Shahrukh Khan in Krrish 3?

We all know Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan are good friends off-screen. Infact, when in town, Hrithik and Sussanne are regulars at most parties held at Mannat, SRK’s residence in Bandra.

Over the years, the two have worked together in several films. Apart from playing major roles in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, SRK agreed to do an item number for Krazzy 4, produced by Rakesh Roshan. Last year, Hrithik made a special appearance in Don 2 and now, SRK is all set to return the favour.

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According to reliable sources, Rakesh Roshan has asked SRK for a small cameo in Krrish 3 and the later has agreed to squeeze time out from his busy schedule, to shoot for the scene in the next few weeks.

Infact, Rakesh Roshan had initially approached SRK to play the negative role in Krrish. But when things didn’t work out, Vivek Oberoi was signed to play the arch-nemesis to Krrish.



  • @tiwary, yes I did not comment against him but that dosent make me a akki fan, and I do not creat a fight between akki and srk and hrithik, and for ur information I luv akshay and he is 3rd favorite actor, and mostly I LUV MY KING KHAN!!! now u got ur answers so just shut up.

    @sachin, well u know I don’t care of I get thumbs down.

  • And lastly Pls stop blaming as a akki fan, I like him but I am not his BIG FAN.

    @don3, Of course chennai express will do 50cr+ in its opening day.
    Look am not akki’s big fan, MY NO.1 favorite actor is SRK. And he will always remain NO. 1 in my heart.

  • I don’t understand why every fan thinks if some one will have small cameo he will help in box office am sorry but shahrukh is no where near box office he will remain behind when comes to box office so plz just chill

  • @tiwary, when did I praise akki? Man go to KG school and learn how to read. I praised hrithik and I said I do not want to argue with that akki fan. This is a simple English man, and if u can’t understand then go to mental hospital and fix ur brain.


  • hi @marz , don’t try to persuade this peaple coz they will not ever understand which actor you support as they can’t afford to understand which one is good , king khan or poor lallu.

    All in all good luck for KRISHH3.

  • @sachin11 give me a break you say hrithik can’t give solo hits you need to check your facts before opening your mouth

  • @sachin, oh then what about my name is khan, chak de india, DDLJ, kuch kuch hota hain etc? They were blockbuster and clean hits with any big superstar.

  • @husseinou, thanks for understanding me.
    Srsly man salman fans ko samjhana matlab kichad me patthar marna.

  • s won the Best Actor award [Pithamagan]. But it is impossible to believe he was better than Hrithik in Koi…Mil Gaya. A performance like that comes once in a blue moon. Why didn’t they give the special jury award to Hrithik instead of Manoj Bajpai for Pinjar?”

    Jan 2008- Darsheel Safare: “I love Hrithik Roshan. He’s the best actor, the best dancer and he has the best body in the world,” gushes Darsheel.

    May 2008- Madhuri Dixit: “I would love to act with him. Actually I would love to dance with him! I remember Hrithik from the days when he was assisting on Koyla and would often wonder aloud if he would ever make it as a star. It’s good to see him successful.”

    May 2008- Nakuul Mehta: “I want to be as good an actor as Hrithik, but I am not trying to copy him. There are other newcomers who look much more like Hrithik. If I have blue eyes, it’s not my fault. I don’t make a conscious decision that my mannerisms should be like his. I have my own personality, which is very visible in the film.”

    May 2008- Imran Khan: “I study everything he does, even his ads, he knows what sells, he’s sincere to his craft, he has a connect with the audience, and talent — that Hrithik has 110 per cent, what a winning combo!”

    Jan 2007- Shekhar Kapur: I saw ‘Dhoom 2’ and was swayed by the technical finesse that Hindi films have come up with. They are almost on par with international standards. The only thing I find lacking in them is, the lack of good and original subjects. And mark my words, India has an international star in Hrithik Roshan.

