Nepal in love with Akshay Kumar: Photos

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is currently shooting for Neeraj Pandey’s upcoming film ‘Baby’ at Thamel in Kathmandu. While the shooting schedule was expected to be much more peaceful and organised compared to shooting on the streets of India, the cast and crew were in for a surprise.

Soon after news spread that Akshay will be shooting for the film, a massive crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the superstar. While some were shouting ‘Singh Is King’ others were seen cheering him on with ‘Akki.. Akki’.

The film has been tentatively titled as ‘Baby’ although it has been registered as ‘Basanti’ in Nepal Film Development Committee to get tax benefits.

A reader of Indicine from Nepal posted the following update “Akshay kumar is in Nepal.. I saw him shooting, Because I’m a Nepali. He was shooting in Bhaktapur, Durbar Square. (he’s) staying at Hotel Hyaat but not (shooting) for ‘basanti’ the movie is titled ‘baby’. He was looking so handsome, this is the first time i saw him live. The movie ‘baby’ is having a similar story like ‘argo’”

Akshay Kumar himself posted a picture from the shooting of the film along with the message “Most amazing crowd an Actor could wish for! Nepal I dont know why it took me 20 years to come back here. Loving your support X”

Akshay Kumar is shooting for Neeraj Pandey’s next titled Baby in thamel

Akshay Kumar is shooting for Neeraj Pandey’s next titled Baby in thamel

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Baby at Bhaktapur in Nepal

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Baby at Bhaktapur in Nepal

Akshay Kumar spotted with fans at Himalayan Java Coffee Lounge at Thamel

Akshay Kumar spotted with fans at Himalayan Java Coffee Lounge at Thamel

Crowd comes to see Akshay Kumar shooting for Baby in Thamel

Crowd comes to see Akshay Kumar shooting for Baby in Thamel

Akshay Kumar Nepal

Akshay Kumar Nepal



  • So big crowd. Akki has started to rock.
    I think it will be good to release Holiday in Nepal. It will earn more than in India.

  • I m from nepal waiting for 4 hours to see akshay kumar in hotel gate.. We all nepali respect akshay sir.. what a man.. personality i never forget may 5 n i m happy akshay sir respect nepali also akshay sir we nepali always welcome i hope u come again again

  • Akshay sir in Nepal when the crowd was shouting Singh is kinng,Akshay kumar and Akki


  • Unbelievable to see so many Nepali’s here :D I am a reader of this website from many years, but I dont comment.

    Thanks for the pictures. I will see if I can visit and get a chance to see Akki. Once in a lifetime opportunity for us.


  • Akshay’s interview with a journalist in Nepal where he said that he and Neeraj next is a true incident and picked from a newspaper
    KATHMANDU: Stalking Akshay Kumar can land you in trouble, but it proved wrong in this case! From Hyatt to Thamel and finally to Bhaktapur — anticipation reflected an ECG machine and hunger took a backseat.

    Done with small talks while waiting for the interview, nervousness silently tiptoed away. And then it was time — time to meet ‘him’.

    Climbing the stairs to his room, the loud cheers and chants of fans’ gathered outside ‘AKSHAY’ echoed. The door opened and ‘he’ was casually seated. A firm handshake followed (without any casualties!). Then the conversation began

    with his Khalsa days, but the first thing Akshay asked is, “Do you want me to be honest? Is it an honest interview?” What could anyone do but laugh?

    “I was in Khalsa College, but I used to hardly attend college. I used to be with my friends, hang around, sometimes go to Bangkok to work, come back and give my exams and things like that.”

    And Bangkok is where he learnt to cook, and jalebi is what he cooks best, but “I wanted to learn martial arts and Bangkok was an option for me because one of my relatives was working there. So, I requested my father that I wanted to learn martial arts. My father couldn’t afford it, but anyhow he managed and I went there. So that’s how my life, my career started”.

    So was the journey difficult from being Rajeev Hari Om Bhatia to Akshay Kumar? “It has been tough but fun. The toughness is the fun part.” The answer is prompt. It is difficult to believe the fun part, but one cannot be successful with a lie and the characters he plays in the films are never carried home. “I don’t want it to come back.”

    Making it sound like an ordinary job he elaborated, “You say your dialogues, director says pack up, you go home. You are back on your phone, calling your friends, family here and there, signing new films, doing new ads, bailing out on fans.”

    For a moment you get caught up and think ‘of course everyone doesn’t do that’.

    Then the howling of the fans echo outside making you realise that he has been shooting since 7: 00 am and there are hordes of people waiting for him during his break. Doesn’t that bother him? “If they don’t want to see me, that will bother me,” is what he comes up with making everyone laugh.

