Singham Returns Hit or Flop: Box Office Prediction

Singham was not only the most successful and loved film of 2011, but also one of the most entertaining ‘masala’ films of the decade. Due to its tremendous repeat-value and mass-appeal, the film was a huge success on television.

This year, Rohit Shetty, one of the most successful commercial directors in the country, returns to direct the sequel of ‘Singham’ after directing hugely successful films like ‘Bol Bachchan’ and ‘Chennai Express’. Unlike Singham, the sequel is a original script written by Sajid-Farhad, Rohit is credited for the story and Yunus Sajawal for the screenplay.

The expectations are high and so is the hype which should ensure that ‘Singham Returns’ takes a flying start at the box office tomorrow due to its tremendous recall value, holiday release, director Shetty and the presence of Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor.

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor promote Singham Returns

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor promote Singham Returns

Singham Returns is releasing on approx 3600+ screens and the advance booking especially at single-screens has been very good. Advance booking at multiplexes is way lower than Kick, but that is the case with almost every film that doesn’t feature the Top 5 actors in the industry.

We expect Singham Returns to collect somewhere between  22-24 crore on its opening day, with Mumbai circuit and surrounding areas fetching the best start. The drop on Saturday and how well it holds on Monday would decide its fate at the box office.

Singham Returns has fetched a good price, so recovery won’t be easy if the word-of-mouth ranges from mixed to negative.

Below is our box office prediction for the film.

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 24 cr
  • Day 2 – 15 cr
  • Day 3 – 21 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 60 cr
  • First Week – 90 cr
  • Final – 145 cr+ (Super Hit / Blockbuster)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Day 1 – 23 cr
  • Day 2 – 14 cr
  • Day 3 – 18 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 55 cr
  • First Week – 80 cr
  • Final – 120 cr (Semi Hit / HIT)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Day 1 – 22 cr
  • Day 2 – 13 cr
  • Day 3 – 15 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 50 cr
  • First Week – 70 cr
  • Final – less than 85 cr (Flop)

Due to the tremendous recall value of Singham a fantastic start is guaranteed – both the opening day records of Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor are likely to be shattered. What remains to be seen is, if the film will be Ajay Devgn’s highest grosser to date. Because that’s how much it would need to collect for the film to be a decent success at the domestic box office.

How much do you think Singham Returns will collect? Hit or Flop? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, dont forget to submit your vote!

How much do you think Singham Returns will collect?

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  • Happy Independence Day to all fans including lungiwaales but exception being the Jadoo fans…!

    Correct me if Im wrong but Jadoo fans celebrate Independence on the 25th of March along with the Greeks and their Greek God Ritik…!

    Jai Hind

  • If ajay devgn doesn’t have star power than neither akshay Kumar has any star power. His fans still live in the year 2007 when he gave 4 back to back superhits. But to all dear akki’s dreamer fans look at all movies of akshay after RR, none of them crossed 100 crores except Holiday that too with no competition, summer holidays, great content, etc. Not because of akshay alone. Entertainment too sank on Tuesday. So stop barking that akshay has star power and bla bla bla.

  • There are some nonsense srk haters who spred hatred in every article,bouk ne se kuch fark nehi parta katna parta hai.anyway i will watch Singham Returns tmrw,coz today there will be heavy crowd in cinema hall.BEST OF AJAY SIR 4M A SRKIAN

  • @ajay rocks dont worry bro…
    i know that now u r in a mental state because hny trailor is trending more than singham movie…
    whether u liked or not but i loved d trailor cuz my KING really ROCKS

  • My prediction is,
    Day 1 – 19-21cr
    day 2 – 16-18cr
    day 3 – 21-23cr
    wkend end with 57-63cr in gud case

    if wom and hype will not remain good then,
    wkend is 50-55cr
    lyftym will be 120cr 150cr

    movie is all about conent coz i cnt believe on shetty’s action ever, he think every man is superhero.. So i will point out SR only on content, and if action disappoint too it would cut 1 star rating strictly from me.. But action looking good in trailer, that too superheroic action but nicely directed in SR unlike fake action Of CE and Kick..

    so on firstrated salfan now barking over K3 figure of Manipulation village BOI, coz they tried hardly kick to break K3, wen it cant possible they star to do bhoww bhowww :D
    acc. All big trades of India K3 figure were 240-246cr
    2 min silence for those bhoww bhowwers :D

  • @Arjun, ur ranking on stars is totally worse,

    if Amir is on rank 1st then definately Hrithik will be on 2nd..

    be honest currently ranking is,
    1. Salman,
    2. Srk,
    3. Amir/Hrithik
    5. Ranbir
    6. Akki
    7. Ranveer/Ajay

    definately after SR ajay replace akki from spot 6, and Hrithik replace Amir from 3 after Bang Bang..
    Hard chance bt if SR collect even 190cr then Ajay should be on 5th spot replacing Rk,
    remember rk also given flop besharam after yjhd which collects 65cr or less,
    same like akki’s movies,
    and akki have S26, Omg, holiday hits after BB rowdy,
    just becz he has 3-4 flops he is nt in top 5, i can say if he do 1 or 2 mvie per year then rk to beat akki is very hard..