    Fab 2007- Rakhi Sawant: I loved Dhoom:2 and the kiss between Ash and Hritik was just sensational. I don’t know why it’s being made into such a big deal. I am a huge Hrithik fan and have performed with him on numerous shows. He and Sussanne are the sweetest people anyone can ever meet. I would love to do even a small role in his film.”

    Apr 2007- Farhan Akthar: If I think of the movies that I’ve made as a filmmaker, or even if they weren’t my films, I couldn’t imagine someone else being in it. I can’t imagine Karan Shergill not being Hritik Roshan.

    Apr 2007- Boman Irani: “I am so happy that Abhishek has come of age and so has Riteish and John, Hrithik has matured into a fabulous actor.

    Apr 2007- Priyanka Chopra: On screen, his charisma is super-hot. Off screen, he’s my buddy, someone just too sweet to be hot!

    Apr 2007- Katrina Kaif: “I think he is one of the most romantic heroes in the industry today. To be wooed by him on screen would be fun!”

    Apr 2007- Neil Mukesh : I wouldn’t call myself as a look-alike. Many people think that. For me personally, it’s a very big thing. If you are comparing me with one of the best looking men in the world then I will grab it as a huge compliment. Hrithik works very hard, he is superb in all his performances, he is the best dancer in our industry, and it’s going to take me many years to even come to the level of grace and sharpness that Hrithik possesses.

    May 2007- Aamir Khan: “Hrithik (Roshan) is a good actor and a popular star.”

    May 2007- Madhuri Dixit: Abt the current movies, she is fulsome praise for hrithik roshan’s performance in Dhoom2. She says ” He was wonderful in the film. His body language, the theraav were amazing” !!!

    May 2007- Anurag Basu: “Hrithik is the Biggest Star today in the industry”

    Sep 2007- Neil Mukesh: “He’s been very supportive. I know him since Mr Kher’s workshop and when I was assisting on Mujhse Dosti Karogi. We also did a show in Holland where he performed so I’ve observed his working style a lot. You can say that we have a working rapport. He always knew that I wanted to get into acting and told me that if I need any kind of help I just need to call him once.”

    Dec 2007- Sushmita Sen: Hrithik and Ranbir bring in that innate sense of freshness that reminds one of great cinema

    2007 Kangana Ranout: “In a world filled with dishonourable intentions, Hrithik is such a thorough gentleman. He knows how to make a lady feel very special. He spoke to me as if I was the best actress in the world. I think his wife Sussanne is very lucky. Where can I find a husband like that?”

    2007 Shiamak Davar : “I love Hrithik,He is phenomenal. People say I make him look good, but the truth is he’s the one who makes me look good!”

    May 2006- Priyanka Chopra: “But before that there’s ‘Krrish’ in June. And I’m really excited about it. Duggu (Hrithik Roshan) is awesome in the film. And if I may say so, I make quite an attractive pair with him. You mark my words, ‘Krrish’ is going to rock.”

    Dec 2006- Sunil Shetty: Krrish : The best action film in recent times. Hrithik’s really god’s child. The boy is extremely dedicated. He gives his best to every scene and makes them breathtaking. The shot where he flies is marvellous. So are all his other stunts. Hrithik has done even the emotional scenes so well. He is truly a superhero. For me, after Krrish, he is the Indian James Bond.

    Dec 2006- Amrita Rao:Hrithik Roshan- perfection personified. He has great facial features, coveted height, sexy physique. He’s India’s finest actor today. And, to top of it all, he genuinely humble.

    2006J Om Prakash :“And yet Bhagwan Dada was a landmark film for me. Hrithik had a small role as a kid in that film and I was good enough a judge of talent to realize that he was super-star material 15 years before Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai. Today when I watch Hrithik enact that one scene as both father and son in Krrish, I realize with great joy that my assessment was right, and that no actor of his generation can touch him!

    2006Saibal Chatterjee: In a brief span of half a decade, the actor has seen all the ups and downs of stardom, but he has faced the vicissitudes without ever losing his grip on his career and craft. He has held his ground with the tenacity of a man who knows that he has worked diligently for whatever he has achieved.”

