Shahrukh Khan and the History of Diwali Clashes!

It would not be wrong to state that SRK’s superstardom has been scripted mostly due to the festival of lights. Long before other superstars could claim their stake on the Diwali festivity, the ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’ has lent the auspicious festival his box office vigour. Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan will be his 10th (Yes, you read it right) Diwali release in his illustrious career spanning more than two decades.

His earlier Diwali releases were Baazigar (1993), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), Dil To Pagal Hai (1997), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Mohabbatein (2000), Veer Zaara (2004), Don (2006), Om Shanti Om (2007) and Ra.One (2011). All of these movies have created history in one way or the other. SRK’s foolproof 100% Diwali record raises the stakes for his upcoming release Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar – This Year

What makes the record all the more special, is the fact that he has won all the major clashes, with several other biggies that competed against his film. Below mentioned is the list of SRK’s historic Diwali clashes.

  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998): A dream David Dhawan project starring Amitabh Bachchan – Govinda with superhit music clashed with an SRK rom-com Kuch Kuch Hota Hai directed by debutant Karan Johar. Both films did well eventually but Kuch Kuch Hota Hai overshadowed the comic caper and went on to become an ‘All Time Blockbuster’ breaking many records.
  • Mohabbatein – Mission Kashmir (2000): Hrithik Roshan was a national-craze after the mega success of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. On the other hand SRK’s releases in 2000, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and Josh, failed to live upto expectations. But his never-say-die spirit resurfaced again as Aditya Chopra’s Mohabbatein became a blockbuster. Mission Kashmir got a bigger initial but failed to sustain at the box office.
  • Veer Zaara / Aitraaz / Mughal-E-Azam / Naach (2004): Yash Chopra’s Veer Zaara emerged the first choice for cinegoers for Diwali 2004 ahead of Abbas Mustan’s Aitraaz, the colored version of Mughal-E-Azam and Ram Gopal Varma’s Naach. Though Aitraaz and Mughal-E-Azam turned out to be an average grossers, Naach was a disaster. Veer Zaara went on to be the biggest hit of the year.
  • Don – Jaan-E-Mann (2006): This was a biggie – Shahrukh Khan’s Don squared up against Salman and Akshay Kumar’s Jaan-e-mann. The result? SRK won yet again. Although Jaan-e-Mann was a well made film with melodious music, it failed to match the might of the Don.
  • Om Shanti Om – Saawariya (2007): Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om clashed with master director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. The later’s film was much-hyped, as it was the launch vehicle of two star kids Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor. Pre-release, SRK promised to ‘destroy’ Saawariya.. which he eventually did as OSO went on to be the biggest grosser of year, while Saawariya tanked after a good initial.

Last year too witnessed a clash, but one that was much smaller in scale. Ra One released with two smaller films Damadamm  and Tell Me O Khudda.

Now, the big question – Shahrukh Khan is all set to take on Ajay Devgan this year, as Jab Tak Hai Jaan clashes with Son of Sardaar. The scenario is slightly different this year – action comedies are raking in the moolah at the box-office, while several romantic films have failed to make a mark. Also, SOS is a remake of a very successful south Indian film. The odds are once again stacked against SRK..

Can Shahrukh make it 10 in a row for Diwali? What will be the outcome of the 2012 Diwali Clash? Vote now!

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  • @DJ- but the difference between shahrukh n salman is that salman luks younger n handsome @suri- didnt u know actors use body double for action scenes? This has been happening for decades n every actor uses body double depending upon their health n risk factor, so whats new???

  • @DJ- salman removes his shirt just for a scene dude.. Whereas srk stammers, shivers like a wet rat n makes goat like sounds throughout the movie

  • @Shahid. it is only first part,so let me tell you the next part, the script for ett was written way back in october 2009 and mr.anand panga claims that he registered his work in march,2011. mr. aditya chopra and kabir khan are going to sue him for this false charges for 2 crores or more. and any way this cheap publicity craps like anand are doing it for publicity and nothing else, the same way how bhikari khan srk does all the time. he is looking like a grandfather who has tuberculosis in his JTHJ.

  • salman looks like pig lol
    @rizam, Well srk is looking like grandfather so what?? at least he is not looking like a animal like salman who looks like a pig.

  • @suri. be careful beta with ur words against salman, if his countless fans take ur words seriously, then they surely will make you a physically handicapped person in future. so be careful, zara apna beja (agar hai) to use kar warna…………………

  • @JJ..of course they do bt i dnt really remember any recent films where you can so clearly recognize the bd…forget about the jumps,that was some simple fist fight bro..and just for xmple, if tom cruise can do everything without bd at 50(i am not comparing them)…so why an action star like him needs a bd for a simple hand to hand???

  • Just for the clarification of all those who are thinking that Asoka was a Diwali release,
    Asoka was released on October 26,2001 which was Dussehra weekend and not Diwali. Sunny Deol’s Indian released alongside it.

  • srk movies mostly perform much better in overseas than in india, so it is better to kick him off to foreign countries as his movies are the the most disgusting craps in india and only some of stupid srk fans like them in india.

  • @rizam, that is a universal fact of srk??? No no may be u got a wrong info dude. Pls stop putting srk’s name in place of salman for saving his respect.

  • hello @jacob..I am so really scared right now!!! the fact is your gussa wont help salman for sure..he still will be overweight(can gain some though)..and stop behave like salman,see.. you guys can be recognized easily…sabko gussa thoda jyada aata hain..i said something and you’ve come up with personal attack…sunbe jo tu ho nahi sakta wo banne ka koushish mat kar ishi me tera vala hain…wo jo mental physicl bol wala baat raha tha na wo tujhe maloom bhi nahi kya hain..dnt go in my sweet words chotu,so be sporty and stay cool….this the way we srk fans are….dont angry us!!!!!!

