Shahrukh Khan gets Morocco’s Medal Of Honour

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was conferred with Morocco’s prestigious Medal of Honour at the Marrakech International Film Festival.

The film festival is a tribute to Hindi Cinema’s 100 years and the biggest of Bollywood superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh were present for the festival.

After the tribute, Prince Moulay Rachid hosted a dinner for Indian delegation of Bollywood actors. At the royal dinner, Rachid presented Shah Rukh with Medal of Honour of Morocco.

Shah Rukh also tweeted his picture with the medal. “Thanks for the honour and happiness. All the best for the rest of the festival,” he tweeted.

SRK became only the second actor after Amitabh Bachchan to be honoured with the Medal of Honour of Morocco by Morocco’s King Mohammed.

Raymond Bickson, Shahrukh Khan at Taj Palace MarrakechRaymond Bickson, Shahrukh Khan at Taj Palace Marrakech

SRK at Marrakech Film FestivalSRK at Marrakech Film Festival

12th Marrakech Film Festival12th Marrakech Film Festival – Film critic Anupama Chopra (second from right)

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  • @king i am a srk fan but dabang2 ll not do more business than ett bcs of its content..this movie for indian people.

  • Fact k786 is not b grade movie its a bollywood movie but they done action in over the top manner dont know people accept or not

  • @rajesh…
    yaar…i don’t want to comment on Dabangg 2 or ETT…
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    i only used to reply those peoples ,who comment negatively on a page related to SRK…
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    hope u ll understand…??

  • @ king.. well i agree that srk is famous overseas than salman…but he’s not far ahead than salman in overseas….do u agree on this point..??

    @rajesh if salman wasn’t famous overseas ett wouldn’t have done 60 crores!!! u idiot!

  • @king i understand..i also dont care for remakes movies..salman doing movies with his own choice doesnt mean that they are craps..atleast he is regaining his star power back..hope u agree

  • @tejas…
    ya i am agree with u…
    that salman,aamir and hritik are equally famous after srk at the top…
    plz show me a single comment of mine…which was abusive..and i posted it about salman…???
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  • Fact for me only imran hashmi is like b grade actors nd movies which has adult content not watchable with parents

  • @tejas i agree nd i said in my previous comments also srk has 13 movies out of 25..have doubt then check in this site top overseas grossess movies page…

  • Pehle amir aur salman ke rcrd ko thodne do apne king ko..phir hum bhi srk ko king kahene..nahi toh hamare nazar mein woh ek actor ke alawa kuch bhi nahi hai..

  • Its not Srk, salman or aamir . . Its one and only Irfan khan representing india globaly. . Agree or not dis is a fact. . If some one say Srk is much famous than irfan khan in overseas then he has to consult a doctor. .

  • @fact it is his thinking..we are not here for change others thinking..every person has a fav hero nd he defends when someone talks negative abt his fav co star

  • tejas ett collected 59 crores in overseas while MNIK collected 120 crores approx till now nd u r saying that srk iz not far ahead than salman…..i salute u man…. let doubled da figure of ett(59+59=118)…still behind MNIK……….NICE JOKE MAN U R SOOOOO FUNNY…….

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    Cut to next movie…..students roll on skate boards in colleges that has all the freshly painted walls your will ever see, and this is is supposed to be actually 10-12 years back from when the story really starts (1998), so it should be around 1986 or 88, and i don’t remember any Indian school so sophisticated, decorated etc.,

    Once again there is a train, and a little daughter all set to unite his dad’s eternal love, who is about to marry, with oh so many coincidences.

    These kind of silly romantic lollipop movies killed SRK…..he was brilliant in Darr, but sadly he still romances around trees…..and people blaming Salman who has done romantic, family, action, comedy and delivered hits in all these genres.

  • Fact all 3 khans are best in their own styles fames nd telent..but you not accepting srks success….wake up dude

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