Shahrukh detained in US controversy : A publicity stunt?

Note – Questions below were submitted by a reader in the Ask Us section. These are not our views on the issue!

Ever since the news of Shahrukh Khan being detained in the US, broke. It has been a huge topic of discussion. One reader has dropped some questions for us to answer in the Ask Us section, he claims the incident is nothing more than a publicity stunt for SRK’s upcoming film My Name Is Khan.

1) Shahrukh did not accompany his baggage. So the US customs questioned him about his baggage where abouts. He was kept in a room for more than one hour. What is wrong with it? He was not beaten, he was not stripped of his clothes, he was not even abused. What is the problem?

2) As SRK has been to the US many of times but why only this time he faced the problem. Coincidence? I dont think so

3) In his first speech after this happened he said becuase ‘my name is khan’ clearly promoting his movie. As the news is international and his next movie is distributed by Fox studios, is it just afterall yet another publicity stunt for his film?



  • I submitted that comments, please give me credit for it Indicine. I also think Karan’s comments are too fake… Was srk raped? Give me a break!!!!!!!!

  • WoWW!! what sharukh khan do just to make a film popular!! and this is natural! almost everyone is checked! but i think this matter was extended a little too much with the whole racism thing! cause in America racism and that 2 such a huge star is impossible and can never happen!

  • I almost worked on this film…they paid me a cancellation fee because karan said I looked too mean to
    play the singing homeless guy. my friends said karan is a very nice fellow though. however I still wonder
    if this was a publicity stunt since it is very coincidentally about the very subject of profiling. no big deal if it was PR
    and shameful of the authorities if it was profiling. But I also recall they had some problems on the way into
    the country…with visas and that seems to me to be less likely to have been a publicity stunt. Anyway…thanks Suniel for at least asking the question. Made me feel I wasn’t the only one.

  • Yes,it is publicity stunt!!i read the news where they said they make only 1 hrs talk with SRK and it was also because of his bagage was missing..Really,I never thought SRK will make this kind of cheap publicity….Because his upcoming movie is my name is khan,he wanna make publicity For tht since movie is shot on US.I used to hate him but from this incident,i hate him even more.ALL SRK fan will think another way but the truth is tht this is all publicity stunt

  • What trick of publicity? About what you speak? The cinema is not finished yet, will leave on screens in half a year, yes for this time everyone will forget not only this history, but also many other things!!! Similar in the hatred to Шахрукху you have absolutely lost common sense! If you would like such publicity, I wish you to appear on its place and to test on myself all of charm of “interrogation”!!!

  • Ridiculous to call this a “publicity stunt”. USA is a police state, and SRK was a victim of paranoia and belligerence.

  • Dr.Shah Rukh Khan is best and doesnt need to say or do some thing for make his films Popular…MNIK is popular already,and has its own fans..please dont make this rubish buzzes!However nothing or no one can disturb his popularity!!

  • What Shilpa Shetty did two years ago, in UK, SRK is doing the same thing now in the US! Shilpa Shetty and her family and publicists, turned a mere cat fight into a debate on racism (during her Big Brother stint) andShilpa gained wordwide attention after that!Her career attained a new lifeline and she became an international icon – launching her own range of perfumes and even getting to meet the Queen of England!

    It’s the same thing that SRK seems to be trying to achieve! By chance such a thing happened to him and he cleverly decided to turn it into an international issue!

    He has said that such things have happened to him earlier too, and this is not the first time he went through this. Why didn’t he make such a hue and cry about it earlier? Why throw a tantrum only this time?

    Other huge stars like Mamooty, Aamir Khan, Irrfan Khan, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and even our former president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam have been frisked at US airports – they didn’t make an issue of it, the media didn’t report anything when these people went through an “ordeal”. Why such hype and hoopla over Mr. SRK?

    Where was the media, SRK’s friends and family and the Indian government, when even he was frisked fpr the fist time, a few years ago? Why have all of them woken up only now?

    Even the reason that SRK gave – “This happened to me because ‘my name is khan’.” seems to confirm this being a publicity stunt!

    It’s shameful how stars like Shilpa Shetty and SRK misuse the media, waste the government’s precious time and resources and try to jeopardize diplomatic relations between two countries for their own selfish motives!

