PK Worldwide Box Office Collections

PK has grossed Rs 676 crore worldwide and should eventually become the first Indian film to gross Rs 700 crore worldwide. The film has collected more than $7 million (record) in China in just 5 days since its release.

The Rajkumar Hirani blockbuster also collected a record-breaking Rs 340.9 crore in the domestic market and went on to do business in excess of Rs 200 crore overseas.


Check out the breakdown of PK Box office collections in India, Overseas and Worldwide!

PK India Collections

  • First Week – 182.89 crore
  • Second Week - 95.78 crore
  • Third Week – 41.61 crore
  • Remaining Weeks – 20.62 crore
  • Total Net Collections in India – 340.9 crore (after entertainment tax deduction)
  • Total Gross Collections in India – 463 crore (including entertainment tax)

PK Overseas Collections

  • USA / Canada – 67 crore
  • China – 45 crore
  • United Arab Emirates – 31 crore
  • United Kingdom – 22 crore
  • Pakistan – 15 crore
  • Australia and New Zealand - 14 crore
  • Others – 19 crore
  • Total – 213 crore

PK Worldwide Collections

  • India Gross – 463 crore
  • Overseas Gross – 213 crore
  • Worldwide Collections - 676 crore

Worldwide Verdict – All Time Blockbuster



  • while every sites saying pk has crossed 700cr ww n indicine is giving 676 cr difference is too much..any explanation indicine????

    • @True actor, If those so-called other sites do not know to calculate gross collections, it’s not our problem. Same was the case with Happy New Year too. You don’t deduct a percentage of tax from the gross figure to get net. Rather, entertainment tax is charged on the actual ticket price. Also, entertainment tax varies from state to state. In Maharashtra the tax is on the higher side, some states it’s lower.

      Our figures are very very close to the actual gross. Can never be 100% accurate. But PK certainly hasn’t crossed 700 crore worldwide.

  • Aamir-Raju combo rocks at both domestic and overseas…Humongous collections…300 cr domestic and 700 cr worldwide is like impossible…But the combo do the impossible…Almost 2 times worldwide collection of HNY…Congratulations to the team..

  • To this is good but didn’t deserve these, there were much better films in the last few years.but the Trust this guy has with the audiences is unbelievable when his film releases sallu, , srk, hro and akki fans flock to theatres add that to his fans and other movie goers records are meant to broken. One thing I noticed is aamir has the best and most intelligent fans you will never hear them picking fights on Twitters some time you wonder weather he has die hard fans.

  • 1st and last film of amir did film onwards amir only will chase talash,lol.

    and yeah no chance to cross 700cr worldwide,bachchon ka khel nahi,lol.

  • PK has taken Box Office Business to another level . @ Oscar I completely agree with you that PK was not that great but Aamir gets support from all fan bases . I think the way PK is doing business i think it will collect 700 CR . 3 Idiots was the first movie to do 200 and 300 CR Worldwide and now PK will become the first movie to do 600 and 700 CR Worldwide . Raju and Aamir is a deadly Box Office Combo because it destroys all Box Office records . With PK Aamir emerges as the Top Bollywood Star in China which is a great achievement . Because Chinese Audiences do not watch Hindi movies as much as American and British Audiences . @ Indicine I agree with you i checked on Wikipedia it has still not crossed 700 CR .

  • Idiot Bhai-fans should understand that Aamir-fans never watch Bhai-films .
    But these moronic Sallu fans always come out to watch Aamir’s films , and hence Aamir is always benefitted .
    It’s high time for Sallu-fans to boycott Aamir !!!

  • @indicine don’t try to bash @true actor. I know your site is very biased towards the so called consistent superstar who still holds the record of industry’s biggest disaster yeh lumhe judaai ke. Your site is a big devotee to that actor. So better accept the truth that aamir’s ATBB has crossed 700 Cr worldwide.

  • I guess the reason why his movies do well is fans of all stars try to catch his movies in theatres because of the trust they have on him

  • I think 700cr WW figure achievable as per BOI figure, though some sites claiming that pk crossed 700cr ww but they are wrong, as per them hny also collected 383cr ww and bang bang 340cr. Even Indicine 676 figure not accurate, pk will open the 700cr club when it release in Japan (if failed to collect 13-14 million $ in China).

    Feeling too sad for srk fans who are finding excuses and excuses for pk success.they were facing heat since dhoom 3 release and it stops for while when pk finished it run in first phase, but again after 4 month, unke jakhm hare ho gaye hai.
    @the phenom you are talking about Talaash figure.just read below link.

    Compare the srk-kat-yashji combo with Aamir-kareena Talaash.You guys are talking about Aamir least performer Talaash in last 10 years but you guys forget your king failure after failure.
    Ra 1- 115 cr.
    Don – 106 cr.
    Hny – 180cr
    Mnik – 72 cr.
    All were underperformer more than Talaash which zoner was less appealing than above film, except mnik all were holiday release.
    Srk in last 5 holiday release – 3hit,1 super hit,1 blockbuster.
    Overseas – 2 atbb,2 bb,1 super hit
    Aamir in last 5 release – 4 atbb, 1
    semi hit.
    Overseas – 3 atbb, 2 super hit.