    and if hny collect less than 200cr and if its lower than BangBang the srk will lost 2nd spot to Hrithik, and if hny earn 250cr or plus then srk will roar on 1st till next year,
    and abt Amir’s pk depend on wom, is that do 200-300cr or less than 200cr or less than 150,
    if pk and hny earn 250cr then ranking for top 5 is,
    1. Srk
    2. Amir
    3. Salman,
    4. Hrithik,
    5. Ajay.

    hard chance bt if bang bang cross 250cr then hrithik will be 3rd upto bajrangi superman..
    And bang bang has totally positive potential to cross even 300cr if not clash…

    my prediction for next top 3 movies is
    BangBang- least to max 190-250cr
    i believe it has potential to do even 300+cr if clash will postpone by Haidar. Its totally made for multiplex goers..

    Hny- least to max. 160-210cr
    (remember salmans D2 earn just 160cr in diwali) i am not sure abt its content i have hard feeling its another badly directed comedy+action+desi dhating.. i have no expectation from hny’s content, dont expect its even good as D3… Honestly i m not impressed by hny.

    p.k.- least to max. 150-350cr
    i have no doubt abt content, it will be good awsm,
    but its depend upon wom and acceptance by audience India widely…

    hope even Indicine appreciate dis

  • No doubt .. Singham returns surely will going to be superhit/blockbuster. Hope it will collects 150cr+ at the boxoffice. Sigham is one of the best entertainer movie of the decade and hope SR will have a same fate. Aali Re Aali Aata Singham Returns Chi Baari Aali …

  • Blockbuster written all over it as The deadly combo of Ajay and Rohit can never under perform…. In my opinion, it should cross 150 cr mark at the domestic box office.
    And happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends. I am a Pakistani but love both the countries from the bottom of my Jai Hind and Pakistan zindabad…

  • @ Arjun: I totally agree with Ankan’s ranking..Salman, SRK and Amir are 1st,2nd and 3rd respectively and Hrithik should be on 4th…

  • @Megha: the film is not that bad… I think you haven’t seen it yet and have decided to not to watch it either as you girls generally don’t like hardcore action /drama movies… Am I right??? So why do you want to spoil the moviegoers who love to watch these kind of movies… There is enough entertainment for them in this movie..

  • Bus Dekho yaar ajay ki star power it Will break many record without such promotions as khans do of cheap product(movies of khans) and they depend on holiday releases like eid, diwali,Christmas.

  • it’ll be a flop. how many times people want the same movie of fighting against injustice??? fed up. and its crucial for ajay devgn, as he’s passing through bad phase in career for last 3 years. may god save him.

  • @Navin, still frustrated that fevi KwICK couldn’t cross the official lifetime fig of K3 ?? lol don’t worry Singham Returns will open bigger than fevi KwICK!

  • No I don’t think so it will good ….. bcoz now a.days no numbers of gud fans for ajay r there .if it is hit all credit goes to.shetty a flop.director with sense.less story like chennai express n bolbachann

  • Singham,
    1st Day- 23 Crores
    2nd Day- 18 Crores
    3rd Day- 25 Crores
    Weekend- 66 Crores
    Final: 140-150 Crores- BB

    Singham 2 is a huge relief from the trauma that audiences faced yesterday with the grandest crap ever called 6 Losers…It was a trailer or the whole movie…Felt like watching the whole movie..
    What an Epic Fail…Ocean’s 11+Cash+Players

    @Thullu, Same here. I too feel the same when I lisen to the song…hope it is not in the middle of the movie…

  • I think it may be reach 150 cr or also more than bcoz first part was had good success in their time, in that case may gone higher this is the simple funds of Bollywood

  • nobody can fleece me out of my money recommendations and no reviews work for me .. i generally do a sampling of first five mts and reach to my own conclusions..a movie has to be of great standard to get a star rating out of me

    im not like cheapos like youwho will brave any movie because of their favorite star..

    thats real cheap behaviour..

    the 2 rs people here do not know good cinema and the owners of this site are not trustworthy..!!

    they want every film to do 100 cr plus business..

    here is my deadly prediction ..this movie will not do more than 70 cr business..look at entertainment didnt even cross 50cr ..ha hah ha

    and indicine gave it 3,5 rating..thats how foolish these people are!!

    no sense of movie watch..

    similarly this film is new wine in old bottle much more can we stand it…dont worry i will download the movie tonite

    but i know this movie is not worth 5 rs..

  • @fahad and @ankan you guys are awesomely morons. Aamir holds all the records of dhoom 3, highest opening, weekend, week, lifetime, overseas, world wide and you guys still put him on no.3 spot behind 227 Cr actors who can’t go beyond 230 crores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on some blind fanatics like you.

  • @Suchit, ranking isnt all abt records, its abt cnsistancy, big hits, star power, hype abt actor is all that,
    and u moron never knw abt it, aamir dsnt have star power so much

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