    2006 Anna Singh : “I share perfect creative synergy with him. Usually, when I give 100 per cent of my energy, my stars have only 60 per cent to offer. But Hrithik gives 110 per cent. There’s a great marriage of thought. He is an angelic boy who has got it all right.”

    2006 Satya (gym instructor): ‘He’s so down to earth, at times he has to be reminded that he is

    Hrithik. He always has nice things to say about people, he’s a superb humen being.’

    May 2003- Priyanka Chopra: “Oh, he’s a fantastic dancer… Hrithik’s dancing is clean and methodical and coupled with those very vulnerable expressive eyes, it’s very appealing. Sexy man!”

    May 2003- Lara Dutta: “Hrithik is one of the best looking men in the industry and a good chunk of sex appeal lies in his feet. Any girl would be turned on by the way he dances.”

    June 2003- Khalid Mohammed: While working on Fiza, he always came prepared, says filmmaker and critic Khalid Mohammed. “He understood the finer nuances of the role and added much to the character. He is one of the best among the present generation of actors.”

    Aug 2003- Abhishek Bachchan: “I disagree completely (that if an actor is good at traits like dancing or action, he is restricted to that image.) I believe that skills like dancing and action are part of acting. There are many critics who write off actors saying ‘He is just a good dancer’, or, ‘he is great at action’. “But I believe you have to be a good performer to be able to do these things too. Like many say Hrithik Roshan is just a fabulous dancer. You have to work with him to believe what a great performer he is. The kind of dedication and hard work he puts in all his scenes is simply amazing. He is an all-rounder. You cannot be good in just one arena.

    That will never take you through your entire career.”

    Aug 2003- Ashutosh Gowariker: Lagaan director Ashutosh Gowariker says, Hrithik’s performance in Koi Mil Gaya will go down in history as a reference point for a long time to come. Ashutosh spoke to Hrithik for nearly 45 minutes and discussed every nuance of his performance. He told Hrithik that his performance tugged at his heartstrings

    Oct 2003- Salman Khan: “Have you seen the caliber of these kids who’re coming up? Have people seen how Hrithik Roshan dances? Even if I rehearsed for five years I wouldn’t be able to match it. Watch him in Koi Mil Gaya-it’s his time now. He’s going to kick ass.”

    Dec 2003- John Abraham – John Abraham when asked how he felt about Aetbaar being first offered to Hrithik who turned it down: “Hrithik is a classmate of mine from school and I did speak to him about it, but he said that it was not so. But it is ok by me coz he is a superstar. By the grace of God, today I am in a position where even I cannot do justice to all the projects that come my way. So someone else does them, but that does not mean anything. Anyways it is not uncomplimentary to be doing a role that might have been offered to Hrithik Roshan. I would take it as a compliment, he is a superstar.” …Irrespective of hits and flops, I think Duggu is in the blood of every child. I have a long way to go yet.”

    Dec 2003- Aditi Gowitrikar: “(When I was asked to do the ad with Hrithik) I was in complete shock, basically. I packed my suitcase in the night and in the morning when my alarm rang- as my flight was at 5’o clock- I thought it was a dream. I thought all this was, like not true. Only when I got up and saw my suitcase did I believe that, “okay, I am doing this ad with Hrithik” “I think Hrithik, as a professional and as a person, is one of the very very few people I can count on my fingers who is successful and yet hasn’t forgotten his roots are. He is still on mother earth. He has no airs about him. He is very humble. Yet, he is aware that he is a successful actor. So that makes him unique.” “The tap dance was very much real. He himself did it; he practiced very hard for it. I would have probably taken 100 times more time to do something that perfect.” “My family and friends were very happy. I have done a lot of ads before the coke ad, but the kind of response I got for this was like nothing I had got before. The number one reason was Hrithik Roshan, of course.”

