‘Shahrukh and I are yet to take a call on the remaining cast’ – Rohit Shetty

Director Rohit Shetty who recently announced his film starring Shah Rukh Khan, has denied rumours of signing Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor.

Over the last few weeks, there have been reports circulating that the ‘Main Tera Hero’ and ‘2 States’ stars have been signed by Rohit to play Shahrukh’s siblings in the film.

Declining the rumours, Rohit said ”I may need two boys on board with Shahrukh Khan. However, I’m still writing the film and I have not given a narration to either Arjun or Varun, so it is unfair to use their names.”

The ‘Chennai Express’ director who waits the release of his latest film ‘Singham Returns’ said that the official announcement will be made after the script is ready. So far only Shahrukh has been confirmed to play the lead.

“Arjun and Varun are my boys. I knew Arjun’s mother, Monaji, personally. Also, I have high regard for David Dhawan, Varun’s dad. I will definitely work with these boys and hopefully, they will agree to work with me (laughs), but I have not finalised them for my film with Shah Rukh. Once my final draft is ready, Shah Rukh and I will take a call on the remaining cast. Till then, everything you hear is mere speculation,” Rohit further added.

The yet-to-be-titled film will go on floors a few months after the release of Singham Returns starring Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor.

Below we have a few pictures of the event where Rohit spoke about his film with Shahrukh Khan. Ajay and Kareena were also present to promote Singham Returns.

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor and Rohit Shetty promote Singham Returns

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor and Rohit Shetty promote Singham Returns

Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgan promote Singham Returns

Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgan promote Singham Returns

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan

Kareena Kapoor promotes Singham Returns

Kareena Kapoor promotes Singham Returns

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan



  • See rohit shetty is forced to cast crap actors like arjun and varun due to arjun’s mother and david dhawan. Hope srk does not signs this film .

  • Arjun n varun did not give a proper solo hit as yet.2 states was chetan ‘s magnum opus. It could have collected 98 cr anyway. And in hskd alia is more popular than varun. Srk should not do this film.

  • @rohit shetty it will be an honour for us if u cast youngistaan members in ur film.personally I believe our varun dhawan will b best suited for ur film bcz he has an excellent screen presence and has already prooved his mettle in comedy in mth.but obviously it will b even better if v get to share screen space with king khan in ur upcoming film and I hope that happens.

  • Varun or arjun in an srk film directed by rohit shetty will b a dream come true for youngistaan our sushanth has akready done a film with legend aamir in raju hirani film and nw a film with king khan.
    I hope this dream cast happens for real,fingers crossed till then

  • The casting is yet to b confurmed and I m already jumping with joy.wonder wat will happen when few months later indicine will publish an article-‘arjun and varun finallised for srk’s upcoming film with rohit shetty’

  • Remaining cast plays a big role in Srk starrer movies to make the movie blockbuster so Rohit need to cast some popular actors for remaining cast.

  • Nw some youngistaan haters will start speaking nonsense that v youngistaan r lucky that v get do films with dharma,yrf and nw srk.but u must hv heard the saying-‘success is 99% hardwork and 1% luck’
    V obvsly hv luck on our side but if v lacked talent then v would hv still failed.even sahid kapoor,neil nitin mukesh,uday chopra,tushaar kapoor gt to act with biggest banners and directors yet they flopped

  • Last 5 Films Worldwide GROSS businessComparision :-Shah Rukh Khan :
    -Chennai Express – 425 crore
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 248 crore
    Don 2 – 238 crore
    Ra.One – 240 crore
    My Name Is Khan – 205 crore
    TOTAL :- 1356 crore
    Average Per Film :- 271.2 crore
    ========================Aamir Khan :
    -Dhoom 3 – 500 crore ) Expected(
    Talaash – 150 crore
    Dhobhi Ghat – 20 crore
    3 Idiots – 385 crore
    Ghajini – 190 crore
    TOTAL :- 1245 croreAverage Per Film :- 249 crore
    ========================Salman Khan :
    -Dabangg 2 – 255 crore
    Ek Tha Tiger – 310 crore
    Boduguard – 230 crore
    Ready – 185 crore
    Dabangg – 215 crore
    TOTAL :- 1195 crore
    Average Per Film :- 239 crore
    ========================2014 Abhi khatam nhi hua hai .. jb sahrukh or amir ki movies aa jayegi naa tb total kr lena ..
    Its for all haters

