Some important developments in Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case

The Bombay High Court has suspended Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s sentence, which also means that he will not have to go to jail. The appeal will continue and Salman will now have to apply for fresh bail, after which he is a free man – for the time being atleast.

However, the Bombay High Court judge made a couple of important points, which could result in revoking the serious ‘culpable homicide’ charge.

High Court judge Abhay Thipsay, while handing out a suspended sentence for Salman Khan said

1. There is no likelihood of Salman Khan absconding, therefore it was proper to suspend his sentence pending appeal.

2. This was the first case where culpable homicide or section 304 (2) was invoked in an accident case

The second point is important, because if the charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder or section 304 (2) is revoked, he could then be tried under Section 304 A, which is ‘causing death by negligence’, that carries a maximum punishment of two years.

The other point to be noted is, Salman’s conviction has not been overturned. The case will be heard again when a fresh appeal is filed after the court resumes on June 15. The court will then allow Salman to file a fresh appeal in the case which may be heard by July. The case might then take a few months or maybe even years.

For now, it can be safely said that Salman is free till June 15 and he can resume the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.



  • So finally Salman verdict suspended and he got bail indefinitely…
    Yesterday what I said guys today Salman Will get bail n he will leave for bb shooting same thing happen here…

  • So All the Drama in last 2-3 days was the only Salman-related Thing which had a script. LoL. #MoneyTalks

  • one thing very bad about Salman diehard fan following too…bcoz 1 of sallu fan suicided him self outside court…n now his condition is very critical…

  • Money speaks.


  • I heard on news channel that now this case will take another min 2 to 3 year for Verdict…then again case will goes to supreme court then another 2-3 year….
    so no jail for Salman next 5 year…

  • listn guys…
    1- victims dnt wnt salman to go to jail…. cause they know it was jst accidnt.. he will nevr kill any 1…its nt like he kill sm 1 with knife so dnt call him killer or smthing
    2- he earned money paid tax.. so he can have any lawyer… thats his hard earned money.. why othrs hav problm
    3- he dnt ran away abroad he belives in judiciary he stay here fight in coart nw he is aplying for bail… ITS HIS ownRIGHT …
    4- why sm morons wnt strict punishmnt to jst let othts belive in judiciary.. i think image of judiciary shld nt depend on salman..khud ki jimmedari khud lo..salman se mat chamkao…
    bt it was mistake he shld get punishmnt fr 1-5 to 2 yrs only…
    love u salmans …..HAPPY TO SEE SRK N AAMIR THERE…

  • @ im groot -dnt cry baby… salman is unstoppable…
    n he is doing humanitarian work way before this i have salman interview to zee tv in 2000 after biwi no 1 …at his home n tthey said why u keep ur huge charity private? he said he dnt lk it.. cm…on forget that accident … let gud peoples live peaceful lf in india

  • May be we have been taught a lie all along. May be honesty is not the best policy after all.
    Look at what happened to constable Ravinder Patil just because he was honest. The night Salman Khan ran over the people on that pavement, it was Patil who filed the initial complaint. While every other witness turned hostile under pressure or threats, it was Patil who continued to hold his ground, just because truth was on his side.
    But what did Patil gain out of it except more pressure from Salman Khan’s lawyers and even alleged harassment from within the police force.
    During the course of the trial, Patil had to go into hiding as he feared for his own safety. In 2006 he was arrested for failing to appear as a witness and in the same year he was sacked from the police force – all because he was an honest man who stood for the truth.
    He was found on the streets of Mumbai in 2007 with advanced TB because his family had deserted him, who knows why?
    When he died later that year, nobody from his family even came to claim his body. Till his last breath Patil kept repeating the same thing – that Salman Khan was drunk that night and that it was indeed him who ran his car over the men on that pavement.
    We wonder why even ‘Being Human’ did not help Patil out? Was he not a ‘Human Being’?

  • @nipun what r saying it’s not about money…there is law u can appeal against verdict….
    supreme court will definitely give justice but it takes time…
    I accept Salman has money power that’s why he get bail…
    I mean his bail paper is rs of 30000 common people can’t afford that…

  • Haters thought that its the end of salman lol ITS JUST A BEGINNING what goes around,comes around take it!

