Shah Rukh Khan vs Akshay Kumar: Our Take

The box office clash between Shah Rukh Khan’s untitled film and Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha (Toilet:EPK) will be the talking point for the next few months.

On paper, it looks one-sided. The untitled romantic film has a much bigger star cast with one of the biggest crowd-pullers in the industry (SRK), one of the most popular female stars (Anushka Sharma), well-known director (Imtiaz Ali), big budget and the music is expected to be a strong point too (Imtiaz-Pritam).

With Toilet:EPK, Akshay is the only known face. The female lead has appeared in one film (Dum Laga Ke Haisha) and editor-turned-director Shree Narayan Singh directed 2012’s Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai which noone watched.

Yet, it’ll be the SRK-Imtiaz film that has all to lose and very little to gain – because business will now be divided between two films and the biggie won’t be able to take full advantage of the 5-day extended weekend.

For ‘Toilet:EPK’, the calculated risk that the makers have taken could prove to be a tactical masterstroke.


  1. Medium budget: Much like ‘Rustom’ last year, Toilet:EPK has been made on a controlled budget. Recovery will not be difficult if it turns out to be a well-made film. The fact that the makers are willing to take on a big-film, could also be an indication that they are confident of the film they’ve made.
  2. Ramzan release averted: Toilet:EPK was previously scheduled to release three weeks before ‘Tubelight’ and a week before ‘Raabta’. There was very little breathing space for a content-driven film to grow and perform. More so since the audience is known to save-up money for a event Salman Khan film during EID. The Ramzan period, when the muslim section of the audience do not come out to watch films, has been avoided too.
  3. GST: The ‘Goods and Service Tax’ will come into effect from July 1 2017. It’s expected to bring down the all-India entertainment tax levels, so Toilet:EPK will benefit from this as compared to June 2 release.
  4. Clash-publicity: We have seen in the past that clashes can prove to be beneficial, especially for the smaller film. Both films will get almost equal media coverage.
  5. Swacch Bharat: Toilet:EPK is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, which is a popular social cause amongst the youth. It’s most talked about during the Independence Day period. The film could also get tax-exemption, which will give its business a big boost.

From SRK’s point of view, there are very few positives. It was one of the biggest weekends of the year. A solo release would’ve probably meant 125 crore plus in the first 5-day weekend itself. But now with screens and shows divided between two major films, the release circumstances will be very similar to the ‘Raees vs Kaabil’ clash.

The SRK-Imtiaz film will comprehensively win the first day and weekend, but since it’s a big film, it has to perform at a much high level throughout to become SRK’s first clean hit in nearly 3 years.



  • Srk should avoid clash he won’t get clean hit if he clashes with akki! Even if TEPK fails it wouldn’t affect akki much as he has biggie 2.0 during Diwali! But if imtiaz movie fails then its concern for srk to be frank it’s not loss of akki it’s srk who will face problems

  • It’s very simple. Karma has been biting SRK for a very long time but he did not learn his lesson. He tried to destroy SLB with Om Shanti Om, won. But SLB got his revenge with Bajirao Mastani humiliating Dilwale.

    Sadly he did not learn from his mistakes and tried to destroy Hrithik with Raees which he knew had great promos. He succeeded to an extent but Raees was just an average grosser.

    Now it’s Akshay’s time to take revenge for what SRK did to him during OUATIMD.

    If SRK fails this time to deliver a big grosser… someone will come next year Christmas to dwarf his 150 crore dream film.

  • SRK is the star with probbaly the most clashes but comes out on top every time irrespective of content…
    The clashes include big victories against rivals Aamir Khan in 1995 (Ram Jaane v Akele Hum Akele Tum) and Salman Khan (Don v Jaan-E-Mann). In 2015 the Dilwale v Bajirao Mastani clash is seen as a defeat but if the wider picture is seen with Worldwide numbers its a comfortable victory for Dilwale and this was only due to the clout of Shahrukh Khan as the film was not liked. Even in India it would have been much closer if the intolerance debate did not happen at time of release which cost the film around 15% business. Shahrukh Khan has probably defeated every other major star out there in a clash.. .

    As far as opening is concerned
    dilwale-21cr BM-12cr
    Raees-20.3cr Kaabil-7.5cr
    SRK’s next~ 20-21cr TEPK-(will be interesting to see where it lands)

  • Akshay is struggling for 200 cr at box whereas SRK is facing the same for 300 cr club ….. Comment is unanimous

  • SRK played dirty during CE and OUATIMD! He backstabbed Akki..Now Akki is taking his revenge..

    Karma Mr. Shah Rukh Khan..You have always bullied your weaker opponents during your good phase, now everyone will take their revenge..It all started with Diwale vs Bajirao Mastani..


  • Megastar Salman has occupied the TWO biggest festivals Eid and Christmas. But some are fighting for tiny release dates like Republic day, independence day… Hahaha…

    #Too Much Funnnnnn!!!!!

  • Toilet Ek Prem Katha :

    Solo June Release-

    3000 screens
    Ramdan Effect
    No Holidays

    so with Good WOM max 80-100crs.

