Sidharth, Shraddha at Viviana Mall first anniversary: Pics

Stars present at the event: Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor

Location: Viviana Mall, Thane

Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor at Viviana Mall in Thane

Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor at Viviana Mall in Thane

Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor cutting first anniversary cake

Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor cutting first anniversary cake

Shraddha Kapoor waves to fans

Shraddha Kapoor waves to fans



  • Excellnt figures by Ek villain…good love story…3 stars from me
    Now this is’nt due Siddharth malhotra….

    Srk fans have come out and are bashing salman and akki…
    They should’nt forget that Ek villain has also defeated JTHJ and Don 2 opening collection..
    Credit should go to Mohit suri,Music and then to sid-shraddha…
    Hasee toh phasee also had Sid,wat happened to it????

  • @babaji dont insult Sid. Ek villain opening day collection is mostly due to Siddharth. he is soon becoming no1 star of bollywood.
    HTP had a opening equal to Akkis omg, special 26, and bigger than joker.
    I think you insult Sid out of jealousy that he is bigger than Akki.

  • @sidrocks 3rd rated idiot how dare to show disrespect akshay he is great actor and stood on his own ur siddarth nothin but toy boy of get lost!

    So, who is Siddharth Malhotra, aside from being the most lavishly launched non-star debutante of 2012 in Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year?

    1. Siddharth comes from an Armed Forces background in New Delhi.

    2. He was a small time model and never made it to the top rung of modelling. He was considered ‘stiff and unwieldy’ on the ramp.

    3. He was constantly hit on by male admirers in the fashion business and when he couldn’t handle the attention anymore, he shifted his focus to films.

    4. He came to Mumbai roughly around three years ago and went to Karan’s office, Dharma Productions, to apply for a job as an assistant director. That’s when Karan saw him and decided to launch him in his next directorial and the two became friends and even went off for a short holiday to Paris soon after.

    5. On the sets, Firstpost learns that Siddharth gave Karan and the unit a lot of grief, given that he is not the most affable person in town. Karan, however, was very indulgent of Siddharth’s persona.

    6. Siddharth lives in a plush apartment in Bandra and goes to the Taj Land’s End hotel gym, one of the most expensive gyms in the area.

    7. He has a pet dog, who arrives on the set in his very own car.

    8. He lives the life of a very successful and rich movie star already, and his first film hasn’t even hit the screens yet.

    9. Even though he is being launched by one of India’s most acclaimed and successful filmmakers, Siddharth is seldom seen with his mentor in public barring promotional activity of their film together.

  • why are khans fans blabbering so much ? srk fans insulting salman fans because ek villain opening is bigger than jai ho with much lesser screens and salman fans insulting srk fans because ek villain opening is bigger than all srk films except ce. but all of them forgot that khans are going to vanish soon!

    The new generation is going to take over. so without fighting with each other for the outdated khans, try supporting the new talent. indian cinema needs new talent. these stars like sidharth,arjun,ranveer, varun etc who are just 2-3 films old are setting new records, what were the khans doing when they were 2-3 films old ?? they were busy delivering huge flops. after settling with big hits like ddlj,hahk etc, then khans became big stars, whats big in it, give some time to these newcomers. once they settle down , they will be breaking the records with each film. no khans needed for indian cinema, only talent needed and newcomers have that freshness and talent.

  • @raesss fan I know you are akki fan. Akki is flopgiving actor. he has been flop in acting, box office. Useless.

  • @babaji ka thullu what a dumbass you are…..why are you comparing the collection of SRK’s movie which was released 2-3 years before…..??…..hahaha…if it’s like that I will say it has broken the the opening day collection of criminal Salman’s veer,wanted,london dreams etc……even with 3900 screens Jai Ho could collect only 17cr…what a shame…consider the screen count,ticket rate and time of release when you are comparing..

  • @sidshocks
    Sid is still a kid,he should compete with Varun Dhawan,ranveer,Arjun etc.
    And should also learn to fight,dance,emote well…
    Some of his action sequences in Ek villain were pretty mediocre,sid was’nt applying any force and no expressions on his face and the goons were falling here n there…

  • @queenrukh
    Don 2 had almost similar screen count,sequel factor,our king,christmas release…and it released about 2.5 years ago,so the ticket rates have’nt changed that much
    So don’t cry baby…
    And then why u all lungiwalas were dancing when ce broke the record of 4 years old 3 idiots????Any answer

  • @Babaji I second that. The fight scene in Ek Villain at the docks where Sid went through a few dozen men to get to Caesar was poorly acted and not shaped up to the mark. The rest of the film was awesome though.

  • @babaji ur 100% this siddarth is nothing without whole industry knw tht and every actress comes on koffee with karan hav to say his toy boy siddarth is hot so tht not spoil their chances in dharma banner all the hype about Ek villain is just good PR exercise nothin else and how can these fans can insult stars like akki and salman? @sidsucks am srk fan i respect akki too shut up now

  • performance wise only ritesh rocks in ek villain.ek villain will fall badly from Monday onwards as response from single screens was not good and from next week their is vidya balans bobby jasoos and hskd releases so no chance to ek villain to cross 100 crores but weekend will be huge due to promotion and music.

  • @sidsucks eat this

    1.Sidharth Malhotra is a good-looking guy for sure, but the man’s facial muscles move at the speed of Swiss glaciers. One desperately expects him to emote, but whether he’s trying to render happiness or pain or pity or desperation or love, his face remains exactly the same. He doesn’t even emote during the action, and it doesn’t help that he’s part of a contrastingly well shot two minute long single take fight scene.-mihir fadnavis
    2.An honest name for ‘Ek Villain’ would have been ‘I Saw The Original’.
    3.Ek Villain is 100% xerox copy of ‘I Saw the Devil’

  • @sidsucks on facebook ritiesh deshmukh’s Ek villain off to thunderous start is trending #?HF2? 14 cr, ?#?GrandMasti? 12.51 cr, ?#?Humshakals? 12.5 cr, ?#?EkVillain? 16.72 cr. Riteish Deshmukh consistent with double digit openings. SUPER! now get lost you loser!!

  • @hamza
    Yes,that dock action scene was poorly acted …action scenes with riteish were good..

  • I know Sid hasnt given any great performances but akki also has not given any. in every film he acts the same. he can do action but thats the only good thing about him. Even salman does not act but still he is superstar. Sid will be the no1 soon.

  • @sidshocks
    If akki or salman would’nt have been good actors,they won’t have survived in the industry for more than 20 yrs…many actors have come n gone in this period…
    Akki does brilliant comedy and namaste london for his emotional performance,Ajnabee for his negative character.
    I hope Sid will improve in future,at this time he is worst in Young actors category including Ranveer,varun,sushant,arjun,ayushmann…

  • Grt to see illiterate fans of superstars criticising and abusing sid and ek villain.the same happened to ranbir when his yjhd was performing extraordinarily at the b.o.thus,it proves that sid has arrived

  • Akki is the best. You cannot compare him to Siddharth. Form is temporary and class is permanent. Akshay Kumar is class.

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