Shah Rukh Khan vs Aamir and Salman: The Box Office difference!

10 years ago when we started this website, Shah Rukh Khan was at the peak of his superstardom. ‘Om Shanti Om’ went on to become one of the highest grossers of all-time, even though it was competing against a big film like ‘Saawariya’. ‘Chak De India’ was arguably his career best film and performance. SRK looked invincible, the only other men competing – but failing to consistently beat him – were Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar.

10 years down the line, a lot has changed, but what remains strong is his fan-following. SRK is still one of the most loved movie stars in the country and without doubt the most loved Indian actor outside the country.

For an actor who is expected to match or even beat his contemporaries like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan (who have now raced way ahead), SRK simply hasn’t had enough to show as far as box office results are concerned. The collections of his films are still fantastic, an under-performer like ‘Dilwale’ collected a lot more than the career best of several other top actors in the industry. But for an actor who maintained an incredible level of consistency for the first 20 years of his career – more is expected out of him even at the age of 51, even when he has nothing left to prove or achieve.

The concern for SRK is not the opening of his films, but it’s about converting those big starts into big grossers. His films are top-heavy, most of the collections are coming in the first weekend (3 days) – which also suggests that his fans are coming out in big numbers, but the neutrals and people who decide to watch recommended films are no longer coming to watch his films.

The table below makes this point pretty clear on where Shah Rukh Khan has been going wrong. His best trending film is ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ only because clashing with another film tends to improve the weekend to lifetime ratio – which could be because of the section of the audience who want to watch both films. Otherwise, Chennai Express is his best trending film in the last few years and even that doesn’t make it to the Top 5.

Two of his last three films haven’t even doubled the first weekend collections. In other words, more people have watched his films in the first 3 days than those who watched it from 4th day onwards.

It once again proves the point we made earlier, fans of the superstar are coming to watch his films, the rest of the audience – who rely on word-of-mouth – simply aren’t coming in enough numbers. His films haven’t had repeat-value either, which is crucial for films to perform in Week 2, 3, 4 and after.

3 Idiots is by far the best trending film and it would have probably crossed the 500 crore mark if it released today. The Top 3 is all about Aamir Khan and each of those films have gone on to become the highest grossers of all time. Salman’s best film this decade, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, takes the 4th spot. It’s one of those few superstar films that has managed to triple its first weekend business.

In short, as far as Shah Rukh Khan is concerned, it’s still about that one film that needs to find universal acceptance. But the wait for that one film is getting longer with each new release.

The hype has always been there and the stardom is there too, but it’s the substance that’s been missing. It’s not about the first weekend, but what his films collect after the first couple of days that’s going to be important – both for ‘Raees’ and his other release this year.

Film1st WeekendLifetimeRatio
3 Idiots372015.43
Bajrangi Bhaijaan1033213.12
Dhoom 31082852.64
Jab Tak Hai Jaan*491202.44
Chennai Express942272.41
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo1042132.05
Happy New Year1092041.87
Jai Ho601121.87


  • Aamir khan In india
    1 dangal 387
    2 pk 340cr
    3 dhoom3 284cr

    Aamir khan in overseas
    1 pk 41 millions
    2 dhoom3 31 millions
    3 dangal will 30 millions

    pk worldwide 797cr
    dangal will be 735cr

  • Yes he was ahead of salmir in 2000 decade but in this decade salmir is way ahead of him that he is struggling to get a solo release that to in republic weekend

  • True, he has not been making good films. Imagine movies like Veer Zara, Kal Ho Na Ho, Main Hoon Na, Chak De, RNBDJ, OSO releasing today. A line up like that would put him in the battle for no.1 position. Unfortunately, when he was making these movies, Aamir and specially Salman were not putting out equivalent products, today when they are releasing good films, SRK is lagging behind. Anyway, new year, new beginning. I hope Raees is actually a good film, and manages to restore audience faith in him, even if it doesn’t make a ton of money. All the best to you SRK. You were, are, and will always remain by favourite actor.

  • Din aur raat logon ke hote hai. #SheronKaZamaana hota hai..

    thats it above dilog say all!!! raees will be commercial as well as crictical acclm !!! 2 din baad apna tym shuruu

  • Wait for RAHEES
    RAHEES will beat Sultan life time in 7 days and dangal life time 10 days

    Dangal + Sultan = RAHEES
    Only sRk Rocks

  • Let salman and aamir releases their movies with clash or on non holidays, the result is clear… less than any of the SRK movie… TZH will prove that salman and aamir nothing without eid or christmas/new year

  • Let salman and aamir releases their movies with clash or on non holidays, the result is clear… less than any of the SRK movie… TZH will prove that salman and aamir nothing without eid or christmas/new year

  • Krrish3
    First Weekend , 75 Cr
    Lifetime , 244 Cr
    Ratio , 3.09

    JTHJ , 2.44
    Ce , 2.14

    Ghueya ka duniya ka Sabse bada SUPERSTAR srk

    Even God can’t save SRK & RAEES from complete washout.

    KAABIL All Time Blockbuster

  • hope srk again starts doing movies with good content and universal appeal and its the only way he can come on top and he doesn’t need holidays for his movies to get it a hit tag if content is there.

  • LOL!! You should published article Srk Versus Akki, Varun and Mowgli :D

    Salman & Aamir r out of reach of his AAUKAT!! Thats Fact

  • only srk rocks this time not only first days the lifetime will be also higher its a promise from all srkians that we will make raees biggest hit of this century.

  • LOL!! You should published article Srk Versus Akki, Varun and Mowgli :D

    Salman & Aamir r out of reach of his AAUKAT!! Thats Fact

  • Difference between Salman and Aamir movies is because Aamir movies gets more free week run compare to Salman’s movie……Remember Aamir movies always gets 3-4 open week, and also more number of Holidays, while on the other hand Salman movies gets only 1-2 open week (With less Ticket Price)…….

    On thing I also want to add, that both Superstar deserve what they get because if movie is not good then there is no use of open weeks…….My point is if Salman movie BB and Sultan also get the same benefits like PK and Dangal then output would be much higher, where BB will easily break PK record…….

    Still both Superstar are great……

  • thats TRUE, sRk films need people other than SRKIANS n if n e of his film has a strong content than he will be back in the race,

  • It all about Lack of Universally Appealing Contant in Srk Starer. …

    After OSO and Fan only Chennai Express was Loved Universally. …

    That’s why despite a competition in 2nd and 3rd week CE break 3I record and become Srk’s Highest Grosser of recent times. …..

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