Sivaji Ganesan Award for Shahrukh Khan

After winning several awards and accolades the world over, Shahrukh Khan has been honoured with the Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan award for his Excellence in Indian Cinema.

The superstar now joins a elite group of icons like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, K Balachander, Mani Ratnam, SP Balasubramanium and A R Rahman who have also been honoured with the Sivaji Ganesan award.

SRK is the first actor from the Hindi film industry to win the prestigious award from the South Indian film industry.

The 7th Edition of the VijayTV Film Awards is currently being held at the Jawaharlal Stadium in Chennai.

Shahrukh Khan



  • Wow what a big achievement. It is the most respected award in south india. A north indian actor getting it… is a big deal Congratulation srk.

  • I am currently at the event.
    They have invited me also.
    But I dont know anyone else here except my dear friend SRK .

  • Wow! Proud to be a srkiaans
    i will pay hrithik will win next time….
    Haterzzzz gonna bark and hate

  • Is this a honour ? lol.It is demotion of Srk bcoz Bollywood is the biggest film industry of India and South film industry comes after that and in terms of awards National awards r the biggest.

  • This is publicity stunt for “Chennai express” bcoz South film industry is different film industry and it has nothing to do with bollywood or the other reason might be that the panel loved Srk wearing lungi in “CE” poster and they must be thinking that Srk will be a good South indian actor in

  • Well u peoples dunno, Sharukh khan is very famous down south india. Ra one which got released in diwali was playing in 3 Theatres where as other 2 huge south indian movies of Vijay’s and surya’s were playing in 1 theatre only on first 2 days,tht’s the power of SRK down south. Even in don 2 time peoples were going crazy. Believe me none of other bollywod actors films get huge opening as Sharukh’s in south India.

  • SRK Won all the hindi awards
    Also a National award 4 VE
    and after his south Sivaji Ganesan award

    Now only the oscar left :D

  • Sachin11@ This Award Was Previously Given To India’s Iconic Cinematic Celebrities Like.
    2006 Kamal Haasan .
    2007 Mani Ratnam .
    2008 A. R. Rahman .
    2009 Rajinikanth .
    2010 K. Balachander .
    2011 S. P. Balasubrahmanya m.
    2012 Chiranjeevi.
    2013 Shah Rukh Khan.

    This Is Not The First Time Shah Rukh Was Honoured. After Amitabh Bachhan Receiving The”MAN OFF THE CENTURY” Honour,,,, Last Year In January 2012 Shah Rukh Was Honoured By MalayalamIndustry(south industry) At Asianet Awards By Naming Him As
    “THE MAN OF THE MILLENIUM” Which Was Given By Legendry Malayalao Superstar ‘Mammoty’ and ‘Mohan Lal’..

    So It Seems Like Shah Rukh Is The Most Honoured and Loved Celebrity In South Industry After Amitabh Bachhan.

    Moronji Its Not The Publicity Stunt For CE. Last Year Also Srk got The Honour From Malayalam Industry At Asianet Film Awards By Naming Him Is “MAN OFF THE MILLENIUM” In January 2012.

    And the funniest things is Your Bhaijaan Remakes South Films But SRK Get The Honour From South Industry.

    It Means That South People Knows That Salman Apni Zindagi South Filmo Ki Wajese Chalaraha Hai Aur SRK Original Filmo Ki Wajese Chalaraha. So Deserving Wahi Hai Jo Original Ho Naaki Duplicate.

  • well…that’s called the real srk is honored in south nd he is the first in bollywood to get…mind it..
    Now as usual…some morons started their ugly talk here…@sachin11…abe charkate…if it is a publicity stunt to promote ce…then ur “budhau’s” “fake human” is the biggest publicity stunt for all his new releases…so , cut this crap u dumb…

  • haters need not cry for srk win coz we don’t care for this award, lol who the hell cares for a south award ?? and honestly its very much clear now, srk’s next film chennai express, so he is getting award from chennai coz he popularized chennai in his film, so that’s a publicity of chennai express

  • Some one saying Indian film industry is big and south is small and the award is demolition of Srk… Then why salman and akhshay always depends on south remake in fact salman regained his stardom from south remakes mind it.

  • This is the end of the era of the Gollum creature where his money is no longer good enough to bribe jurors from the north filmi award shows that he now has to go deep south waving his money in the air in order to bribe desperate jurors there…! Real shame buddha Smeagol could not win a National Award but hey atleast ‘remotecontrol’ will be happy because this award will boost Smeagols success ratio and plus also there was no nomination as he was handed the Award on a silver platter so even better…! :-P

  • Captain Nonsense says: is the ‘Excellence’ in cinema. SRK truly deserved the award.

  • Indince why are you not posting that SRK is taking 8-Crores to perform on marriage ceremonies, as you are publishing each and every move of SRK.

  • Congratulations to SRK on receiving this exclusive and prestigious honour! Haters don’t know that SRK is the only Bollywood actor who has registered fan clubs down South also!

    And did I read someone call it a publicity stunt for CE? If this is the logic then what was Aamir’s Gollapudi Award which he attended in his Ghajini look? A publicity stunt for Ghajini which was lifted from Tamil film of same name? Award for a film which he is accused of snatching from its original creator? LOL! Haters should first take a look at themselves! SRK also won Asianet Award last year for contribution to cinema.

    Local or global honours he keeps winning them all every year. Haters keep burning!

  • sharukh get sivaji ganesh awards? wat a comedy…money can do wat ever they want. awards awards why you are so cheap???

  • The kid surely loves candies n have a collection of it whether it is deserving or not will prove after CE release. Because that (Box office) is the real award unlike srk candies. :p what has srk done in last 3 years? It is PR who goes n begs for such awards to keep srk in public eye. Better concentrate on movies n challenge salman rather running behind meaningless awards !!!

  • King khan deserve the award who won max no of awards and almost got every single awards.

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