  • Salman may currently b a bigger superstar than srk but no one can deny the fact that srk and aamir hv given much bigger contribution to indian cinema by starring in completely off beat films like chak de,mnik,tzp,lagaan,dch,swades etc which hv helped indian cinema to reach new horizons.
    If cdi wsnt a blockbuster producers wouldnt hv incested so much money behind sports films like bhaag milkha,pst and mary kom.
    Similarly if dil chata hai wasn’t a success then v would hv nvr seen so many gd urban films like znmd,rock on etc

  • Rohit should cast top actors like hritik and ranbir as supporting cast with our king as a main lead then we will become happy

  • i love it when their names cum together fo a project… rohit is an entertainer..kws the comic timing. n srk… do i need to xplain dat he is king…. eagrly waiting for the comedy ride..this combo pack is paisa vasool…

  • Blockbuster movie is on the way please locked the release date in advance on eid 2016 otherwise our sulemaan bhaijaan take it away.

  • ce was huge hit because of rohit+ dipika+honey singh+tribute
    now singham return have everything…
    ROHIT SHETTY, KAREENA ( one of the biggest actress of indian cinema of all time, having huge fanbase ) + HONEY SINGH
    well it do not have any tribute but it have no competition either…
    1. sequal of one of d most loved movie of INDIAN CINEMA
    2. no competition from any big film…
    1. it does not have KING KHAN

    now acc. to the logic of SALAMIR fans it should do buissness of around 220cr

    lets see if it could touch d buisseness of ranbir’s YJHD…
    well i want this movie to do well, i like ajay also but this comment is a SLAP on some brainless SALAMIR fans…

  • It is the promotion of Singham Return but all journalist are talking about rohit-srk next. I dont think, that film is going to floor not before late 2015. Srk has two movies in pipeline ( Fan and Raees) which still on pre production. he has to shoot both film then promotion and release which take time. Anyhow, best of luck for Singham Return.

  • Wud be vry interesting 2 see wen wud SRK lock da release date of Dis Flick….

    Dis 1 wud go on Floors in Mid 2015 may be after FAN releases….

    My instinct says 2 thing:

    1) It will most probably release in 15th August or 2nd October 2016

    2) SRK might even Go for a Clash wit Salman’s SHUDDHI…on DIWALI but not on EID…But dat depends Upon How Big #HAPPY NEW YEAR puts Records in BOX OFFICE….even though Next Movies of Other Superstar may Be Break da Records of #HNY (if it able’s to create any) Da more Bigger da Records dat #HNY posts…more Confident wud be SRK….cz I surely believe dat The Sole Reason behind SRK choosing Movies like CHENNAI EXPRESS & HAPPY NEW YEAR is Simple…he wants to Show to the World dat if he is Critized 4r not giving BLOCKBUSTERS.,dis 2 wud be his Answers..he still can Smash and create new Records..,Allready he has done it wit CE….dis tym he wud go all out wit HNY…

    The only thing he might Restrain in going 4r a Clash is “DHARMA PRODUCTION”

    And Releasing it in CHRISTMAS wud be vry Late…as Rohit wud not wait dat Long

  • They both need each other. Rohit has given many 100 cr movies, but he gave his first record breaking all time blockbuster movie with SRK only.
    Even Singham returns is directed by Rohit, but I can bet it won’t be able to repeat the magic of CE.
    On the contrary, SRK also gave many 100 cr movies in recent years, but his epic blockbuster came when we paired up with Rohit.
    So guys just wait and watch. This is gonna huge again..!

  • @sachin
    When will you ever get over the fact that all the 3 khans have almost the same strong fanbases in india and no matter how good or bad their movies, they will always get a grand opening. Even if i am not a sallu fan, i accept that graciously that currently salman is probably having a little more fan base in india. But you can never agree to that for srk also have the same stardom. Can you?

  • @sachin11 remaining cast plays an important role in aamir’s movie not SRK’s. .. hope u remember 3I, d3, tzp (darsheel), rdb , dch, ishq etc…

  • Rohit casting varun-arjun is bad news for us.Now we want kabir khan to cast varun-arjun in double roles in bajrangi bhaijaan.

  • Directors of Top 3 Movies: Dhoom:3 (Flop Tashan Director). Kick (Debutant Director). CE (Blockbuster Director). D3 and Kick Amar-Prem magic

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