Shahrukh Khan wants Happy New Year to release on 24th October 2014

One of the most awaited films of 2014, a film that reunites the ‘Main Hoon Naa’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’ actor-director duo of Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan will not release on 23rd October. The film which was earlier scheduled to hit screens on Diwali day, has been postponed by a day. The multi-starrer will now release on 24th October. An official announcement on the same will be made on 14th August.

A source close to the film has also revealed that it was SRK’s decision to release the film on 24th. While most of his blockbusters have released on Diwali, the idea to release the film a day after Diwali is simple – to break opening day box office records.

“Farah wanted to release on Diwali day. It was Shah Rukh’s call to hold back by a day. We were all surprised considering his big blockbusters including Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge were released on Diwali. But I think Shah Rukh feels audiences don’t want to step out of their homes on Diwali day.He feels they like to do Laxmi puja on that day at home.” a source was quoted as saying.

While there are reports that the makers could organise ‘preview shows’ after 6PM on Diwali, Happy New Year has every chance of going on to be the first film to collect more than 40 crore on its opening day.

SRK’s 2011 release Ra One was one of his most poorly received films ever, yet the film easily broke the record for the highest single day collections on its second day. Ra One released on Diwali, Happy New Year will release a day after.

Directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan, Happy New Year stars Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and Vivaan Shah.

Happy New Year Poster - SRK, Deepika

Happy New Year Poster – SRK, Deepika



  • srk knows he can’t give big opening on no-holiday / wants to release the film on next day of day of diwali par fardeen khan ki film bhi badi opening de degi… honestly… srk just create hypes and all.. fake things he do… doesn’t have guts like aamir and salman.

  • Aamir gave 36cr+ opening on non-holiday…had it released on x-mas opening would have been around 50cr… and srk gave 32cr opening on eid … hahahaha..clearly shows that baap kaun hain

  • When Ajey Devgan’s film Singham Returns trailer released, The dialogues from the movie became a rage across the nation and social networks but the one that caught everybody’s attention was ” Aata majhi satakli”.

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    here are some of the best dialogue from Singham Returns trailer:

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  • Rohit Shetty: Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh are like elder brothers who look out for me

    How about Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan? Have they started giving you more ‘bhav'(importance) because you are currently one of the most successful brands in Bollywood?
    Neither of them has changed their attitude towards me. And the best part is — when they want to convince me about something, mostly personal stuff, both of them use a similar line. They say, ‘Rohit, you are younger than me. So when I suggest something, please hear me out.’ Shah Rukh is like an older brother who will sit me down and chat. I’m happy to have Ajay and Shah Rukh to guide me. I do not have a father, but today, I can say that I have two elder brothers who are looking out for me.I know if life throws up a challenge, these two guys will be there for me at any given point.

    Everyone wishes to work with you today. Who do you wish to work with?
    Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Mr Rajinikanth. I had the fortune of meeting Rajini Sir at Ramoji Filmcity in Hyderabad just recently. I went to visit him on his set and he was about to go for a shot. But when he heard I had come to see him, he walked across to me; greeted me and said, ‘Rohit, I love your work. I’m a great fan.’ I was about to faint. I kept telling myself, this is Rajini Sir, who according to me, is the biggest star in the universe. Yet he was so humble. He had no hang-ups about walking across to me and paying me a compliment. I spent half an hour with him and it was such a fabulous experience. I kept marvelling about how grounded he is. I’m nothing in front of him, yet he made me feel so special. Likewise, I’m a die-hard Amitabh Bachchan fan. I did a song with him in Bol Bachchan. And, I’m looking forward to the day when I can do a full-fledged feature film with him. He’s someone I look up to.

  • Acc to BOI Since 2000 till Jan 2014
    SRK has done 27 Films and has delivered 17 successful films, 3 avg films, 5 flops and 2 disasters.
    Salman has done 37 films and has delivered 15 successful films, 5 avg films, 10 flops and 7 disasters.

    SRK has given 8 BBs whereas Salman has given 9 BBs
    Now as haters say if we talk about “Era”
    In SRK’s Era Salman used to give only 1 clean hit in 2-3 Years out of 4 or 5 movies he used to do.
    In Salman’s era SRK has delivered 4 clean hits and a BB
    That’s the difference between SRK and Salman
    Haters if u wanna compare don’t compare only 5 of Salman films.

  • Great decision… now this is called a GENIOUS THINKING…
    Opening day record will be made and HNY will cross 40 crores easily IN SHA ALLAH…
    This is why SRK is a movie genious and a living legend !!!


  • 2-3 years diwali day collection not great. so srk didn’t want his film on that day. srk has taken his past, jthj experience this time. ”experience sab sikha deta h ” these lines true

  • Oh no.This is disappointing coz our kings movie happy new year will get only 3 day weekend and after that collections will drop on weekdays so we want our king to release it on diwali day for 4 days weekend coz we want to celebrate laxmi pooja with our king by spending our laxmi which also means money on tickets of our kings movie

  • yes man according to boxofficeindia KICK cross CHENNAI EXPRESS after 17 day’s kick collected 210 cr. which broke yesterday CE collection 208 cr.
    life time of kick – 215 – 218 cr.
    now top 3 domestic collection are
    Dhoom 3 – 261 cr
    kick – 215 cr
    Chennai express – 208 cr

  • Now haters are scared….:-p

    They always tend to forgot that DON 2 in 2800 screens and normal ticket price on 23rd DECEMBER collected 15+…Next year FAN releasing on non holiday…lol

  • People sayin D3 as non holiday..the schools and colleges were closed for vacation….And also the brand power and number of screens played a great part…but despite record breaking collection every where it trended less than CE and failed to collect 300 crs which will be achieved by HNY….lol.

  • @danny yes that is why Aamir shifted PK from June to December. Aamir dont want Christmas release.

    Aamir take care of other colleagues and never disturb them. He never announced his movie for the Date which already booked for other movie (Bombay Velvet & Welcome Back).

    He is thorough Gentleman. Not selfish. Enjoy

    These ifs and buts are useless. When PK will do the business of 50cr then u talk. Just wait right now.


    Too Much FUN


  • Its simple logic…
    23 is Laxmi Puja Day which is not good day for release film due to pre-diwali period.

    If they release it on 23rd then as usual Critics reviews & bad WOM will out because after all its Farah Khan film.
    Hence it will affect film in upcoming days & film will went Ra.One way.

    You need lots of gutts,strong contents & most important confidence on your product before releasing it in Pre-Diwali or Pre-Eid.

    Look at the top3 grossers-
    1.Dhoom3(Non-holiday release)
    2.Krrish3(Pre-Diwali release 4 days before Diwali)
    3.Kick(Non-holiday Pre-Eid release 5 days before Ramdaan)

    These films proved that if film is good then you can release it anytime & dont think about holidays.

    So a Farah Khan film with contents like Tees Maar Khan & Joker want to earn as much as possible before WOM come out…

    The world tour,4 months promotion etc etc are singling that another Ra.One is coming these Diwali.

  • its a really bad decision. if it releases on 23rd oct, then it will atleast do arnd 20 cr business. then why to loose out 20 cr?? 24th would obviously be huge no matter if it is its first day or second day…
    srk is definately goin for the opening day n weekend record…

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