    You are talking Talaash 9 million $, srk failed to cross 20 million $ since mnik, Aamir has crossed 30 million $.
    Regarding MNIK it was totally shoot in foreign location, reunion of kjo-srk-karan after kkhh and k3g became all time grosser overseas, even Karan-Srk combo kank was all time grosser but since mnik srk is behind Aamir because just like India in overseas Aamir beat srk by long margin.There was time that srk was way ahead than others but now Aamir is beaten him in his strongest part that with huge margin.
    First pray that srk cross mnik rather than look on Talaash figure.

  • The top stars should be decided on highest grossing non holiday release. Only then stardom can be proved. Based on it, biggest superstar ranking:
    1.Akshay kumar (135 cr)
    2.Salman khan (115 cr)
    3.Aamir khan (92 cr)
    4.Srk (72 cr)

    I havent considered newcomers like Ranbir, varun, sid as they are too new to compete.

  • 45cr in China in 5 days…


    9cr average per day…

    Mindblowing… Im speechless at this performance or should I call it the Juggernaut of Excellence by the Perfectionist… My word Aamir is leaving behind records that may never EVER get beaten unless ofcourse he himself does another full on commercial film like a D3…

  • @indicine

    Ok its time to place our cards on the table n show our hand… We both know I was hypercritical of your entire ‘strategy’ when it came to the pre PK release week in December where I perceived you were only publishing ‘negative’ articles about PK n then last week again you ignored the PK release in China but all said n done Im glad that the last few days you have published real news about boxoffice records n not craps like Ranveer Singh spotted at an amusement park picking his nose or Arjuna Kapor attents auditions for Planet of the Apes next movie or Greedy Gobar taking perverse selfie pics of himself infront of the mirror playing with his nipples or Emraan Hashmi seen in public ‘not kissing’ anyonefor once etc etc

    Great job

  • Lol

    Indicine say other sites cant calculate nett collections properly but in that grouping one must also include FilmKraft Cartoon Studios as they too cant work out how much entertainment tax / tax in general is needed to be paid which was blatantly evident during the fiasco of Jadoo 3…!

  • Could Bollywood’s Aamir Khan Be China’s Next Big Movie Star? Forbes

    The record-setting PRC release of his Bollywood satirical comedy PK has now cemented Aamir Khan’s standing as the highest grossing foreign star of non-English language films in China. As of this past weekend his current release there, PK, owns the record for the most successful Indian film in Chinese history, and if it can continue to perform well for another week or so it could even become the mainland’s highest grossing non-English language foreign film ever.

  • Congratulations to Team PK n happy for the Chinese people who finally got a chance to experience great hindi cinema this year after that halloween freak show by Queen Charlie that ruined the Chinese New Year celebrations…!


    Aamir is the first true global megastar…look at those overseas collections…totally insane!

    It may release in other countries soon

  • Aamir has not just broken but thrashed Sarook in overseas….
    srk fans crying.. m lovin it!

  • its clear that srk has no big fan following in overseas.its his movie that appeal to overseas people otherwise ranbir also beat srk their.

  • Could Bollywood’s Aamir Khan Be China’s Next Big Movie Star?

    He may not be up there yet with Hollywood actors Tom Cruise or Vin Diesel, and he’s no threat at the moment to the status of China’s Huang Bo or Fan Bingbing. But as far as non-Hollywood foreign stars in China go, he’s right at the top of the heap

    The record-setting PRC release of his Bollywood satirical comedy PK has now cemented Aamir Khan’s standing as the highest grossing foreign star of non-English language films in China. As of this past weekend his current release there, PK, owns the record for the most successful Indian film in Chinese history, and if it can continue to perform well for another week or so it could even become the mainland’s highest grossing non-English language foreign film ever.

    Lest that seem like only a modest achievement, consider this: for his next film Khan is paired with no less a Chinese luminary than mega-star Jackie Chan in a China-India co-production film that’s scheduled to release in 2016.

    With their action-comedy vehicle Kung Fu Yoga, Khan and Chan aim to set a high bar for movies being made under the India-China film treaty. Each country stands to benefit by opening up more revenue opportunities in the other’s territory, and there’s no better way for them to do that than by putting their top film emissaries up to the task.

    Khan’s trajectory as a box office magnet in China began in 2011 with the release of his hugely successful buddy comedy 3 Idiots. While it grossed only a modest $2 million in theaters, the film found great popularity on TV and online and made Khan a household name. His next film to be released there, Dhoom 3, earned 56 percent more than 3 Idiots, and now PK looks set to more than triple the revenue that Dhoom 3 took in.

    With its strong story-telling tradition and its extensive filmmaking talent pool and infrastructure, India could be the foreign partner that China has been seeking to create films for the global marketplace. And with his growing status as a star in China, Aamir Khan is well positioned to lead the charge.

  • So called Global King (SRK) completely dethrone. SRK fans are flocking on Salman n Ajay devgan articles more to take out their frustration they knew they have nothing left to abuse about Aamir. He has left both Srk n his fans speechless !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @challa first of all you cant judge who watches aamir’s films. Aamir has his own huge massive fan following so no need to defend srk like that. I know you are srk’s fan but that doesn’t mean you ignore aamir’s popularity and fan base. Why cant you accept that aamir has more fan following than srk?????? It’s truth and proved again and again bunch of times. Even aamir’s worst in recent times dhoom 3 still remains 2nd highest grosser in both India and overseas. That’s only because of his global fan following. So better race care of your statement.

  • No one can imagine to make a record in china except Aamir, infact others movies do not release there so record to bahot dur ki baat hai

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