Shahrukh Khan in Krrish 3?

We all know Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan are good friends off-screen. Infact, when in town, Hrithik and Sussanne are regulars at most parties held at Mannat, SRK’s residence in Bandra.

Over the years, the two have worked together in several films. Apart from playing major roles in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, SRK agreed to do an item number for Krazzy 4, produced by Rakesh Roshan. Last year, Hrithik made a special appearance in Don 2 and now, SRK is all set to return the favour.

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According to reliable sources, Rakesh Roshan has asked SRK for a small cameo in Krrish 3 and the later has agreed to squeeze time out from his busy schedule, to shoot for the scene in the next few weeks.

Infact, Rakesh Roshan had initially approached SRK to play the negative role in Krrish. But when things didn’t work out, Vivek Oberoi was signed to play the arch-nemesis to Krrish.



  • Salman veer,main aur mrs. Khanna, london dreams. Hattrick and in row 14 flops. Salman aukad nahi eid k alawa film release karne ki. Check aamir khan info on indicine there are minimum 10 hits and all flop and below average. Srk and hrithik are blockbuster stars.

  • I donno why these days hrithik is behaving such a stupid & childish way by doing cameo in a crap film like don 2 and again offering him to do a cameo in krissh 3.I just think his stardom is more than enough to make his film a major success.

  • By chance kabhi khusi kabhi gham was appreciated becoz of amitabh.Then after everyone saw the combination and cameos of srk & hrithik led to an all time blockbuster hits like krazzy 4,luck by chance,don 2.Now krishh 3 is going to join this gang soon.

  • I cant believe this news..heard the same news at time of agneepath..i guess the meeting was all about VFX not any cameo..

  • Jish Mohabbat me Dewangi na ho ush mohabbat to mohabbat e nehi Aur jish film me SRK na ho ush film to film he nehi. Samja?


  • @sachin, get the hell out of here, Amir’s 3idiots wouldn’t have worked if sharman and madhavan were’ not there, and salman I must say OMG, have u seen yuvraaj and jan-e-man? Even these movies had famous superstars still it failed. Salman is no longer a superstar, he is a media made superstar and over rated actor.

  • @marz even ur idol is no longer superstar…ryt now only akki is superstar and mega star…yashji next cant break rowdy rathore life time…

  • it’ll be a treat to watch srk and hrithik together in this movie…..krrish 3 will be a all time blockbuster movie for sure…first day around will be near 40 crs…krrish 3 will shattered all records of box office…hrithik rocks…love you hrithik..

  • @rathore, stop trying interfere between srk and salman fans. And I don’t want to argue with u.
    Opening collection of Krish3—— 50cr
    krish3 will be universal all time blockbuster and it’s the universal truth

  • @marz saala ur not srk fan ur akki fan tryin 2 create rift btw salman and srk fans..get life u idiot..ur tryin spread negative things here loser…

  • @hritik, stop it yar, I am SRK’s fan and the rift between srk and lallu took place long time ago and it’s impossible to reunite. And who the hell told u I am akki’s fan? Dude get a life man, I am speaking against salman and where did akki come from? Sachin spoke against srk and hrithik and what’s that? There that Sallu fan’s are commenting against hrithik and now u are hrithik fan and didn’t effect and instead u are blaming me that I am akki fan? If u are true hrithik fan u would not say this. And I don’t even think u are hrithik fan as well.

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