Shivaay Trailer

The much-awaited trailer of Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay is finally out. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

The film releases in theatres on October 28, during the festive weekend of Diwali.



  • Proud to be an INDIAN

    Hollwood.. Bollywood is up there too!!!!

    Epic world class

    All fans of Bollywood shall love this movie

  • its very different but a good trailer
    a little bit dissapointed (may be high expectations) but its good
    and i think both admh & shivaay will work this diwali

  • What a fantastic trailer!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure this movie will be huge blockbuster. 250 cr+ sure. Will be in top 3 grosser of the year.

  • Superb and Mind-blowing trailer….it will be a Blockbuster….and Shivaay will be among the top 3 grosser of the year…

  • What a trailer yaar! I got goosebumps from the visuals and background music. Ajay raised the bar. Poor Dharma Production will start panicking now.

  • Treat To Watch On Big Screen….. Visual N Action R Mind Blowing…Action N Visual Wize Gud BGM…Something New….All Doubt Will Clear After Release Expact Story

  • Just One Word.. Mindblowing trailer.
    Even Ajay hater cant ignore it.
    ADHM to gaya kamase.
    I like ranbir but Diwali is the biggest festive season.. And Shivaay looking like epic treat for audience.
    And ADHM sounds like nothing more than rom-com drama.
    So Only Shivaay On This Diwali

  • Watched it second time and it looks even more awesome.

    No dialogues and no revealing of the plot and yet such an impactful trailer.

    Just cannot for Diwali to arrive now !!!!!

  • Outstanding trailer.From the first scene when you see the intensity in Ajay’s eyes, you get to know the he gonna rock in the movie. The genre is action-adventure but the story is still unwrapped. Too many action scenes and locations are breathtaking. The dialogues on lord Shiva are great.
    The movie is looking a treat to watch in big screen.
    I think trailer will take some time to grow among audiences but it will open great both in multiplexes and single screens.
    I think Shivaay will be the 3rd highest grosser of the year.
    Best of luck AJ. Om Namah Shivaay.

  • Brilliant trailer. Can’t guess what the main story is about. Al though it’s too long but the CGI and VFX really make up a grand trailer. It’s spectacular, breath taking and stunning. Can’t wait. Karan Joker tu to gaya. Postpone your crap otherwise you will be brought to road in the language of hyderabadi bicycle mechanic. Ae hit haI mushkil has no chance in front of shivaay.

  • @syed

    This content less Shivaay will collect atleast two times more than your so called global kings content rich Fan..

  • @Jared, exactly, the makers of the movie wanted to keep you guessing.

    First impression is the most important thing about cutting a trailer and Shivaay already impressed us so if you wanna know more about the plot then I suggest u wait till Dilwale.

  • Really Fantastic Trailer
    But with watching the trailer u can’t understand the story or genre of movie its just high octane actions in the whole trailer mohit chauhan is superb his voice makes the trailer more good

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