Sivaji Ganesan Award for Shahrukh Khan

After winning several awards and accolades the world over, Shahrukh Khan has been honoured with the Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan award for his Excellence in Indian Cinema.

The superstar now joins a elite group of icons like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, K Balachander, Mani Ratnam, SP Balasubramanium and A R Rahman who have also been honoured with the Sivaji Ganesan award.

SRK is the first actor from the Hindi film industry to win the prestigious award from the South Indian film industry.

The 7th Edition of the VijayTV Film Awards is currently being held at the Jawaharlal Stadium in Chennai.

Shahrukh Khan



  • @navin so ur saying kamal hassan ,a.r. rehman and all who received this award paid money to get it?

  • After Amitabh was given the legend NTR award this time SRK has been given Sivaji Ganeshan award.In previous this 2 were this biggest stars.And they been given legends of bollywood.
    SRK ‘s RA.1 had run of 4 weeks irespective of competition in its telugu version in a Vishakapatnam and also his DON 2 had house full collection for it’s opening weekend.Thjis proves his stardom even in south

  • Keep Calm
    #truth speech
    do you know salman buys box office collection
    Ett and Dabangg2 never crossed 130 cr.
    Believe me…

  • BoxOfficeIndia.ComStar Power Rankings INDIA 01/03/12
    Rank Last Week Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
    1 1 Salman Khan 6 739.50 1.30
    2 2 Shahrukh Khan 3 620.80 -5.60
    3 3 Ranbir Kapoor 4 129.10 -8.60
    4 4 Aamir Khan 1 124.30 -10.70
    5 5 Hrithik Roshan 4 85.30 188.00
    6 6 Saif Ali Khan 3 -176.80 -0.40
    5 8 Shahid Kapoor 4 -253.90 14.80
    8 7 Akshay Kumar 10 -258.40 -27.70
    9 10 Emraan Hashmi 5 -478.20 0.80
    10 12 Ajay Devgn 10 -499.50 11.50
    11 11 John Abraham 3 -505.00 1.00
    12 9 Imran Khan 6 -545.00 -134.50

    BoxOfficeIndia.ComStar Power Ranking OVERSEAS 01/03/12
    Rank Last Month Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
    1 1 Shahrukh Khan 6 695.00 -15.00
    2 2 Aamir Khan 1 110.00 -10.00
    3 3 Hrithik Roshan 3 -8.00 57.00
    4 4 Saif Ali Khan 3 -114.00 -1.50
    5 5 Salman Khan 7 -105.00 23.50
    6 6 Ranbir Kapoor 4 -184.50 3.80
    7 7 Shahid Kapoor 3 -229.20 10.40
    9 9 John Abraham 3 -430.00 2.00
    8 8 Imran Khan 6 -437.00 -19.00
    10 10 Akshay Kumar 10 -481.10 7.90

    BoxOfficeIndia.ComStar Power Ranking WORLDWIDE 01/03/12
    Rank Last Month Star Release Count India Points Overseas Points Worldwide Points Weekly Points Change
    1 1 Shahrukh Khan 3 620.80 173.75 794.55 -9.35
    2 2 Salman Khan 6 739.50 -26.25 713.25 7.28
    3 3 Aamir Khan 1 124.30 37.50 161.80 -13.20
    4 5 Hrithik Roshan 3 85.30 -2.00 83.50 202.25
    5 4 Ranbir Kapoor 4 129.10 -46.13 82.97 -7.67
    6 6 Saif Ali Khan 3 -176.80 -28.50 -205.30 -0.78
    7 7 Shahid Kapoor 4 -253.90 -57.20 -311.10 17.50
    8 8 Akshay Kumar 11 -258.40 -120.27 -378.67 -25.37
    10 10 John Abraham 4 -505.00 -107.50 -612.50 1.50
    9 9 Imran Khan 6 -545.00 -109.25 -654.25 -139.25

    From this analysis

    india – 1
    overseas – 5
    world – 2

    India – 2
    overseas – 1
    world – 1

    all the information are taken from
    BOI …..

    That’s prove
    in SRK is number one…..

  • @hritic i am not a hritic hater but some non sense hro fans says hritic rule the boxoffice, khans become old and time is over, hriticmania coming soon etc… It can’t be tolarated by me, i wanted to say that some hro fans make me as a hro hater. But remember noone can beat the khans, khans are only beaten by the khans but some hro fan are now 2000 and dream hritic beat the khans and rule the boxoffice its impossible.

  • I’m happy that he is FIRST hindi actor who have this award ! No one deseved this more than him,he is The Best .others can only dream about his success!

  • @Romance Express : When did I say hrithik will beat Khans? May be not now but in future he has all possibilities do it. I am a Salman n AK fan but like Hrithik too. And it is ‘Hrithik’ not ‘Hritic’ dude.

  • @mohit : That was a biggest crap I heard. So it means it srk bought Box Office n made all his movies? What nonsense !!

  • @pavan : In Bangalore (south India) people come as early as 4 am morning to get tickets for first day morning show (single screen) for Salman movies.

  • Romance Express:idiot ‘
    dont talk always noncense that khans r best ,khans only beaten by khans.
    this is giving relegious colour ,its not good to u and ur khans

  • Honestly, why the hell does srk deserve this award (or many other awards) in the first place? Is it Because he over-acted in the most falthuest, crappiest movie ever made in indian history (RA.1) or is it because he acted badly in a garbage movie like don2 or is it because he exasperated audiences with the most boring & silly romantic movie ever made? Can any srk fan give a logical, honest & real reason?

  • All Sallu Fans, First Tell Salman To Win Atleast 1 Filmfare Best Actor Award…. Even A Kid Like Ranbir Kapoor Beat Your Star…

  • True john cena fan
    now they will bark awards are fake…
    If awards are fake
    box office collection of salman movies are also fake

  • @hritic no one can beat the khans, in future shahid or ranbir reach the stardrom like khans, hritic is old compare to kapoors and less fan following compare to the khans, hritic never reach the stardrom likes khans.

  • @mohit : Despite so many awards why srk movies struggling to reach Hit or Superhit status? I wont count JTHJ
    coz u will say it is due to clash with SOS. What about Don2 & Ra. One? Both were festive solo release? Reply.

  • Another mickey mouse award for Smeagol with no competition from other nominees and it was still a struggle for him to win it…! :-P

    You see Aamir, Salman even Kamal Hassan no longer want or encourage nominations for themselves as its audience love they crave now. However your King Smeagol like the Movie creature wants ‘The Precious’ more than anything else. He craves awards to massage his declining ego due to poor ROI of his crappy films. Ok let buddha Smeagol rejoice once again at winning another award and we bhai fanatics will celebrate the week after Eid when Chennai Depress is completely wrecked to pieces after Audiences evacuate theatres the land all over due to the excessive unexplained regular like clockwork 5 min explosions of perfectly working trains…! :-P

  • @Romance Express : There is no point replying u coz you already have negative perception about Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik is always after Khans but he has made his identity n a Rockstar !!

  • @Romance Express : There is no point replying u coz you already have negative perception about Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik is always after Khans but he has made his own identity n a Rockstar !! No one can doubt his capabilities. You are an idiot to underestimate Hrithik.

    You duffer.HRITHIK ROSHAN has never ever given a ATBB film.So he will be always behind SRK,AAMIR,SALMAN.

  • @Danish : u moron, first read my comments n understand before barking. I said Hrithik is after (behind) Khans but he has build his own identity. There is no doubt about his talent but he may not rule as same as Khans.

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