Entertainment drops on its first Tuesday at the box office

Entertainment has dropped by around 28% from Monday, as the film collected Rs 5 crore on its first Tuesday at the box office.

The first week business is now likely to be around 56-57 crore. Recovery will be an uphill task for the film as a big film like ‘Singham Returns’ releases on approx 3700 screens this weekend.

Looking back at our pre-release box office prediction, the trend and collections of Entertainment is quite close to ‘mixed response’.

  • Friday – 11.1 cr
  • Saturday – 11.5 cr
  • Sunday – 13.8 cr
  • Monday – 7 cr
  • Tuesday – 5 cr
  • Total Collections in 5†days – 48.4 crore


  • Aamir khan and salman khan both dnt hv any guts to release in non holiday….we know the ststus of TALAASH & flop Jai ho….Entertainment will be a hit for sure

  • @thullu nw why r u hiding bro?
    Yesterday u were boasting hw ur superstar akki’s hilarious film had earned more than ev,hskd and 2 states on monday.but wat about yesterday’s collection.it is lower than all those three films.I hd already told indicine to nt get carried away wid entertainment’s Monday clctn since it is nt a gd film like holiday.
    Nw its only time that couple of youngistaan members overtakes akki

  • Entertainment!
    Well,i watched this movie and i forgot it within 5 minutes.there were some scenes that will create genuine laughs. Specially scenes like akki doing the advertisement at first.the bromance scenes between prakash raj and sonu sood where the ďsuraj kabhi door gagan seĒ was being played and a few more. But many scenes were unfunny,boring. My complain is against the dialogue writer. Those dialogues of krishna were not funny at all.

    Johny lever played his character well. So did akki.some of the prakash raj and sonu soodís bromance scenes were hilarious. Krishna and tamanna were average. Tamanna was looking damnn gorgeous.

    I laughed genuinely at some moments. But over all, itís not that funny.some of The dialogues were major let down. I never had a huge expectation and itís like that. It would been better(on par with main tera hero) if they worked on some small things.
    RATING: 1.5/5

  • Epic excuses if akki fans
    1 ouatimd
    flopped bcz of evil trick played by srk that snatched screens from ouatimd

    Lets see hw much entertainment earns on 15th August

    2 s26 underperformed bcz of bad release date in February

    Then hw did mnik,gunday,kai po che bcm clean hits in feb month?

    3boss flopped bcz of pre diwali release when lot of hindus aren’t in money spending mood

    Then hw did soty becm hit in pre diwali period?

    4 holiday underperformed bcz of extremely hot summer

    Then hw did yjhd,ready,rr,rajneeti become blockbusters?

    @thullu plz gv me answers of all my questions and yes I am keenly waiting to see hw much entertainment earns on 15th aug bcz a year back ce hd earned almost 20cr despite competition from a just released sequel

  • Akki’s end has begun.only warrior will become clean hit out of all his upcoming releases that too bcz of dharma banner,remake of a excellent Hollywood film factor and presence of a youngistaan star

  • There is something called karma.

    A year back lot of akki fans and srk haters were blaming srk for ouatimd’s disastrous performance.
    Nw let’s see hw much entertainment earns on the same 15th august and 2nd weekend.ironically both srk and akki hv to compete with a hyped sequel on independence day weekend.
    Srk won the battle easily lsst yr nw lets see hw akki performs in exactly the same position

  • Akkkis fans are the worst fans of any star ever.they r always giving excuses and want us to blv that akki is a bechara

  • Disappointing!!!
    But still i would say that it was a good year for akki…

    Now waiting for Gabbar,Singh is bling,baby n Warriors..

  • King of 60cr club-akki
    King of 30cr club-emmy

    Akki-emmy bhai bhai.

    Karan should hv considered akki and emmy for the roles of estranged brothers in warrior remake.lol

  • @nipun after a long time u hv said something sensible.
    This akki should learn comedy from varun dhawan

  • @Arjun kapoor2
    You are a big akki hater,and when someone says something to ur yesterday born stars,then u cry like hell.

  • I told u lifetime of entertainment should be entertainment tax of kick.
    @ indicine plz post sometimes article on legendary actors like, gurudutt, raj kapoor, dilip kumar, manoj kumar. becuz ur readers dnt knw many of them. a fool asked me who manoj kumar? plz publish an article on manoj kumar aka bharat kumar 8 15th august.

  • @Arjun kapoor2
    Only MNIK is a clean HIT..neither gunday nor kai po che are clean hits..and if these are clean hits,then S26 is also a clean hit,ok…don’t manipulate verdicts plz!!!

    OUATIMD was a bad film and did’nt deserved to be hit..and it released on 1000 screens on 15th aug on thursday with competition from a good wom CE and still did 11crs first day…my only problem was that,had it got good enough weekend it could have done close to 100crs despite wom…

    Listen dude everything is not about stardom

  • @Arjun kapoor 2
    Not everything is about stardom…if that was the case why SRK’s films before CE were struggling to beat Rowdy Rathore???

    So was the case with Boss,a regular masala flick…i have watched both SOTY n Boss in theatres and i enjoyed soty more and so did many people…also Soty was only semi-hit,again warning you,don’t manipulate verdicts…

  • @Arjun kapoor
    As for Holiday,the buzz was missing…yjhd was backed by dharma,good music and these production houses are very gud at marketing…
    There is hardly any buzz created for an akki film as compared to khans film,bcoz of poor marketing.

  • @thullu uf I am a akki hater then y did I praise holiday so much and badly wanted it to become a hit.shame on u thullu for calling me a hater of akki.I m not like other indicine users who will hate other stars and only praise their fav star

  • @arjun kapoor
    If u are not an akki hater then suddenly what happened to u???
    That akki should learn comedy from varun n all that…
    If he does bad films,they flop…
    Not everythng is about stardom..

  • khan needs 2-3 open weeks to become hit film . Arjun kapoor whats your problem you write wrong against akki .

  • Till yesterday indicine and its pack of anand and thullus were plugging the film and now theyve changed their tone
    A three and half rating is ready to die out??
    Kapils show is far more entertaining than the films released this year
    And the moron who goes about his pack of youngistan is so pretencious that he is sounding like an oaf now..he diserves an entertainment holiday kick!,!

  • @Sakhi, as if your Thakur has guts to release his films in non-hiday periods. Salman released Ready and Jai Ho in recent years. Which film your sarkar has released in non holiday periods and on a non-holiday?

    @Thullu, is crying. LOL! Roote Roote Ek Sach Bol Diya. Before CE, SRK was struggling to make his films cross even the business of Rowdy Rathore.
    By the way, why is one of Akki’s films named Singh is Bling? Why not Gabbar Singh is Blingg?

    Akki is a bad manager of his career himself and he may also have a bad manager to take care of his career. He has lost his hard fought stardom achieved in 2007?

    @Nipun,really sorry for Tammana Ma’am. She’s finished from the time she started dating Sajid Khan.

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