  • Salman fans like @BAJRANGI BHUSHAN,@shaggy are not looking the wrong example this hit and run case is setting against indian judiciary system…if you have loads of money and u r celebrity then u hav the licence to kill anyone….where in the law book it written that if the victimized family wants money then killer should b freed…is this joke…are rich people above laws????? RIP Indian judiciary system…

  • Being Human is not a charitable trust… would have been if they wud b providing cloths free of cost….

  • Lower court amatuers make mistakes its a usual thing.. That’s the reason we have high court and supreme court were there are veterans

  • @nipun The difference is you really want to intentionally kill a celebrity. That will be Murder. Salman didnt kill anyone intentionally, it was an Accident. Understand the difference you fool.

  • I knew something like this was going to happen. He’s bailed out until June 15th at least just because of absence of electricity during a very important case in a big court. Sounds fishy? Even, if electricity was legitimately absent, there must have been a generator to supply electricity. Everything seems to be pre-planned to me. There’s no way a celebrity like him can be punished in India by their void law. It’s sad that Indian law is not equal to every citizen in the country.

    For those who are saying victims want financial help rather than punishment, you have to be delusional if you think Salman has donated Crores of rupee to those in need, but hasn’t helped the family of the victims yet. Nobody has the guts to ask for punishment to him in the medium of media. They must have been told to what to say in the media, Salman has enough money to make them say that. Either way, I don’t buy this nonsense that he hasn’t financially helped those victims in last 13 years.

    Salman has done a lot of charitable work, but law should be equal to everyone, from a common man to a celebrity. And, this is clearly a mockery of Indian law.

  • I don’t understnd what’s the problem with some dickheads even the victims want financial support and salmn to be freed

  • Faith in humanity lost! :( Well played Bollywood!

    A young boy from Satara, Patil joined the Mumbai Police as a constable and was trained as a commando to join the Special Operations Squad (SOS) which has a primary duty of guarding VIPs. In, 2002, Patil was assigned duty as Salman’s bodyguard.

    In the wee hours of September 28, 2002, a drunk Salman Khan rammed his speeding special utility vehicle (SUV) on a pavement, mowing down one person and severely injuring six others. However, the incident also triggered loss of another life — five years later. It was that of Salman’s bodyguard, constable Ravindra Patil, who was an eye-witness to the accident. Little must have the then 25-year-old Patil realised that the incident will reduce a well-built and handsome commando to a pile of bones weighing a mere 30kg in five years. Patil finally succumbed to tuberculosis on October 4, 2007 at a young age of 30.

    A young boy from Satara, Patil joined the Mumbai Police as a constable and was trained as a commando to join the Special Operations Squad (SOS) which has a primary duty of guarding VIPs. In, 2002, Patil was assigned duty as Salman’s bodyguard.

    On the fateful night, Patil was travelling in the SUV with Salman behind wheels. Immediately after the accident, Salman vanished from the spot, while Patil rushed to the Bandra police station – to fulfill his duties as a citizen as well as a policeman – for the first information report (FIR).

    Patil gave his statement to the police based on which the FIR was registered. He later stood by his statement in the court at the time of trial. The prosecution on Wednesday claimed that Patil’s statement has been the single-most important piece of evidence based on which the court finally convicted Salman after 13 long years.

    On the night of the incident, Patil probably would not have realised what was in store for him. He could not have imagined that just by being in the car at the time of the accident and performing his duties would cost him so dearly – eventually his life.

    The Bandra police finally managed to arrest Salman based on the statement given by Patil that the actor was driving the SUV at the time of the accident. Patil’s woes had just begun.

    Being a ‘prime witness’ in a high-profile case, Patil was removed from his duties as an SOS commando. People close to him maintained that Patil was under increasing pressure to retract his statement given to the police. Even though it was never revealed who was pressurising him, it was clear that tremendous pressure was being put on Patil – he was physically and mentally crumbling.

    Being a low-rung constable in the mighty Mumbai Police did not help Patil, because he was also tactfully isolated by his own department. He started abstaining from duty and would spend time away from Mumbai.

