Shuddhi Release Date announced

Minutes after our last article on Shuddhi was published, Karan Johar announced on Twitter that Karan Malhotra’s second directorial venture (after Agneepath) will release on 25th December 2015 (Christmas). The star cast will be announced soon.

Shuddhi was repeatedly postponed, primarily due to Hrithik Roshan’s head injury and subsequent brain surgery. The actor’s health was one of the reasons why he decided to opt out of the film “Karan Malhotra and I have decided to unite in the most ambitious way post – Shuddhi. For now, I cannot allow a vision like Shuddhi to stagnate any further” Hrithik had said in a statement sent to the media.

Soon, Kareena too opted out of the film leading to rumours that Deepika Padukone could be signed to replace her. As for the male lead, there are reports that Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor have been approached.

The official announcement is expected soon. For now though, all we have is the release date. Christmas 2015 it is, for Shuddhi.



  • Since they have announced a holiday release date.. I think they will be signing a big star. Probably Ranbir.

    I dont think Kjo will risk signing Ranveer Singh.. he took a risk by signing Imran Khan at the peak of his career, now see where he is.

    Ranbir is safer. He’ll be around for a long time.

  • I think its gonna be a flop…why announcing so early??…simply creating hype….it will have nothing much to offer i suppose

  • Hahaha Shuddhi = gutter Film Now! 150crs Film without Hrithik ? :P Lol yeah right. I dont think health is the REason Thr is some Problem With Hrithik N Karan No wonder hes Not comin on Koffe with karan. N Karan was waiting for hrithik Tht means Hrithik isnt Givin Karan any time about it.. No wondr Karan Said he also doesnt know what is hapin to the Film. Now evn Deepika Said she Wont do it without Hrithik. Yeah go a head n Take your GAY Boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor .. ! N C what happens. N I want Hrithik to come out with a FILM on 25 th DECEMBER 2015 :D Lets C Who will Rock…! Neva Take Panga with GOD \m/ BangBang 2 oct 2014 ! wait for it !

  • As the speculation for the lead cast is on, lets guess who te lead pair might be.
    Replacing Hrithik won’t be easy. And now that they have even announced the release date, so they might have zeroed in on someone. As the movie is a big budget one, so its obvious to expect a star actor.
    SRK would’ve been an option, but he’s already busy with so many projects so he seems unlikely. Aamir won’t work on something like this. Salman is also occupied with so many projects. Ranbir seems likely but even he is busy with many projects. after that i dont think we’ve got any big star-actor.

    So will it be a younger actor like Ranveer, Arjun or Varun etc. might be, but it doesn’t seem beleivable to replace HR with these actors.

    As for actress, anyone from Deepika, Anushka or Parineeti seems fine.

    My pick: Ranbir-Parineeti.

  • @Sri

    But Ranbir doesn’t have dates. He is occupied till end of 2015… But yeah..exactly.. Signing Ranveer is a big risk..

  • @HrithikFANS:
    Hrithik hasn’t been replaced dropped by KJo, he himself backed out and it was all done amicably. So why so much hate on Shuddhi now. Lets see how the film turns out, if its bad then it will be bashed ultimately. But lets atleast give it a chance.
    And BTW Hrithik-KJo-KM will be back with Meluha, so lets REJOICE.

  • Ranbir has too many projects and commitments. And ranvir doesn’t have the fan following of hrithik or ranbir. dharma is in real trouble after hrithik opting out.

  • They can make Shuddhi without HRo but BO wouldn’t be that great cause the hype created based on Duggu-Bebo pair. Since they are not doing it, some people might lose excitement!!

  • just feel aamir is likely to sign the film….remember Hritik has moved out as Shuddhi cannot be postponed any further….

    Ranbir will be shooting for Roy and Imtiaz Ali’s film this summer…..and then will get busy with final touches to Bombay Velvet which is likely to be preponed after PK moving to xmas…..Ranbir will probably work in Karan Johar’s next directorial starting by the end of the year….

    Ranveer is an option but Shuddhi is a very ambitious project… lets see

    Aamir is expected to start shooting soon after satyamev jayate in march……plus remember it is christmas which is Aamir’s date…..

    Raising the curiosity!!!

  • @Lisa
    U got a point here and even i think that aamir may do this movie as they all are saying this is very ambitious project. And as Aamir is free right now ofcourse after Satyamev Jayte so he can do this project.

  • @Lisa, you made some good points there and aamir has no other projects after P.K. but if they cast aamir, then it won’t be able to release in next year. aamir takes so much time for a movie.

  • I feel KJo is gonna sign Sidharth Malhotra & Deepika Padukone for the movie.
    just a gut feeling & I feel Sidharth would do a fabulous job.
    Kudos !!

  • An ambitious project with siddharth malhotra? you got to be kidding.

    Kjo wouldn’t give such an important date without consulting Aamir, whose fav date is xmas,

    so it is either that aamir is in the movie, or he has no release slated for xmas.

  • Rumours are on that aamir will be working for an excel entertainment film too….but that’s expected by end of year….so yes aamir is free after march….btw what is shuddhi all about?

  • I really don’t understand what is the real reason of hrithik to opt out shuddhi.if the movie is slated for 2015 Xmas then there is ample time for hro to settle as bang bang will release on Oct 2014.@indicine can u pls through light on this issue?I am damn sure it is not only question of mine but for all users of indicine.
    Plss reply .

  • We’ll guys
    Salman khan is yet to sign by karan johar
    Let’s see if shudhi gets salman khan in or salman will take away karan johar directorial next venture

  • Manipulation god’s fan are spreading negetivities about shuddhi, have some shame guys, 2015 only belongs to sallu-barjatiya jodi

  • exactlyy..why they have to announce it early. such fools. so much time left till dec.2015. i even suspect that film will get shelved by that time. relax guyzz, live for today.

  • christmas is aamir’s time….nd also thr is no better than him in the industry ….so aamir should be casted as actor in shuddhi.

  • If not Hrithik, then I hope Aamir gets the offer. He has never worked with Dharma, I guess. He would also be a good replacement for Hrithik acting and dedication to character wise.

    Ranbir has so many projects, Ranveer would be risky for a 150 crore movie.

    @Aaryan – Exactly! I would also like to see Indicine’s take on it. For me, he has opted out because of the separation from his wife, and he wants to spend maximum time with his children.

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