    It’s truly a publicity stunt for himself and for MNIK, look how papers and sites not just in India but every country around the world, are reporting about SRK and his film. The New York Times even provided a link to the unofficial site of My Name is Khan in their article about this incident!

    Even Lord Meghnad Desai has said that that the whole thing seemed like a publicity stunt for Khan’s new film.

    “The U.S. government was an inadvertent accomplice to 20th Century Fox, which is investing millions in this movie,” he said.

    “This was a no-no for India-U.S. relations.”

  • Sandeep and allen.. u both r allien.. someone who is representing your country is in problem and u both, the burden of the country is making fun, insulting ur own nation rather than supporting.. u both r commenting for your cheap publicity.. go to hell

  • Beeky…U B****, Haklu Khan representing our nation…thats the only shamefull thing. sudeep mention it correct that Haklu Khan’s Fan will take it in another Way.
    Its not the 1st time he been to US…so why only this time he was questioned????
    All u Haklu Khan’s Fans go & read on NEWYORK TIMES….U will come to know how cheap this Haklu Can be to get publicity.

  • Look,SRK can say he was detained because his surname was Khan.But he said in IBN Channel”I was detained because my name is khan”Look how can his name be khan,isnt his surname khan.He think this is the best way to promote a movie My name is khan…………………………….Even though he was detained he have to said his surname is khan but y did he said my name is khan!!!!!!this is simple reason where u will find he is doing publicity

  • SRK is a hypocrite:

    Most of the fans of SRK and other Khan’s are from majority 80% H1ndus only, M0r0n this SRK is the biggest hypocrite, He is an US agent who is endorsing all these US based comapny products(Drinking coke and endorsing it even though there was a controversy regarding pesticides, endorsing nike shoes, wearing Gucci, Armani and being the 3rd highest endorser of US based products after MS Dhoni and Amitabh Bachchan).

    If he is so humiliated then till him to stop endorsing all these products, Tell him to stop goin to US and tell him to stop acting in advertiements of US based companies :-)

    Will he do that :-)

    Who is hypocrite now :-)

    Karan Johar and SRK are insult to Asia :-)

  • This is really very disturbing thing that is happening …..hw can SRK make a issue of this when our very own former president APJ Abdul Kalam did nothing…even kalam was frisked at airport but he did not raise any issue…it was only leaked after months by some unknown source….whatever SRK is doing is for 2 reasons : 1) SRK who has his film distributed to fOX studios is doing cheap publicity so that his worldwide fans cm to c his new movie…2) Also this whole episode will again bring a fight between 2 religions..A person of SRK status mentioning the name of KHAN (a muslim name )the cause of problem is unfortunate. HE may not bring peace between 2 religions but should not use his superstar status to make a uproar in the world…It is natural to be frisked and detained in airports for security and you have to respect that. Every country has their own rules..Tmrow SRK will raise a issue that he was checked for swine flu which is mandatory for a human being..Learn from APJ Abdul Kalam.

  • shahrukh is not a such type of actor to do such a cheap has even happened to ex president apj abdul kalam few days back but its not a us mistake too as they r concerned abt there security anybody who is to be blamed are terroist who created such a image of muslims…

  • well hi indicine team nd all my friends…firstly i think u guys have alot time…abt crtizising srk
    1.nw first make me one thing clear,,,, srk dont needs publicty, his name itself in the flim is big publicity,

    2.mnik in dis actors are shahrukh and kajol and it is directed by karan johar. is dis flim needs more publicty to get audience in, it itself a awaited a flim,

    3 rather thn thinking of publicity,,,we youth has to go nd raise our voice agains racisim tht is wht happning with us in all over d world…recently in australia,,,

    4. those people is shahrukh is been raped?? answer for those…rape would b d better option, if some one is teasing in d base tht jst u r momdem..

    5. now sachin rocki….ab all d companies are us based only…u also an indian lover,,,, thn y u drink pepsi?? they r us products….y u wear,,,branded t shitrs,,,they r also nt indian….nd y r u buying the tv,,,like samsung lg etc. they r also nt us products and ur point of shahrukh endorsing us products, answer is yes but he is a an indian brand ambessedor for all tht products,,,nt an us brand ambassador, i thik u got it,,,

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