Shah Rukh Khan hints at Raees moving away from Eid 2016

Shah Rukh Khan has hinted that Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment’s Raees, could be pushed to a later date if Yash Raj Films’ Sultan is ready for a Eid release next year.

DNA India, which carried an article earlier this week that Sultan was postponed, have quoted Shah Rukh as saying “I guess we (Raees) could shift. But I don’t know the readiness of Sultan. Raees will be ready in January, in like 20 days. Plus, they all are friends – Adi (Aditya Chopra), Salman, Ali (Abbas Zafar), I know them all”

A source at YRF had informed us on Wednesday that their film would be ready in time for Eid. Sultan director Ali Abbas Zafar had also spoken about requiring only 90 more days to complete the film.

From a trade point of view, the big clash between Raees and Sultan does not make any sense whatsoever. Both makers will lose money and no one stands to gain. The battle will only be about egos, much like the clash between Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale.

Even averting clashes has now become a ego game, because it was Excel Entertainment who first finalised their film for Eid 2016.

For Shah Rukh, it’s also about spacing out his films. FANΒ releases mid-April and releasing Raees less than 3 months after the film, wouldn’t beΒ a great idea.



  • But I heard in other way.
    Sultan might be shifted to Diwali and I posted a link from India today group backing my statement.
    And if Raees will be postponed what will be next date?
    Dilwale , Xmas , even Gandhi Jayanti are pre-booked.
    SRK will annoy me this time if he shifts the date.

  • A movie, which is set to wrap up its schedule in Jan (five months before the release) vs a movie which is yet to determine the cast and crew (except Salman).
    I don’t think, they will postpone Raees, though sultan has every chances of getting postponed.

  • If its for trade reason good and fine.
    If its for ego reason I guess they are also right, to be honest I wasn’t bent on d idea of Salman and Salman releasing their movie same day!!
    It’s far beyond egos, trade, preferred date.
    It’s something that in literature terms can’t be explained.
    Hope it’s for d good

  • We want a well made film next Eid.
    Not some crap, made in hurry burry.

    @All ‘so called’ intellectual Salman fans : when Dilwale was ready for post-production, within 7-8 months, you called it a CRAP and called SRK greedy, that he just wants an Xmas release and so he is releasing his movie so soon.
    What’s your take now?

  • Sultan should get postponed or face a clash let none actor and biggest flop star and coward star Salman face a clash because he hasn’t faced any clash after getting defeated by imran khan’s jaane Tu ya jaane na. That’s his aukaat. Even if it doesn’t face a clash it will still not be super hit. It will be hit if review is negative. And if raees clashes then Sultan to gayo. It will be all time disaster.

  • Ranveer has already killed his career if clash with Bhai then Bhai will do JANAJA of his career… Hence nice move of srk…

  • Hope salman and srk promote raees and sultan in biggboss 10. Lol. Till then peshwa bajiraocha vijay aso..hail the MARATHA warrior

  • If its happen… thn its a gud move for both movie…

    If movie content is good than it doesnt need a fastive release but clash can damage both movie even content is gud…

    Leave the ego… avoid clash for movie fans…

    By salman fan… :)

  • as far as trade is concerned its a fare decision…. and a gd decision for sharukh also…..clash huya toh khud v doobega sath mein excel ko v doobayega….:P :P

  • If clash happened srk will be finish 50%
    If not srk movie in profit
    On the other hand
    Salman is in top form
    Sutan shooting in village so low cost
    It’s budget maximum 70-100 cr
    Yrf is biggest banner of india
    Salman is biggest superstar of india so
    Sultan is in profit
    Wheater clash happened or not
    We don’t care
    Because ranveer signh ne srk le li truth
    Srk jaago jaago

  • I think he should show the GUTS
    and release raees alongside sultan.

    if it is postponed, there will be again huge NEGATIVITY

  • as a fan I want this clash…..because SLB ne badla liya….hum logo ko v mauka milna chahiye yaar….:( :(

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