Shahrukh Khan with Aryan, Suhana, Gauri: Photos

Shahrukh Khan was spotted with his family – son Aryan and daughter Suhana at his wife Gauri Khan’s design store in Mumbai this week.

Aryan didn’t look too comfortable in front of the cameras, while Suhana is growing up to be a pretty girl.

Check out the two photos.

SRK with wife Gauri daughter Suhana and son Aryan at Gauri Khan’s designer store

SRK with wife Gauri daughter Suhana and son Aryan at Gauri Khan’s designer store

Shahrukh Khan with his daughter Suhana at Gauri Khan’s designer store

Shahrukh Khan with his daughter Suhana at Gauri Khan’s designer store



  • NICE family……Hope ARYAN and SUHANA dosen’t turn into ABHISEKH and ESHA DEOL respectively.

  • Lovely pics. Thanx indicine for posting them. Suhana looks ok. Aryan has the same eyes as SRK. Gauri has got prettier.

    After watching KANK and JTHJ I thought SRK has lost his charm as a romantic hero. Because I personally didn’t like those movies. My love for SRK reduced bit by bit after those movies. BUT, watched K2H2 yesterday and realised I have been fooling myself. I couldn’t stop loving him. He is got magical expressions in his face when he looks at Kajol. I wish someone could look at me like that. Gosh! He is got killing eyes. Love him sooooooooo much. Even if he talks filth @ Wankade, even though he is @ fault in fight with Salu I don’t care. Just love him.

    God bless SRK-Gauri family. So far that is the only stable family in Bollywood among current Superstars. He is the only one-woman superstar.

  • I hope Suhana will team up with Salman Khan for Prem Saiya , directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya, Mark my words these pairs will prevail n movie will be all time blockbuster. N release in 2017 since dhoom4 will release in 2016. N salman will play lover boy to suhana… It will be an epic family drama just like MPK.

  • See his face, he looks tired as far as I know sometime ago he was ill also. In first picture he is standing with help of his son and in second picture also he is resorting with designer store’s wood wall and suhana.

  • @anupama watch rab ne bana di jodi again, you sure fall in love for both anushka n srk.

  • Srk’s best romantic film is veer zara.datz also the best romantic film of last decade while lootera is the best romantic film of dis decade so far. Tere liye was always one of my fav songs of all time.

  • A loving father husband n brother.. Thats wat our shahrukh khan is.. Love u king
    @anupama if u dont mind.. Um

  • @bulli not sure if d heroins said dat about srk…
    they have actually said that salman is good brother…

  • Whole family is there except Abram and looks like Srk will show Abram during the release of HNY for publicity.

  • @sachin11
    Everyone knows sallu can’t produce kids,so u are being jealous of SRK and his family.

  • @nipin senior
    Again ur loo-tera…
    Plz do become a director and remake it with babaji as hero and anupama or Sakhi as heroine….lol

  • Aryan looks like his daddy…. Lets hope Abram looks like his mother so he will have atleast half decent looks to along with the name/ fame tag…!

  • Gauri is becoming more n more GORI as the months go by- hubby Sarkar on the other hand is getting darker with each passing day .!

  • Wonderful family. God bless them. In first pic Suhana looking quite good but in next pic she is average. While Aryan is looking dull.Gauri is best among them. Whenever it comes to Srk family. The only think i missing which Srk also missing is his parents. I wish his parents would alive to see where there son has been reached from a delhi boy to one of the great icon of cinema worldwide. But there is saying “kisi ko bhi sab kuch nahi milta, kahi na kahi kami reh jati h”. Nevertheless Its seems good whenever i seeing Srk with his family. A complete Family man.

  • May God bless this family n srk. Also may God give some sense to his fans for unnecessarily degrading other actors fans !!!!!!

  • True family man! Bless him for not ditching his family like others. Successful and role model not only in professional life but also family life. God bless this happy family!

  • @sky,though I couldn’t expect this type of answers from you but still it’s true.I don’t care what you actually thought of me truth is I actually don’t hate amir but you guyz couldn’t understand the fact why you are increasing amir’s haters day by day is to associate with salman unnecessarily.however it’s your choice but it’s bad choice.even once you mentioned once you’re SRK hater but I never mentioned the vice versa.

    @hrithik,@sachin11,please look at your 3rd class brother navin,what do you think about him,please look at your own kind before blaming US and you’ll find any comment against salman if may those 2 fake ids or wahtever will behave in a good way,so better to give some advise to those 2 blind haters,if you couldn’t do that then please at least don’t blame US as it’s yours totally fault to abuse on other pages.

    @nipun,what could I say about overacting ki dukan hr’s fan,rom knph to guzarish/znmd complete one after one overacting.rohit series,guzarish,znmd and many of such films are not only overrated but also we can say’re not deserving to watch films like DDLJ,K2H2,KHNH,JTHJ these are for high class only deserves those meaningless overrated silent acting film acted by 2 overactor’s film lootera.just tell me who cares about you,who cares about you?JTHJ is the best film of this decade.MNIK/CDI/VZ/KHNH are the best of last decade.these films are internationally famous and overseas peles likes these films very much.while no one cares about loo tera.btw vikramaditya motwane is not THE GREAT YC have very nice iq you blind jealous haters,lol.

    @Anupama,if to hate SRK is your main goal then no one can help are those of sallu/amir/hr/overrated yjhd’s actor hr fans whose work to degrade one movie by elevating respect other films. if SRK lost his charm then all actors in this bollywood are likely to be not can one person hate a MEGASTAR by seeing him even in romantic movies that also films like JTHJ? it’s not your fault,go and watch dabang2/bodyguard/ghajini twice then you’ll feel good.

  • gr8 thing 4rm da picture is dat SUHANA has becum beautifull 4rm before,, and MR. Khan has acquired sum weight wit a freshness in his look

  • King khan looking grt. @Rowdy why dont u wait for flop machine movie. Grt to see flop machine(anari) fan making fun of king khan. @bulli king khan is grt father and actor unlike jail ho for hit and run case. @navin if srk is getting darker day by day what about 4 feet tingu who was looking fool in d3.

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