  • @Marz its like me saying i am a salman fan…come on,you ain’t a srk fan,if you were you would’ve been upset but not so damn sure about the box office…by the way nice try….not sure though what you were trying to do….

  • I am really worried to see Kat wid i lost her also..i am a 46 year old buddah…nobody likes to marry me..what to do?marry shera?fans pls advise

  • Salman Khan cant act…

    He’s just a shirt removing entertainer…
    i advice him to work with sunny leone and show his pathetic body to get applauds from his illterate fans…

  • @suri, I am a die hard srk fan. U know actually i had a big fight with salman-akshay fans long time ago.
    They failed to quarrel against me and thats why those loosers are using my name.
    If any one is using my name and saying some bad stuffs against srk then its not the real marz.

  • no one can beat SRK, all the other actor bite the dust when they take panga with srk.
    Jab tak hai jaan will be a blockbuster

  • @suri- honestly i didnt see any bd in fist 2 fist action scenes.. But even if there was it might have had it reasons.. Remember salman was not at his best of health during the shoot of ett

    @JJ, pls stop joking yar, just go and watch ett how ugly and fat he is. JUST LIKE A PIG.

  • Here is the verdict of King Khan Diwali releases.

    1. Baazigar- Hit, Best Actor
    2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge- All Time Blockbuster in India and Overseas, Best Actor
    3. Dil To Pagal hai- Super Hit in India,Blockbuster in Overseas, Best Actor
    4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- All Time Blockbuster in India and Overseas, Best Actor
    5. Mohabbatein- Super Hit in India and Blockbuster in Overseas, Best Actor Critics
    6. Veer Zaara- Super Hit in India and All Time Blockbuster in Overseas
    7. Don-Hit in India and Blockbuster in Overseas
    8. Om Shanti Om- Blockbuster in India and All Time Blockbuster in Overseas
    9. RA.One- Hit in India and Super Hit in Overseas

    Recent movies of Ajay Devgan’s Tezz and Akshay Kumar’s Joker was rejected by majority audiences and are all time disasters not collecting even 25 crores. Same thing happened with RA.One but it collected 115+8-123 crores nett and became a hit.It collected close to $ 10 million in Overseas. This is called Star Power. Jab Tak Hain Jaan will create history at the box office.

  • @DJ. mere bete tu bachpan se pagal hei, iska matlab ye nahi hei ki jo bhi sach hei tujhe woh joke lage. srk is not even a human, woh tho goat,donkey,pig and monkey sab ke milan ka n@j#yis @ul#d hei.

  • @DJ ka baap. mere bete tu bachpan se pagal hei, iska matlab ye nahi hei ki jo bhi sach hei tujhe woh joke lage. Salman is not even a human, woh tho goat,donkey,pig and monkey sab ke milan ka n@j#yis @ul#d hei.

  • Actually if u hate someone then dont give him importance.Hater r really helping to increase the buzz.Im not srk fan.Same thing happend to Ett.

  • Dear Abhishek sir & indicine team,a film cannot be called hit if local distributors lose money. In the case of Raone local distributors lost money in the range of one crore to two crore. If you go by your theory,films like Force would be given superhit status instead of flop,because the losses the distributors suffered was very small compared to Raone. Raone should be called average or below average. As Salman fans say Raone cannot be called as disaster also. EROS bought the distribution rights for Raone for 135 crore & it got 120 crores in India. At the same time, Salman’s films such as Main Aur Mrs.Khanna can be called disaster because it could not recover even 1/4 th of the budget. From 2008,even flops of Shahid Kapoor & Emraan Hashmi collected more than 10 crore. A humble request to Salman fans, you should give your comments with your ids rather than with duplicates. You are saying you are the fan of tiger,biggest superstar etc. ,you should have the courage atleast to give your comment with original id

  • b4 i continue i must right that em a fan of all 3 srk,salman & aamir.
    well everyone knows that every rise has a pity for srk that his fall has arrived..
    moreover JTHJ will be a hit but not as big as ETT or 3 idiots..
    it’s not about good or bad’s just about more money more profit….
    as DTPH was never a good film…it was a mediocre product but diid gr8 bzns…
    now coming toward sos and JTHJ…be4 release can’t comment which will be better but for sure sos will beat jthj..moreover times are gone when salman and amir were compared to srk ,,just bcz he had bb like k2h2,ddlj,k3g etc…just becz they were higher grossers…now srk is compared to salman and amir..
    lyk MNIK vs 3idiots
    or ra 1 vs bodyguard, dabbang etc..
    it’s just time which changes ..and for srk his flavour is almost at the end..
    however for salman he got the flavour of peak with the end phase…as well as aamir too..(though they had bb at their initial & mid phase ..but srk was ahead…moreover #1 spot revolved around srk, aamir and salman)
    so it’s time for salman & amir…srk dyz are gone..
    plus for Ra1 indicine ra 1 is not a hit..even ashoka was not a hit….
    so just check your stats indicine b4 posting articles..10 in a row…
    my prediction SOS will effect JTHJ badly…..

  • Ajay Devgn is a very good actor & his two national awards for best actor joining the likes of actors like Amitabh Bachan,Kamal Hassan, Mammooty,Mohanlal etc. But the Salman fans who say Ajay is a good actor now, should repeat this if Salman & Ajay’s film clash in future also.

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