    On a serious note, he has been overwhelmed coming to Nepal because “I didn’t know there are so many people loving me here. I was shocked. I am very thankful to Nepal and the people. They have loved me since Saugand days”. This debut movie was a big hit only in two places, “Gujrat (India) and Nepal”.

    Talking about his initial movies, Khiladi series cannot be missed. Though he is done with it now, beating The Undertaker had made his fans go crazy and the wrestling fans can vouch for this. But picking up Undertaker without any cable was the “stupidest

    this I have done” as it developed a slip disc. All of a sudden he changes the momentum by saying, “Please write it down — don’t pick up heavy weights, it may hurt your back.”

    Of course, his love for action did not vanish with this case, because while in Thamel “I told my director (Neeraj Pandey) I should jump from here to that window”. Being a very real director, Pandey didn’t allow that. “He wouldn’t want his hero to be a superhero.” Then this film is about… “I am not supposed to say much about it. It’s business, it’s more like a thriller” is what he gives. But he doesn’t fail to add that working with Pandey has always been different. “Whenever I do something with him, I love it because he portrays me differently. He thinks different and real. All his story lines are real incidents. This film is also picked from a newspaper, all the places and incidences are real and the part in Nepal is prominent.”

    So travelling to various countries for the shoot is obvious and despite a hectic schedule, everything finishes on time. That’s where his discipline kicks in, by 8:30/ 9:00 pm he is off to bed. Are you boring then — a question blurts out. “If being professional is boring, then you are more boring than I am.” With a wry smile you wonder ‘was that a compliment?’ Noticing his mischievous smirk, the answer is evident.

    This reminds you of his magic and card tricks. What else are there on the list? “I can flick your watch without you knowing it.” At these words, fits of giggles dart at him. Akshay like an innocent child complains to his friend Ramesh (who’s been there the entire interview), “They don’t believe me, they are laughing at me.” Ramesh comes to his rescue saying, “He does that, that’s why I have stopped wearing a watch.” He brandishes his naked wrists as proof.

    This is Akshay for you. And perhaps from this date, it should be coined — stalking is the best medicine for laughter.

    Akkie asides

    • “When I came into the industry, I struggled a lot.

    I used to always show him Kaka (Rajesh Khanna) my photographs because he was a producer. I never got a chance, but I surely got his daughter.

    • An ideal role he would love to play would be that of a psychopath killer.

    “It’s a role I haven’t played yet. It’s a place where you can go berserk, have a twisted mind.”

    • “I don’t get angry and I don’t gossip. My wife always tell me, ‘I will leave you if you don’t gossip, if you don’t tell me what is happening.’”

    • “Meditation apparently brings peace and makes you calm. I feel it doesn’t do anything from my personal experience — I may be wrong. I feel doing one good deed for another human being / animal gives you peace rather than sitting in front of a candle.”

    • As one walks out, he gets up, looks for his shoes and points to the pair on the floor and says, “I don’t have laces on my shoes.” His keds are lace-less for sure. Why? “I feel laces tie me down.”

  • Great to see Akki getting so much love and affection from Nepal people…
    The Special 26 moustache is back…

    Thanks to all nepali fans!!!

  • The last pic is just awesome..epic..
    A Superstar with his fan following in one frame…

    Good Job indicine!

  • Nepalies can’t change fate of akshay SIR ‘s flops. Baby will be 11th flop for akshay SIR in a row.

  • It will be Holiday in Nepal during the release of Holiday… India the film will be sent ro Holiday within 1 week …

  • C.E broke the lifetime collection of ready because of deepika and with the help of rajni sir…
    Srk fans are jealous of R.k after YJHD

  • Someone is misusing my ID. 3:49 comment not mine. I am an Akki fan but also a closet Akki hater.

  • Woww.. Wat a huge crowd foh Akshay kumar.. Its the 2nd time I hav seen such a crowd.. First being that of shahrukh
    Hats off to both.. They are the only self made supetstars

  • I m from NEPAL..and i m a huge fan of shahrukh sir..hope u will soon visit u SRK..

  • Thanx to Indicine for posting the article..Thanx to all my Nepali bros n sisters for giving such a warm welcome to Akshay sir :)

  • #Baby is not based on Argo it is lifted from a real incident like Special 26…Its a spy thriller

  • wow akki u t true super star
    im from nepal nd im fan of salman

    SaLmaN i jst waiting fr u pls come here soon <3
    50-60% neplese lov SaLmaN, nd remaining % are other stars !!!

  • Huge crowd gathered in Nepal for Akshay kumar. Its great to see indian actors loved by people out of india in big numbers.

  • I’m also from nepal n fan of akki….. but the truth is, ” if there was rajpal yadav, the crowd would be the same..”

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