Priyanka Chopra won’t perform her stunts in Gangaajal 2!

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who until†now has done a lot of action in films like ‘Don 2’ and ‘Mary Kom’, has decided†not to perform her action stunts†when she plays a cop in ‘Gangaajal 2’.

A source close to the film says “Priyanka wonít perform any of the action sequences in the film. There are important stunts that cannot be done away with either. Jha and action director Sham Kaushal have decided to rope in a body double instead.Ē

When asked about the reason, the source said that the actress wanted to avoid injuries.

“No, she loves action, but Prakash does not want to take a risk. The action scenes in the film arenít as heavy-duty as other action films. The makers donít want her to go through the trouble. Instead, the director has already asked the actress to maintain a particular body type for the film. Priyanka is training hard and is working out to be in perfect shape for the film. As a tough cop, she has to be a little muscular and athletic.”



  • Priyanka is a brilliant actress . There are 2 Actresses whom i like very much Vidya and Priyanka . Gangaajal was a brilliant movie and has gained cult status over the years . Prakash Jha is a gem of a Director but his recent movies have not been upto the mark . Chakravyuh was the last movie of PJ which i liked very much but it did not work . His last successful movie was Raajneeti which was a Blockbuster . I hope Priyanka can take the Gangaajal Franchise forward . We don’t see Actresses playing the role of Cops . The Best portrayal of a Female Cop was done by Rani in Mardaani . She was Brutal and absolutely spectacular in the movie . Expecting the same level of performance from Priyanka . I just hope the movie is made in a proper manner and the most important thing is that Priyanka should not look glamorous in the movie just like Rani carried herself in Mardaani . Expecting a gem of a movie from Prakash Sir and Priyanka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shes going the Queen way as he too has a body double not just performing in all of his action scenes but also some of his most intense overacting scenes…!

  • @navin,body double had done by your bhau in ett and Photoshop 6 pack showed by your bhau in jai ho,so don’t crack such jokes,otherwise people will laugh at you.

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