Jagga Jasoos Release Date announced

Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos has yet another release date, which we hope is the final date of arrival for the much-delayed film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the lead.

The film, which was first scheduled to release on the same day as PK in December 2014, has been delayed by more 2 years due to various issues – which includes reshoots and the Ranbir-Katrina break-up which lead to further delays.

Official announcement:

“Disney (UTV) announces the release date of Jagga Jasoos. The movie will see the return of the stellar team that brought Barfi! to the silver screen. Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Directed by Anurag Basu with Music by Pritam, Disney’s Jagga Jasoos will release on 7th April, 2017”

“Jagga Jasoos will release exactly a year after the Studio’s hugely successful The Jungle Book and Jagga Jasoos promises to be the Disney summer spectacle for 2017!”



  • It look like different movie….BO doesn’t matter for me…i care about quality of a movie and i think jagga jasoos is good movie

  • So finally JJ will be released . The release date of JJ has been delayed since the last 3 years . I was excited in the beginning but now I am not at all excited for JJ . Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu are coming back after 5 years and now they have a herculean task to make this movie successful . The fate of JJ is heavily dependent on ADHM and BBD . If both these movies become successful the buzz of JJ will rise but if both of them turn out to be failures than it will be doomsday for JJ . Ranbir is the Co- Producer of JJ along with UTV and Anurag Basu so apart from acting he has also invested his money in this project and he would desperately want to be successful and appreciated by the audience and the critics . It will release in the IPL Period and 3 weeks before Baahubali and 1 week before Fast 8 . JJ will clash with Noor starring Sonakshi in the lead . So it will be an exciting clash between Ranbir and Sonakshi . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope it is a well made film because Fast 8 is releasing on 14 April.
    He is the captain of young actors. And so far this year young actors have not delivered a 100 crore hit. So all the best.

  • From the title…luks like an intrestng Film

    wil collect more than 2016 april release xhaust fan

  • Jagga Jassos is a unlucky movie so far for Ranbir Kapoor. Numerous delays and negativity around the film make it hard to work well. I really hope that with ADHM and Jagga Jasoos he will back on success track before the biggest of all of them Sanjay Duty biopic arrives.

  • Coming from the jodi of Barfi (brilliant movie), this was a keenly awaited movie. But it has been in the making for such a long time that the interest for the movie has gone down.

    Anyways Ranbir is a very good actor and I loved Barfi a lot so will wait for this one.

  • Humble request to all Salman’s Fans…
    Plz comment { Re Sultan ?} when Sultan cross 300 crore…it will be a good punch of sign to all Sultan’s hatters….plzzz

  • Another Bombay Velvet is on cards. But will collect more than Pankha which also released in April 2016
    #True Salman Fans

  • A lot a negativity has been created because of the delay but I really hope JJ will be a good movie. Ranbir is a talented actor, Basu has directed some very good films (Gangster, Metro, Barfi) so I hope it will turn the tables and surprise us. Best of luck !

  • Indicine is filled with rk haters…..so the population of ranbir haters is huge…bigger than any other actor’s stardm……if u hate ranbir for katrina and deepika then u hv to hate whole bollywood…jst name a celebrity who never had any brkups..big b and rekha????its their personal matters…i thnk some have jealosy towards rk bcz he is better than many young actors….so generally its a law that most of the young actor fans are rk haters……somany actors who involved in crimes and controversies no one bats an eye but every1 will come and unite against ranbir….see actors as mere actors….grow up and support one who is going through phase…..bcz u all haters and fans knw…ranbir is an awsm actor very talented…….im proud to say im his fan…waiting for it……all the best rk….

  • It has only 1 open week because on 14th April Biggest movie of Indian Cinema is releasing BAAHUBALI: THE CONCLUSION. So jagga jasoos will be FLOP with maximum collections 65 crores.
    Now Please don’t say that BB collected 320 crores despite of clash with Baahubali: The Beginning; BB was something else it was best movie of Salman. But now even salman will think thrice to release his movie on 7th April and ranbir is like Kal ka Bacha INFRONT OF Salman.

  • ranbir is million times better actor than ranveer and arjun… he will bounce back and save bollywood future from this pathetic actors like ranveer, arjun, and Siddharth

  • He is a very very talented actor. Even haters know his ability in acting. I’m an srk die hard fan but love watching ranbir due to his tremendous acting skills. He will bounce back soon. Waiting for ADHM!

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