Subhash Ghai to remake Hero and Khalnayak

Subhash GhaiVeteran director Subhash Ghai has decided to remake some of his old classics like Hero, Khalnayak, Karma and Ram Lakhan.

Talking to the media soon after the Whistling Woods’ Cinema100 event, Ghai said “I have decided to re-visit some of my old films. I will give them a new treatment.”

“It won’t exactly be a remake, but an adaption to suit the audience of today. We are still working on the script. Once we finish scripting, we will think about the starcast. For us, the idea and the concept come first”

While there are reports that John Abraham might play Sanjay Dutt’s character in Khalnayak, Ghai rubbished the rumours saying they haven’t finalised the cast.



  • Undoubtedly Subhash Ghai is one of biggest directors since Dilip Kumar era. However, his recent films have failed both critically and commercially. This remake is a risky business. The magic of original Khalnayak cannot be recreated. Any how if they attempt it’s remake actors who can do justice to Sanjay’s role are John Abraham and Arjun Kapoor in my opinion. Both of them can spot evil looks.

  • Since he has failed in original scripts during the recent past, he must be trying his luck in remakes. But I hope they won’t be like Himmatwala.

    I don’t know how these remakes will fare at box office and how the critical acclaim would be. Other than Agneepath, Devdas and Don, to my memory, there aren’t any successful remakes of old hindi movies in the recent past. Including Sholay remake of RGV and Himmatwala failed miserably not just at box office but in critics too. If there are any, someone, please mention.

  • Khal nayak is my fav film. I think John abrahan is fit for the role physically but acting wise he wont be able to do justice. I really wish SRK comes in to Sanjay dutt shoes to play the part.

  • Dont even touch khalnayak i think this is possibly the stupidest thing iv ever heard why would u wanna make a remake of such a good film ??? Ghai use ur brain no one can do justice to sanjay dutts role but sanjay!

  • But it think its a safe bet, just put hardcore action, sign a big name actor and few scenes like bhojpuri and action like south, movie is BB, single screens will go crazy, this is what you need to make hit/bb films in today`s time!

  • Hero with Hrithik.
    Ram Lakhan with Salman & Arjun Kapur.
    will be great idea but Khalanayak remake will not work because no one match the Sanjay Dutt’s performance.

  • Remakes from regional cinema to your regional taste, linguistic requirements and sensibilities are worthwhile exercises and is a necessity if you cant understand regional dialects IMO. But remaking classics is unnecessary and not needed. Most classics are shown on tele and have dvd prints and if anything they could be re-released where demand permits but they shouldn’t be tampered with and have their reputation tarnished by shoddy workmanship…!
    As someone said both Agneepaths have remained unique and can proudly stand apart from one another as everyone can see that the remake was well made and doesnt diminish the Legend of the first.
    Don and Devdas- I wont say much to offend anyone but there was some real craft to the Devdas remake than the Don remake but the Don remake was fed to me as a child because of the sheer popularity of Amit ji by my parents who watched his films the most. Dilip sahb over Srk anyday of the week but Sanjay did a great job and left no stone unturned in matching upto the essence of the original.
    In conclusion remakes of classic Hindi films should not be taken lightly and it seems Ghai is desperate for a hit so may be cashing in on his past glories which could miraculously backfire on him…! :-)

  • I don’t think anyone onenof these would succeed especially Karma and Khalnayak. Khalnayak was related to the problems Sanjay Dutt was going trough at the time of release and Karma was made at a time hen terrorism had taken root in India and patriotism was needed once more. These films would not work fr the youth of today

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