Shahrukh Khan talks about KKR’s victory and its importance

At the unveiling of Discovery’s documentary titled ‘Living With KKR’, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan spoke about how big a difference the victory of his IPL team Kolkata Knight Rider, made to him and his players.

In fact, Khan got emotional while watching the documentary.

Interacting with the media gathering, SRK said “I think winning does matter. It does make a difference, it makes you feel stronger. If you win then a documentary will be made on you. So I would say one must go and win”

SRK also spoke about his equation with the players and why he was never too critical of the players even though they once lost 9 matches in a row.

“I did feel sad when we lost nine matches in a row but I never showed my anger or scolded the players or anyone. As I did feel that the players too were disappointed not winning the match.. They did not lose any match purposely” he said.

Prior to the final match of IPL 5 which KKR won against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Khan said “On the day of our final match the one that we won I did pray for every ball. I told my daughter I will make sure we win not just by playing but praying”

The first of the 4-part ‘Living With KKR’ series will be aired on Discovery Channel from 24th to 27th feb at 8PM.

SRK - KKR Discovery Documentary press meet

SRK – KKR Discovery Documentary press meet



  • It’s really nice to hear srk say about his own thinking.everyoune just says-‘victory doesn’t mean.we just enjoy playing.bla…bla…bla.’all those who say this are really cheaters.

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  • KING KHAN when you attended maximun matches and the result KKR won ipl5.when you show the match at the end of ipll6,on that day KKR defeated RCB.I know one thing you’re the luck of your team.this IPL surely KKR will win.

    in zee cine awards SRK got best popular male and also won best popular in social media among youngsters,this shows how he influenced the Indians for which maximum people voted and haters mouth will shut up forever.also one person named @nipun who always praised lootera and sonakshi,she got best actress jury who commented to spit on zee cine jury.hope nipun’s mouth will not raise against real winners afterwards.

    just one word to say KING KHAN SRK always ROCKSSSSS.

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  • This year ipl will held in oversease, so kkr have less chance to win the tornament, kkr have very storng spin attak but lack of pace depertment, i can’t understand why kkr leave mohammad smai n buy vinay kumar, this year may not be great for kkr.

  • @indicine
    i dont know why r u giving so much atention to srk ,writing it of about each and every shit of him.
    There r several news also on bollywood but u guies r interested on this only.

    For example u can also write an article about yo yo honey singh’s song in which salman and akshay gonna feature,
    or on amir’s satyamev jayate.

  • If we see KKR in first 3 IPL, it was no where but since the arrival of new team and Gambhir, this team started to deliver reached semis in season 4, winner in season 5 but failed in season 6.but this year i have gut feeling that KKR will perform superb and Gambhir will be key player and he will thrash every other team bowling attack as to show how good a player he is,and it require from him to comeback in team INdia. Good luck KKR.

  • Srk prayed for his team to win IPL and his team won and many people started praying after watching RA1 and they recovered.

  • KKR and Srk have lot of similarities with them like both give blockbuster performance after 4 years.KKR won IPL after 4 years and in the same way Srk gave blockbuster CE after 4 years.KKR is a Leap year team and Srk is a Leap year

  • @ Indicine… this a cricket site???i think no!! then what’s the significance of this type of posts here???just related to srk;that’s it!!!!????

  • @sky,your analysis is just a waste of time.the analysis you made it is as simple as all people knows atbbs earns more than question is not that,I asked why dhoom3 declared atbb and CE declared bb.if you are so anxious to compared the collection,then also remember about film’s budget upon which it made,that is CE’s budget 75cr and dhoom3’s budget 134cr.say why CE is not an atbb?????by the way don’t compare hahk with EPIC DDLJ.even a kid also say which one is better.all sooraj barjatya’s movie is family member based not leading actor based like DDLJ.also DDLJ collected more in overseas than hahk.also DDLJ’s later year’s collection didn’t counted even though it ran in many theatres.according to boi, mpk,rh,ghajini,dabang,ce are no more atbb,they are simple bbs.use your mind.

    don’t bother so much about KKR.we don’t say it is a strongest team.there are many teams like MI,CSK,RR holds better players and stronger than KKR.what we say despite being a weak it was at least won 1 ipl.also before started ipl,this team has more popularity than others in every season being a SRK’s team.

