Priyanka, Ranveer, Arjun at Gaiety Cinemas: Photos

Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were at the Gaiety Cinemas in Mumbai to promote their film Gunday, which opened to a spectacular response at the box office on Friday.

The actors visited cinema halls to check the response to their film and even made an appearance during the interval to meet the audience.

Check out all the photos that we clicked outside Gaiety last evening.

Priyanka Chopra promotes Gunday at Gaiety Cinema

Priyanka Chopra promotes Gunday at Gaiety Cinema

Ranveer Singh promotes Gunday at Gaiety Cinema

Ranveer Singh promotes Gunday at Gaiety Cinema

Arjun Kapoor promotes Gunday at Gaiety Cinema

Arjun Kapoor promotes Gunday at Gaiety Cinema



  • I really don’t like this guy Ranveer Singh,his irritating attitude,trying to be overexpressive..he is not that good looking also.In serious scenes his voice tone is so low that you won’t be able to hear him,that happened to me while watching BBB and Lootera,also KRK noted this thing in his lootera review and told him to speak loudly.
    I have’nt watched any of his films in theatre till now..may be i will watch Gunday coz of Arjun,PC and Irrfan.

    Ranbir and Shahid are much better than him.

  • And plz don’t compare Ranveer with Salman and SRK,I have seen some mad fans of both khans bashing each other…don’t judge an actor by just one or two film.
    Gunday has excelled bcoz of a collective effort of the team and not bcoz of Ranveer’s stardom,its trailer was very well received and was shown with Dhoom 3,which many people saw…
    His solo lead films still won’t collect more than 5crs on opening day.

  • @anupama take this

    LOLendra Singh ‏@LOLendraSingh 17h

    Ranveer Singh strengthens the belief that human’s ancients were monkeys. hahahaha

  • @sss remember in 2007 Akki had 4 hits while srk had only 2. Akki beat srk by 2:1. Wait for Holiday when all srkians and shahidians will crawl underground in fear. And @joker is right. Srk looks like a goat.

  • Welcome was a simple comedy with no masala. Oso had 31 actors in 1 song. It had big promotion and still it collected just 4-5 crores more than welcome. Akki even gave away his Best actor award noble way not like award hungry Srk.

  • @khiladi – OSO collected about 10cr more than welcome. n u think one big song makes a difference? LOL. n big promotion? so did welcome. ra.1 also had biggest promotion was dat a blockbuster? in 2007, srk had 2 blockbusters – one was the biggest n 2nd (CDI) was best film so he beats akshay who only had one big blockbuster (welcome) n rest were just hits.

    n now akshay’s films barely cross 60-70 crores. akshay looks like a chimpanzee lol

  • haha akshay fans. he has only 2 blockbusters in 20+ years n all u can bring up is 07 when srk’s film was highest grosser n CDI 3rd highest.

    wat happen wid singh is king which collected much less dan rnbdj dat had no promotion n released after bombay attacks. n wat happen 2 all those akshay films from 2009 that flopped? most of his films r flops

  • emraan hashmi upcoming movies
    — ungli on 23 may,, shaatir on 29
    august. White lies from hollywood
    in 2014. Mr x, hamari adhuri
    kahani , azuruddin biopic in 2015.

  • @krrish,thank you very much.

    @khiladi,I don’t know how to reply to a fan whose star’s capacity even not half of doing character of THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD,SRK’s name is enough to make the film hit.tell your akki do such a role that history will remember the way awards comes through hard work not by money nor by doing south remakes/dubbings.but I will not say how akki look like that already answered by @krrish,but SRK definitely not looking abit like that you had said.

  • @sss Akki has carried some worst movies to hit status.Most of Akki starrers which were flops recovered their investment.Who will not remember the khiladi,Hera pheri,his act in Garam masala,Ajnabee,sp26 and giving some of the best entertainers in 100yrs of indian cinema
    Akshay didn’t attend any acting schools but with experience,he has become the all rounder of bollywood

  • @aeeyy,I don’t disrespect akshay kumar like you guyz did with SRK.1st go and check the article:23 year career of akshay kumar completed in bollywood,what I had written about doubt he is good entertainers similarly SRK is the biggest MEGASTAR of all time,whether you accept it or not.both akshay and SRK came from non family back ground,but SRK played characters even in t.v serials.I’m not talking about only entertainment but also LEGEND movies that only did by SRK and some others did by multistarrer films of amir.the movies you had mentioned all belongs to entertainment movies not value based legend movies.SRK already added in LEGEND league like DILLIPJI,BIGB so he couldn’t be compared with other stars.

  • @sss Why are you overating srk like that.Srk is neither the best actor but he is the king of khans(saif,arbaaz,imran,zayed)

  • @krrish 1 song makes huge difference. remember Agneepath 50% promotion became due to Chikni chameli only. Everywhere people talked just about that song. Without Chikni chameli Agneepath wont cross 100 crore. And Oso had much bigger promotion than Welcome. It also had diwali release, best festive season of the year

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