Singham Returns Hit or Flop: Box Office Prediction

Singham was not only the most successful and loved film of 2011, but also one of the most entertaining ‘masala’ films of the decade. Due to its tremendous repeat-value and mass-appeal, the film was a huge success on television.

This year, Rohit Shetty, one of the most successful commercial directors in the country, returns to direct the sequel of ‘Singham’ after directing hugely successful films like ‘Bol Bachchan’ and ‘Chennai Express’. Unlike Singham, the sequel is a original script written by Sajid-Farhad, Rohit is credited for the story and Yunus Sajawal for the screenplay.

The expectations are high and so is the hype which should ensure that ‘Singham Returns’ takes a flying start at the box office tomorrow due to its tremendous recall value, holiday release, director Shetty and the presence of Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor.

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor promote Singham Returns

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor promote Singham Returns

Singham Returns is releasing on approx 3600+ screens and the advance booking especially at single-screens has been very good. Advance booking at multiplexes is way lower than Kick, but that is the case with almost every film that doesn’t feature the Top 5 actors in the industry.

We expect Singham Returns to collect somewhere between  22-24 crore on its opening day, with Mumbai circuit and surrounding areas fetching the best start. The drop on Saturday and how well it holds on Monday would decide its fate at the box office.

Singham Returns has fetched a good price, so recovery won’t be easy if the word-of-mouth ranges from mixed to negative.

Below is our box office prediction for the film.

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 24 cr
  • Day 2 – 15 cr
  • Day 3 – 21 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 60 cr
  • First Week – 90 cr
  • Final – 145 cr+ (Super Hit / Blockbuster)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Day 1 – 23 cr
  • Day 2 – 14 cr
  • Day 3 – 18 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 55 cr
  • First Week – 80 cr
  • Final – 120 cr (Semi Hit / HIT)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Day 1 – 22 cr
  • Day 2 – 13 cr
  • Day 3 – 15 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 50 cr
  • First Week – 70 cr
  • Final – less than 85 cr (Flop)

Due to the tremendous recall value of Singham a fantastic start is guaranteed – both the opening day records of Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor are likely to be shattered. What remains to be seen is, if the film will be Ajay Devgn’s highest grosser to date. Because that’s how much it would need to collect for the film to be a decent success at the domestic box office.

How much do you think Singham Returns will collect? Hit or Flop? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, dont forget to submit your vote!

How much do you think Singham Returns will collect?

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  • I think first day wil b around 25crs at max.
    n weekend wil b 60-65 crores.
    lifetime if bad wom below 100 crores which is rare to happen..
    if mixed around 120 cr… n if good(as is the case most likely to happen bcoz of mr shetty) den 150 crs..
    if it crosses 150 cr it wil b quite shocking foh me.

  • Bhai fans get ready for a huge jhatka as sr starring 6th ranked ajay is all set to cross our megastar bhai’s blockbuster kick’s opening day collection.and don’t u dare to restart that ramdaan excuse bcz v all knw how much it earned on eid and basi eid.
    Kick was dfntly gd film that became a blockbuster but no one can deny the fact that it underperformed to some shd hv dfntly crossed 250cr after all the advantages it hd over ce.
    But anyways congrats to ajay fans in advance for 200cr blockbuster performance of sr

  • First day-25cr
    Second day-22cr
    Third day-24cr
    Total-93cr weekend
    Hny trailer is bumper only haters dislikes and said tmk2 ra.one2
    Hny is sure cross 250cr

  • First i thought Singham return will do around 22 cr. But after seeing some news about advance, i think SR could do even 25+ cr. Lifetime depends on content and SR does not hv any hard comeptition in 2nd week. So lifetime could be 120-140 cr.

  • Somebody is still trying very hard to tell people Krrish 3’s BOI’s figures of 188 crores are real. I have seen this comment for at least 10 times in last two articles, Indicine. Please tell him that its okay, we believe it, now stop posting it over and over in every article which is not even related to Krrish 3, its not funny at all.