    11 August Release

    2200 screens
    4 Holidays

    so with Good WOM

    Week1 – 70crs(3Holidays)
    Week2 – 40crs(1Holiday)
    Remaining – 20crs
    Total 125-130crs Superhit.

    Due to small budget recovery is not hard.

    Ramdan period is not good for films.

    No problem regarding screens.

    Clashing on Independence Day weekend with 4 holidays is better than solo in Ramdan period.

    so it’s very good decision.

  • Akshay should not clash as both are self made superstars. There is still time and I think clash could be avoided. TEPK is a potential 100 crore grosser. No point taking on SRK’s romantic drama

  • Eid and Christmas are much bigger and better release period compared to Indipendence day. And according to their fans Eid and Christmas ensure 300cr nett minimum. I can’t understand WTH one of them is releaseing his movie on Eid/Xmas to deliver 300cr grosser???

  • Gigastar fans will start giving excuses like their gigastar faces clash, doesn’t release his movies on EDX… That’s why he is not able deliver 300cr/400cr grossers. I want to ask them a simple question…. WTH has stopped your gigastar to release his movies solo on EDX???

  • akki has already lost 3 clash against srk this will be his 4th loss srk ended career of hritik now its time of this canadian waiter

  • Akki is trying to make the Independence Day weekend his own. Aamir has Christmas, Salman has Eid, SRK had Diwali. Akki wants a big holiday to himself too. He’s too clever.

  • The odds are in favour of Akki. @indicine, Don’t expect SRK film to cross 125 cr in the weekend alone in case it releases solo. Imtiaz Ali films have a very limited appeal. It could do 60-75 cr weekend (solo) or 50-60 cr (clash).

  • TEPK is small budget film so it will be Hit on 80crs LT which is easy in clash with 4 holidays.

    According to SRK’s PR/Fans Rehnuma/The Ring D.S Rights are sold out for 115crs.

    I know it’s just a rumor created by PR to catch eye balls.

    But if it is true then Film need to collect min 225crs to recover that amount.

    If it is false then also Films budget should be min 80crs…so for that also it needs min 150crs.

    So in all way there is loss for Srk & he his Clean-Hit less streak will continue till X’mas2018 & no 100% garuntee of that also.

  • Dutt supporter karma bite…!
    Very good decision by TEPK team.
    Go akki Go… now revenge time..
    Last akki taken revenge from UTV, now time for srk.

  • @abra or zabra fan:we will see once both the movies release,which movie is going to flush which movie.until that time u keep ur mouth shut.the probm with srk fans is that they expect too much from him only to get dissappointments in abundance.srk still is struggling for a clean hit since 3 years n his fans expect him to cross 200 n 300 CR’s,too much fun!!!

  • Production companies are like corporate houses, who will sacrifice for whom?

    But yeah SRK has defeated every big gun on clash:

    1. Salman Khan: Don-Jaaneman(If u say Fan clashed with TJB lol at your logic, then Deewana-EK ladka ek ladki, CDI-Marigold, Chamatkar-Jaagruti, KANK-Shaadi karkr phasgaya yaar are also clashes? I wont consider that!!!)
    2. Aamir Khan: Akele Hum Akele tum vs Raam Jane

    3. Sunny Deol: CDI vs Khilaf

    4. Akki: YB-Daava, Veerzaara-Aitraaz, Don-Jaaneman

    5. Ajay: Baazigar-Bedardi, SOS-JTHJ

    6. Govinda-Kabhihaankabhinaa vs Prem shakti, KKHH vs BMCM

    7. Nana patekar/Sunil shetty- DTPH vs Bhai vs Gulaame Mustafa

    8. Rishi Kapoor- DDLJ-Yaarana

    9. HR- Raees-Kaabil

    10. Amitabh-KKHH VS BMCM

    As I said Clash and SRK is better love story than DDLJ

    But with this, its Rahnuma who is going to suffer

    Raees was in mess, Toilet isnt. Akki is doing this deliberately!

  • @indicine

    Sorry to say but you have missed the biggest advantage for TEPK. A section of media (both social and mainstream) will create perception like it’s a clash between Nationalist actor and anti national/pro Pakistani actor. Thousands of messages regarding this will be rounded over what’s app, Facebook etc. This may stop a huge section of audience to watch the SRK movie. In fact, situation will be even worse than this if govt’s/ruling party’s social media team participate in it (mostly probably it will cz TEPK based on Swach Bharat).

  • feeling pity for those Bakratards who were making Hirani as their Baap and were dreaming to see TZH-Dutt clash 😂.

    Panoti Khan fans tum log aajkal chup hi raha karo!

  • Ring Guard has absolutely no chance to even get a Semi-Hit verdict, Rice was a Delayed project and had buzz around it due to SULTAN but who is interested in this Imtiyaz Ali’s crap ?

  • I think Akshay’s mind is not working properly.he let go good solo post IPL slot and want to face a big clash.Ok no problem.Akshay is flying in air now after giving back to back hits.SRK will bring back to his original 60 crore club.

  • now i think rehnuma should come on diwali,it will be better to clash on a festival than independence day when recovery is not easy.tepk can proved to be a bigger threat than 2.0 if turned out to be excellent.afterall 2.0 is a south movie not hindi.

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