Shahrukh Khan at Yasmin Morani’s Birthday Party: Photos

From dancing with fans outside his Bandra residence, to almost creating a stampede outside several theatres on Sunday to Yasmin Morani’s birthday bash – Shahrukh Khan is everywhere!

SRK has always been quoted as saying that box office collections dont mean much to him, but looking at the way the superstar is basking in the glory after the success of his latest film Chennai Express – it proves yet again that there is nothing quite as sweet as box office success, irrespective of your past achievement or superstar status.

Back to the topic, below are a few pictures we managed to click at Yasmin Morani’s Birthday Bash last weekend.

SRK at Yasmin Morani's birthday bash

SRK at Yasmin Morani’s birthday party

Shahrukh Khan at Yasmin Morani's birthday bash

Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi

Isha Koppikar at Yasmin Morani's birthday bash

Isha Koppikar at Yasmin Morani’s birthday bash

Aftab Shivdasani at Yasmin Morani's birthday bash

Aftab Shivdasani at Yasmin Morani’s birthday bash

Kabir Bedi with wife Mini Mathur

Kabir Bedi with wife Mini Mathur

Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna



  • In the past Srk use to say that Box office collection does not matter to him and the reason was that he had not even a single record under his belt but “CE” has broken some records so suddenly he contradicted himself and dancing everywhere.So Finally it is proved that Box office collection matter the most for any star otherwise the actor who does Class movies(according to his fans) is doing commercial masala movie.Oh sorry there was some Class in the movie “CE” and that class was “THIRD” Class.

  • @sachin……ur frustration is coming out through ur comment hahahahaha jst feeling awsm…bt plz buddy dnt get toooooooo frustrated coz u hav to keep some frustration left fr mental….hhahahh

  • Ha ha ha @sachin 11 ur
    comments made me to roll on d
    floor laughing…
    Huhhhh grow upp man
    An intelligent person wil say k
    marks dont matter foh him…
    Dat doest mean if he wil score
    well he wil not get pleased..!!
    Same foh shahrukh…hezz just
    like us ‘common man’…
    Celebrares wen hez happy…
    Thrilled wen matches r goin on
    angry wen gets hurt n humble
    alwaezzz(though some time
    loses his temper)
    Soo plzzz take a chill pill… U
    ppl find mistakes in every next
    speech/article given by srk to
    bring him down… But wid
    every movie no matter wat it
    collects hez goin high n high…

  • @ Sachin, obviously Box office collections are everything for commercial stars like SRK or salman etc. They are not fine actors who will get the critics excited with their acting, they are superstars who will make their financers happy. They are nothing if their films don’t make it big at box office, they can’t survive based on thier acting skills…………So the box office collections are all that matters for the stars who can’t act….

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