  • All the best to all ajayfans. .ajay is one of the best actors we have. Here is my prediction:
    first day: 26 crores
    first weekend:70 crores
    first week: 110 crores
    lifetime: 145-150 crores

  • No.1 this article is about singham and not bashers just get a life and no.2 i personally feel that sr will be ajay’s career’s milestone venture..his first nd most probably only 200 cr grosser..

  • Thank u indicine for indirectly accepting my star ranking by calling ajay not in top5

    Bollywood star ranking update
    1 aamir
    2 salman
    3 srk
    4 hrithik
    5 ranbir
    6 ajay
    7 akki
    8 ranveer
    9 arjun
    10 sid

    But I personally want ajay to beat ranbir by delivering a 220cr+ epic blockbuster wid singham returns

  • 2.1 1st day 22 to 24
    weekend 60 to 65
    week 110 to 125
    lifetime 160 to 170


    2.2 still missing some1.u knw who? ya he is Jaykant shikry

    2.3 the song ata majhi satakali is too similer to Lungi dance,and it will ruin the reputation of doubt it will get nomination for worst lyric on next Golden Kela Award

  • Happy independence to all indians and indicine team. Now lion is back today. I will watch this film today evening or night show. My prediction -first day -25cr, saturday-18cr, sunday-24cr, monday-20cr first week close to 110-115cr if wom is good. Lifetime should be around 150cr for considering good success after all after PK it is my second most awaiting film of this year. @ajay rocks when you are going to watch SR. For piece of advice for today on independence day stop fighting for your favs at least today. Be united and enjoy Singham returns or whatever other plans you guys have to enjoy independence. India rocks,indian rocks. Jai hind.

  • Singham Returns predictions:

    I was a little disappointed when the trailer released, did not find anything that Singham1 boasted of. But as a Rohit Shetty film, I expect it to be entertaining enough. I hope it retains the sequel’s originality and does not meander much! Hopefully, it is on par with Singham1.

    Day1: 25+
    Day2: 19+
    Day3: 23+
    Weekend 1 : 63-65cr.
    Till week 1: 90cr.+
    Weekend 2: 25cr.+
    Week 2: 125-127cr.+

    Lifetime: 140-150cr.+ (Blockbuster). I hope the WOM is equal to that of the equal!
    Best Of Luck!!

  • Happy independence day ajay sir
    I hope singham will break 1st day record of kick and ek tha tiger.
    all the best. from sallu and aamir fans

  • I know the motive behind nipun’s comment-‘all the best ajay fans,ajay is one of my most fav actor’

    He will use this to criticize sr during his ‘genuine’ review

  • Thunderstorms to hit Mumbai as per weather reports..if this is true then OD collections will be 16-20 crs, else 24+ crs..

  • @Kick Jay Ho, you are telling the truth bro.
    everyone in shock especilly Sarkar fans when they saw TMK 2+players 2 trailer.

  • @Sky,bro I really wanted to watch Singham Returns in Mumbaai but unfortunetly for some family isues I couldn’t travel.
    anyway happy Indepence day to all Indicine readers.
    P S I’m not Indian but My Mom is from Mumbai.

  • Happy independence day to all!!!
    On a funnier note,watch this and even subscribe it on youtube…these videos are really funny!!!!


  • @ajay rocks sr will earn minimum 175cr.I knw ajay is currently biggest threat to SIR RANBIR but I always pray for every star’s success and want every film to b a hit

  • Sorry,somehow the link could’nt be posted in my above comment…
    I was recommending a channel on youtube named “shudh desi endings”…everyone should subscribe and watch their funny videos of parody/spoof of bollywood films…

  • singham was best massala film of recent time.i am going to watch singham returns is really nice to watch this kind of movie on the independence should collect more than 150 crore and ajay should get his long due.he is one of the finest actor and super star from very few of bollywood recently

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