    27 Nov, 2002- Lata Mangeshkar: Lataji was asked who of the current lot of actors is her favourite: “I believe Hrithik Roshan eats, lives and breathes his work. Who sirf apne kaam ke baarey mein sochta hai. There are so many good

    artistes who haven’t had a successive run of hits. Does that make them any less as artistes? To hound him for his failures is not right. I’ve become a big fan of Hrithik. But when he meets me with so much affection and respect

    in public, I’m unable to express my appreciation for him.”

    23 Nov, 2002- Preity Zinta: ” Hrithik Roshan knows where his career stands today and he has a talent and potential enough to make amends though he doesn’t bring his plan of action on the sets along with him.”

    2001- Amitabh Bachchan: ‘He is already a big megastar. Hrithik Roshan is an exemplary artist who has many credible facets to his personality, both as an actor, and as a human being. I can only rate him at the highest number.

    10 June, 2001- Sunil Shetty:(When handing out an award for Best Newcomer to Hrithik) “We also have to congratulate all those other boys because they have competition like this (Hrithik) so you can’t blame them for not winning

    t his award. So I think we need to give all the other boys a big hand (as well) because here’s a 20 on 10 and I think the nearest one can get is a 10 on 10. But how do you compete with something like this.”

    16 July, 2001- Neha: “I consider myself plain lucky,” she says. “While all the young girls in the industry were fighting tooth-‘n’-nail for a film with Hrithik Roshan, Khalid Mohamed cast me opposite him. Aaja mahiya became a rage. God is kind.”

    21 Sept, 2001- Sanjay Dutt: “When Mission Kashmir started rolling, Hrithik wasn’t a national craze. He was a scared boy who constantly kept asking me questions. Hrithik’s like a younger brother, he’s come up so fast.”

    Dec 2000- Shabana Azmi:My mother absolutely adores Hrithik Roshan and, at the same time, little kids are hysterical about him. There’s no age group that’s been left untouched by Hrithik mania. Kuch to baat hogi ladke mein (there’s bound to be something special about the boy).

  • maachykne lallu ko fans haru……hrithik does not have solo hits re…….kaho na pyaar hai…. mein kya lallu aayaatha doom hilaate hue support karne k liye??

  • A lot of fans are jealous of other actors where was salman before wanted was he in bollywood or tollywood

  • @marz ur giving free publicity 2 salman thanku hw much u hate tht much ppl love salman…love hritik luv salman…srk sucks…

  • krissh3 is best superhero movie in the world…even salman fans are wid u…hritik said in karan johar interview salman got only love for me….sherkhan also superhit…

  • if salman fans are jealous thy never support aamir gud work film industry..we luv hritik,aamir,akki and ajay…everyone knw who his jealous wen mohabatein which consists of amitabh and srk lost new comer and future superstar hritik…hritk ur best

  • @marz wen kaho na pyaar hai released and become blockbuster salman or aamir or akki never got jealous or nervous abt it…only ur idol afraid of mighty he cant beat him..he became gud frd of him..just loser lik u…

  • wow wow, @at lallu fans, u think just by praising hrithik and commenting bad stuffs on srk would break the friendship between srk and hrithik fans? any one can understand why u lallu fans are here and this is only enough to show how much u hate srk and hrithik. SRK and Hrithik fans will always be together no matter how much u guys try to create rift between them.

  • @akki fan don’t spam here.bollywood industry people always praises each other but the people who watch movies in theatre does not praises like this for HRITHIK.common people only love AAMIR N SALMAN.

  • @lallu fans, i can even prove that u guys have no heart for hrithik as well, look at SACHIN a lallu fan, the one is going on blaming srk and hrithik. NOW TO ALL LALLU FANS JUST STOP CREATING ACOUNTS JUST TO SHOW UR FAKE SUPPORT.


  • @sachin 11 leave hritik he is not lyk srk..he is not jealous of anyone…lik chamleon srk changes always once gud frd of salman…wen salman got bad phase so use of him…materialistic so called king…

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