    @sachin11,hits are meaningless for you,right??????what about jai ho and talash both weaker khan couldn’t gave it a single hit getting holidays and huge screens.shame on you and your the who told you,SRK has one more blockbuster than salman’s total bbs although both has same atbb.also amir is much behind that,he couldn’t be counted due to weakest star power in domestic and overseas just like salman in overseas.who cares salman gave 10 lagatar disasters,so 5bbs is not a great thing he couldn’t make it even said leap year,in that sense both amir and salman got their success after 15 years or more.shame on you.

  • @sss the question you asked from mine, please ask to admin who updated my later comment while not earlier comment in which i mentioned why ce wasn’t atbb. Bhai ab admin hi update nahi kar raha so what can i do.

  • if we use aamir fans theory of pulling in crowds
    then sam worthington is the biggest crowd
    puller because avatar is the highest grossing
    movie of all times but that doesnt make him
    bigger then tom brad johnny. you know what i
    am saying. every sensible person would know
    what i am talking about. crowd pulling is a game
    of SRK and salman. Aamir’s job is to deliver
    good movies. he cant make a movie successful
    unless its grand in nature to begin with.

  • @sss now my comment updated on the page so read it first.
    if Ghajini,RH wasn’t ATBB than how can KKHH (45cr) released later than RH and collected 3 cr less than RH is atbb, how can DDLJ was atbb than collecting 9 cr less than HAHK, don’t worry we don’t require from kid who is better as collection speaks where HAHK stand and where DDLJ, and you are talking about overseas when come Overseas collection become important, if yes than tell me collection of Deewar,Don (1978),Baazigar,Sholay overseas, only fools like you require overseas collection to prove you star better not us, because Bollywood is not cricket than you should perform in overseas than we can say you are successful, Beta overseas ko koi bhav nahi deta. and talking
    about srk he is even struggled to cross 3I in overseas. According to boi KANK is semi hit,CDI is super hit, HSSH is blockbuster, do you agree?

    RNBDJ- 1st week collection-42cr
    2nd week collection- 24cr
    3rd week collection-9
    4th week collection-3.5cr total(78.5cr)
    Rest of week-8 cr.
    Ghajini- first week -64cr
    2nd week-26cr
    Rest of weeks-24cr
    RBNDJ 4 the week ended when Ghajini completed its 2 week run, so at the time RBNDJ was 78.5cr and Ghajini reached 90cr, that’s the fact that RBNDJ crossed Dhoom 2 later than Ghajini.
    the above point was missed in my earlier comments.

    i think genuine people will understand those facts,i may be wrong for some point.
    now whoever want to call Ra1 ATBB & Ghajini-below avg. welcome from my side.

    and those asking why we pointing on Ra1 to declared a hit, i have reason to prove my point but do you have? have you ever witness why people not arguing for JTHJ & Don2 verdict as they both collected less than Ra1. Fact is Ra1 was a failure.

  • @Killer and @Bivan, U r complainin @ a wrong place as some1 has said it b4. Just look @ d number of posts & coverages here. U’ll c whom d site covers d most. Dis is ess,aar,kaysine. So, y shud it cover other actors’s reports even thou dey r film-related???

    @SRKians, Congrats again 2SRK 4 successfully manipulating Zcine Award & winnin Bes Actor as well. Wat has he done so gud to win Bes Actor over Farhan & Hrithik? 1Day, he’ll win an award 4award winnin actor via manipulations.

  • @sachinyehright11 so u said SRK is leap year performer, then bhai is decade performer??? as he gave so many flops and disasters between 2000-2010………..yeh ur bhai needs a whole 10 years before he can gather steam at box office!!!

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