Shahrukh Khan with Aryan, Suhana, Gauri: Photos

Shahrukh Khan was spotted with his family – son Aryan and daughter Suhana at his wife Gauri Khan’s design store in Mumbai this week.

Aryan didn’t look too comfortable in front of the cameras, while Suhana is growing up to be a pretty girl.

Check out the two photos.

SRK with wife Gauri daughter Suhana and son Aryan at Gauri Khanís designer store

SRK with wife Gauri daughter Suhana and son Aryan at Gauri Khanís designer store

Shahrukh Khan with his daughter Suhana at Gauri Khanís designer store

Shahrukh Khan with his daughter Suhana at Gauri Khanís designer store



  • King khan looking grt. @Rowdy why dont u wait for flop machine movie. Grt to see flop machine(anari) fan making fun of king khan. @bulli king khan is grt father and actor unlike jail ho for hit and run case. @navin if srk is getting darker day by day what about 4 feet tingu who was looking fool clown in d3.

  • Haters plz Stop insulting SRK…
    Next time before saying anything about SRK, keep in mind that we should respect a women

  • Suprisingly, only the self made superstars Akki and SRK have the most stable families, God bless these two families and pray they stay together forever!

  • @Dynamic : When did you test Salman’s potency ? Being unmarried does not mean he cant produce kids !!!!!!!

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    I give genuine posts.
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  • Nothing against the family!! Lovely pics!! Indicine, Thumbs up!! However, SRK should stop being wannabe thakur!!

  • @sss : Look at you moron !!!! I have given good wishes to srk & his family n you still behaving like a kid. Your comment proves that what I said about srk fanatics is true !!!!!!

  • @sss i may have said that I am srk hater but the truth is i don’t like his kind of movies and he don’t made me feel for him in most of his film. As an individual and icon, i respect him a lot for what he has achieved so far. Yes Aamir and Salman fans supports each other and their idol. But it happen for srkian too. Last year before K3 release most of Srk fans supported K3 and by praising Hr they were making fun of Aamir for d3, but because CE became highest grosser and k3 producer said they broken ce record you people started to abuse Hr and k3. As far as my concern i am not supporting Salman as he is friend of Aamir and to please his fans but because since i started to watch movies Salman was the first actor who become fav of mine since i seen hahk in 1995, i became Aamir fan after 2000, as earlier i haven’t watched his most of films earlier but when i watched his earlier films like dhkmn,rangeela,akah,jjws,sarfarosh i started to like him and since Lagaan i liked his all films and tzp mademe his diehard fan

  • @sky,so basically youíre a salman fans,then I donít have any you said you couldnít like SRKíS movies in the same way neither I like a single movie of salman nor his his attitude or his involve in every illegal activities especially fights with KING KHAN that made me to hate him even more.though I like some of amirís fan thatís also very limited in number and donít want to say more about his life.just want to ask you liked hahkís statue salman,seriously?????just joking,donít take it seriously,after all everyoneís likes differs.

    @hrithik,again you cried like a kid?please try to understand what I have written?I didnít blame you just want to inform you as you said always why I took salman name most of the times the reason behind is due to to some 3rd class fans like @sachin11,navin,@true fan,@bulli like fake ids who likes to post against SRK ,if they will stop abusing KING KHAN then similarly youíll also not find any comment against salman.but Iím sure even if all SRKIANS will stop abusing salman then also they will abuse against KING KHAN ,thatís the difference between GOOD and evil.but youíll not understand the fact because you like fight.

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