Shahrukh Khan gets Morocco’s Medal Of Honour

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was conferred with Morocco’s prestigious Medal of Honour at the Marrakech International Film Festival.

The film festival is a tribute to Hindi Cinema’s 100 years and the biggest of Bollywood superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh were present for the festival.

After the tribute, Prince Moulay Rachid hosted a dinner for Indian delegation of Bollywood actors. At the royal dinner, Rachid presented Shah Rukh with Medal of Honour of Morocco.

Shah Rukh also tweeted his picture with the medal. “Thanks for the honour and happiness. All the best for the rest of the festival,” he tweeted.

SRK became only the second actor after Amitabh Bachchan to be honoured with the Medal of Honour of Morocco by Morocco’s King Mohammed.

Raymond Bickson, Shahrukh Khan at Taj Palace MarrakechRaymond Bickson, Shahrukh Khan at Taj Palace Marrakech

SRK at Marrakech Film FestivalSRK at Marrakech Film Festival

12th Marrakech Film Festival12th Marrakech Film Festival – Film critic Anupama Chopra (second from right)

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  • now its clear that srk is biggest superstar after amit ji. no one can beat hai.its true megastar. eargly waiting for chennai express

  • Felt shocked on hearing what our king of bollywood & overseas has collected in 6 days in overseas with billions of fans,amir khan with 2-3 fans collected the same in 3 days.

  • Its true that who rule in india nd overseas is the king..srk ruling from 20 years thats why he called as king khan

  • Why srk is looking too old is he drinking too much or its natural. He needs to take care of his health and shape. He looks like 50+

  • Congrats SRK…
    this is an another slap for those actors who proclaim himself as the face of indian cinema….
    but they are nowhere at the global….
    SRK is representing indian cinema since last 20 yrs…and he will continue to do so….

  • @kumar 786….
    plz raise ur level up from those boxoffice collections etc etc….
    he has honored then talk abt it and by the way….they are not foolish people that they honor each and every ‘B’ grade actor…
    i think u’ll get what i said….

  • greatest award is ur film being liked & being watched by people ….& that too in theatres ..not on youtube or other networking sites!!!

  • @ samar anand you are 100 % right if you change your above comment a little….just remove the dot afte’no’….it should be like this:-

    everyone knows that he is no 1….am i right??

    and answer to ur question:- yes sir he no 1 that famous you are 100 % right!!!! hahahahahaha

  • @tejas…definitely….what u said , is greatest award…
    so..what do u think…???
    he did’nt liked or watched by peoples….
    r u fool….??
    ya…his movies are not earning as much much as salman’s movies..but it never means that he did’nt liked…
    still he has fans like us who will get queued for his each movie first-day-first-show….

  • @fact…
    so why are u getting emotional…
    in ur views..who is a ‘B’ grade actor….???
    i think …definitely someone who is close to ur i right…???

  • @ king r u fool??..ans my que.. why do u call srk a global king /superstar etc….

    see raone made 45 crores overseas….bodyguard made 42 crores

    don2 made 65 crores & jthj will do 70-75 crores max…. while ett did 60 crores without releasing in pakistan….
    well i agree that mnik did 100 crores overseas…but it was becoz of script..but y not his other films beaten salman’s other films by huge margins?? means at max they have beaten salman’s films by 15 crores….so by addition of just 15 crores u mean shahrukh is face of india & worldwide ? & salman is nothing in overseas?

  • @tejas…forget the collections bcoz if u talk abt collections then according to wikipedia…
    in top 10 overseas grossers…7 films are given by srk…
    so any other actor is nowhere against SRK…
    second thing…if ur movies are doing business, then this thing alone can’nt help u to be the global face….
    the appreciation is must…
    as u can see..he is the only second actor to get this award….
    in madam tusad meusiam also…he was the first actor to get a place there from his generation….
    there are a lot of examples…which clearly show who is the global face…

  • @ king i agree that collections are not every thing…but these awards just don’t mean that srk is global face…..

    well see in 2004 salman was voted as the 7th best looking man in world & best in asia by the “people” magzine hope u know about this magzine….

    in 2006 salman was the first to star in a hollywood film :- marigold with famous american actress ali larter…..i agree that marigold failed…but note the words : “1st bollywood actor to star in lead role”….

    in 2008 when his statue was uneviled at madame tussauds his statue was the most kissed statue in the world…ahead of all stars..bollywood or hollywood…& the statue is still in top 5 list always….

    well there r many reasons where i can also prove that salman is also worldwide known phenomenon!

  • @ king also talking about collections…talaash broke jthj 3day overseas collections…

    jthj 3day:- 18.5 cr (650 screens)
    talaash 3day:- 19-20 cr(520 screens)!!!

  • @tejas…
    don’t make a list yaar…
    u better know that if srk achievements will be listed then a comment page will be left short….
    and these are non-sense things that his statue is kissed most times…
    if someone is kissing then it means that he is good looking..not a global face or etc…
    there are a lot more good looking actors in bollywood whose looks are far better than SRK..
    but it does’nt mean that they are better than SRK….
    by the way….i never said that salman is nowhere in overseas….
    but if u compare SRK and salman in terms of overseas…then i don’t want to clarify…
    ask to ur heart….
    who is superior…

  • @tejas in india salmans movies doing extra ordinary now a days..but salman name in overseas still people unaware of hi name…srk is famous in india nd overseas also..srk has 13 movies out of 25 remaining other actors in overseas..nd for your kind info jthj made 23cr in 3 days

  • SRK got lots of award in india as well as overseas in view of his acting….
    Salmaan got only one or two award in view of his personality not his acting…
    SRK is always counted one of three Legends of Indian cinema with Deelip Kumar and amitabh Bacchan
    So other actor is no cometent ahead of SRK
    SRK is Consistent Superstar other AATE-ZAATE SUPERSTAR

  • Hello tejas just wash ur face clearly,taalash hasn’t collected more than jthj in overseas,becoz u dnt have salman movie in overseas to say,thats y u r taking name of amir

  • @tejas…
    so now u have proved it…
    from the starting…i have been saying that SRK has not a fixed rival…
    sometimes he is compared with akki,sometimes with aamir, sometimes with salman……
    and u r doing the same thing…
    why have u introduced aamir here….
    now as u introduced then i want to declare it then talk me when u get the lifetime overseas collections of both JTHJ and TALAASH…..
    moreover…also compare the overseas collections of JTHJ and Dabangg 2…

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