If both movies runtime would have been same , JTHJ would have got 20% more shows , leading to 20% more collection , i.e, 144 cr !

  • JS : Don’t be dumb and don’t give lame and fake excuse otherwise if i talk in your way then SOS sardar was a Remake of huge blockbuster.. huge commercial movie. Multistarrer.. Ajay. Sunakshi, Sanjay dutt..( while SRK was alone in JTHJ) & Salman’s item song in it.. Less Run time.. while JTHJ long run movie, with out cheap item song, non commerical. original movie still had more gross, still did way more in Domestic, World-wide and overseas..

    that time has Long gone? lol 2010 born star’s fans.. What about Jai ho which came in 2014.. being a multistarrer.. Remake of huge blockbuster still didn’t even get hit tag it ..FLOP ( had less gross than SRK’s 2008’s released RNBDJ)

    SRK is struggling? LOL that’s why he has broken record of biggest single day 8 times in last 7 years. & broke lifetime record 3 times in 8 years , salman khan failed to break lifetime record even once in last 20 years So who is struggling? Salman right? and if SRK is struggling then Mullu salman khan is not even in the race…

    SRK is struggling ? Hny – Blockbuster. SRK’s CE – ATBB… had more gross than any Mullu salman’s movie till now.. SRK got one EID and broke every record. and gave ATBB ( with an original movie unlike your Mullu Copy King….) while Bhojpuri salman comes on every Eid and failed all the times.. since 1995 he is struggling to give one Industry Hit.. since 1995 he is struggling to give one ATBB… coming on EID from last so many years but failed to give one ATBB even after doing cheap, crap south BBs remakes… if anyone is struggling that is your, cheap and South Copy King Salman Khan..

  • This news is some what interesting to me . I am a huge fan of Ajay Devgn and SOS was a Average movie but still it was entertaining . I still feel booking slot for Diwali 2017 is way too early but i don’t think Ajay is doing anything wrong . Khans have a tendency to book festival dates all the time and also in advance . The last festival date of Ajay was SOS that too with a clash and all movies have been clashes .
    2008 Diwali – Golmaal Returns with Fashion . (Not a genuine clash but still ) .
    2009 Diwali – All The Best with MAMK and Blue . Both MAMK and Blue were flops .
    2010 Diwali – Golmaal 3 with Action Replayy . Action Replayy was a flop .

    I just hope if he wants a sequel he should try to make a better movie . First of all he should change the Director . If possible he should bring in Rohit Shetty to direct the movie . Let us see there is a lot of time left . I am waiting for Drishyam, Baadshaho and Shivaay . I hope Drishyam is a good movie and Ajay delivers a knockout performance . People have been disappointed with his movie choices . I just want him to do what he is Best at – Intense Acting with his Eyes .
    All The Best Ajay and i am damn sure you will make a huge impact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SRK faNs Crying buahahaha
    I will tell u how SOS defeated JTHJ
    SOS released in 2000 screens..collection = 104 .
    JTHJ released in 2500 screens ..collection = 121 .
    simple !!

    even our indicine believes in this screen Difference logic .
    So The Verdict Iz Out ->> Ajay defeated SRK .

  • @ iamakn, my bro plz do not talk with this stupid sallu fan ” js ” he is as stupid as hrithik and navin …..!!!”
    They give fake allegations, says crap!
    But again they think they are right lol…!!”

  • @ Saksham u right ajay sir eyes says lot of , his acting in Zakham , Bhagat Singh , Gangajal nobody can do it .

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