    During the trial, it was clear to everyone, the only solid evidence that the police had, was Patil’s eye-witness account. There were a total of 27 witnesses in the case, but Patil was the prime witness who could turn the case around. However, when it was Patil’s turn to give his testimony in the court, he disappeared. Those close to him said that since he was isolated he did not have the courage to stand in the court. Many felt, that, it was the Mumbai Police which should have stood by him, ensured that being a prime witness and a policeman he should be protected. But, none of that happened and Patil continued to stay away from court.

    In fact, when he disappeared, a missing complaint was also filed by his brother. Rumours started doing rounds that Patil was being pressurised to stay away from the trial.

    Things took an ugly turn for Patil when the court did not appreciate the fact that he was staying away from the trial. His absence was delaying the already delayed trial. When the police were asked about Patil’s whereabouts, the court was told that he had gone on leave without informing the department.

    Based on this information, the court issued a warrant against Patil and ordered the police to arrest him. Mumbai Police dealt a double whammy to Patil by dismissing him from service on the charges of going on leave without permission.

    When Patil was finally found in a hotel in Mahabaleshwar, his very own department promptly arrested him and he was sent to jail. Here again, Patil may have never imagined that he would be arrested in the very case in which he was a complainant and had himself registered an FIR.

    Ironically, when Patil finally deposed in the case in March 2006, he was still in jail. One can only imagine what must have gone through a policeman who is a trained commando but ended up in a dingy cell of Arthur Road jail in a case in which he is a prime witness. “It was Patil’s testimony which helped in convicting Salman Khan on all charges and sentencing him to undergo five years imprisonment,” said public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat.

    After being released from jail, Patil again went missing. No one, including his family, knew where he was. There are reports that he had gone to his mother’s place in Dhule district. In the interim period, he was dismissed from the police department. This meant that his salary was stopped and he was left without any job. He even reportedly got divorced from his wife after being released from jail. Patil later even claimed that his family had abandoned him.

    In September 2007, months after he had gone missing, Patil was found in the Sewri TB hospital. Such was his physical condition that at first no one recognised him nor did anyone know that he was the main witness in the Salman Khan hit-and-run case. He was reduced to a pile of bones and weighed a mere 30 kg. He was diagonised with a deadly type of TB with little hope of survival.

    According to the hospital staff, Patil had reached the hospital in a pitiable condition and was unable to move or even speak. Patil had reportedly told the doctors that he was begging on the streets of Mumbai and had managed to collect Rs 50 to hire a cab to come to the hospital.

    Doctors said that due to the enormous stress that Patil had undergone in five years, his body was unable to take pressure any further and he had developed a strain of TB which had turned fatal. He lost the battle for his life on October 4, 2007.

    Barely a few days before his death, Patil reportedly told a section of the media that the accident had destroyed his life.

    On Wednesday, the Sessions Court delivered justice to the victims of the accident, but, the deceased Patil still awaits justice.

  • Bash me salman fans but you cant alter the truth! This DNA article is making rounds on quora.

  • even victims does not want to send salman jail so its complete justice God is always help deserved person.Welcome Bhaijaan

  • @i am groot
    victims wants salman to be freed and finanicial help..then what ur problem.. Hmm understood

  • just look at this script …
    We bhai-fans wish , bhai-films also had such good scripts !

  • Shame on the judiciary system..the case is moving faster than the speed of light it seems!! #RIPIndianJudiciary
    They call him being human even though he tried to use his innocent driver in this case,shame on him n his fans.
    And this is not a valid reason that the victims don’t want him to be incarcerated,who knows they might have got huge sum for preaching this statement..

  • Don’t worry guys who believe in justice.. Sab ke karam saamne aaynge,wo kya hai Karma rishwat nahin leta!!

  • Our prayers are being answered…

    This is law. It doesn’t work as u wish. There are defendants and there are prosecutors. So, the fight is between them. The verdict will be decide upon who can provide strong evidences and be smarter.
    There are 1000s of such accidents take place in India. No case has even been highlighted as much as his. They are easily forgotten. But he is paying price of a being celebrity. So, he is in trouble.

    It was an accident. Pavements are not for sleeping. Indian Gov’t shoud have provided homes to the poor people. All should be held guilty if Salman is guilty.

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