Supreme Court to hear plea against Salman after summer vacation

The Supreme Court will hear the Maharashtra government’s plea challenging the December 2015 Bombay High Court verdict acquitting Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in a 2002 accident case – after the summer break of the highest court in India.

A bench comprising Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar and Justice C. Nagappan on Friday, while recording the statement by Maharashtra government said that it was not necessary for it to file any rejoinder to the Bollywood star’s March 17 affidavit, directed the listing of the matter after the summer vacation.

The apex court had on February 19 issued notice to Salman on the state government’s petition, and he, in his affidavit, told the apex court that he was not driving his Toyota Land Cruiser when it killed a man in Mumbai in 2002 but police were trying to implicate him in the case.

Claiming that his driver Ashok Singh was at the wheels, Salman had said that the prosecution had failed to produce a single witness or a photograph showing that he was driving it.

Maharashtra has earlier contended that there were scores of witnesses at the accident spot who saw the actor in the driver’s seat of his SUV that ran over a group of people sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai’s Bandra area, killing one of them.

The high court had on December 10, 2015, acquitted the actor saying that the “prosecution has failed to prove the charges against Salman Khan on all counts”.

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  • supreme court will hear his application after summer vacation till then victim should live his life what he is living from 14 years. suffer for poors. i have no faith in current system.

  • Such amazing responses from Salman khan fans in the previous article.For them hurling abuses is tantamount to taking lives of innocents.

    For your information srk didn’t punch or even touched the bodyguard.If he had done so he would have landed himself in jail at least for a day or else an FIR would have been lodged against him.Srk had the humility to accept what he did was absolutely wrong despite the watchman using extremely disgusting words against his religion (@hrithik hope you are reading this) and manhandling his daughter.And still many fans in Indicine have criticised srk’s behaviour.

    But in case of bhai’s incident blind faith in their favourite star won’t allow their fans to remove their blinkers and accept the harsh reality.If you feel he wasn’t behind the wheel it’s fine.But some comments saying even if he was behind I don’t give a damn is ridiculous.
    Get well soon Bhai fans.

  • If he wasn’t responsable for the case, Who will give compensation to that poor man driver ashok singh. If Salman is inocent he should start a case against those peoples who were behind his suffering.

  • If he wasn’t responsable for the case, Who will give compensation to that poor man? driver ashok singh! If Salman is inocent he should start a case against those peoples who were behind his suffering.

  • Why these bull shit attention seeker always after bhai, crores of devotee behind megastar nothing will happen to him.

  • Controversies that gave me headache now, tired of some controversies :-
    1. Salman hit & run
    2. Salman black bug shoot
    3. HRITHIK- Kangana
    4. SRK & Aamir’s intolerance statement
    5. Amitabh’s Panama paper connection
    Just wishing that these type of controversies end soon with proper result.

  • I just want Salman out of bollywood so that king can cement his no 1 place when Salman my king is not gaining any attention hope Salman goes which can save my srk love you srk #jabra fan.

  • Ravindra Patil: The death of a messenger
    In India, the testimony of the prime witness is considered the most important document in a criminal case, which often influences the final verdict.
    In the 2002 hit-and-run case of Salman Khan, the man who found himself in the epicenter of the controversy, was the prime witness of the case — constable Ravindra Patil.
    Those close to Patil admitted that he was under enormous pressure to change his statement.
    There were many who wanted Patil to change his statement. They preferred that Patil maintain that Salman leaned back to listen to him seconds before he lost control of the wheel. This would mean that the accident was caused by a ‘human error’ and not because he was drunk. Some people wanted him to say that Salman was not drunk at the time of the accident.
    Whatever be the case, Patil did not change his statement till the last day.
    It was unclear who was putting pressure on Patil — some say they were all ‘well-wishers’ of Salman Khan from the police force while others say that those talking to Patil were Salman’s common friends from the film industry. Whoever they were, the pressure tactic seemed to be working as Patil was showing signs of a nervous break-down.
    Why was Ravindra Patil so vulnerable?
    Patil was a constable and hence belonged to the lowest rung in the police force. He admitted numerous times that he was under pressure and he would always try to duck the media.
    During 2006, when the examination of witnesses was on, Salman had hired the best lawyers in Mumbai who were all charged up to cross-examine Patil. But then, something unexpected happened. Patil just ran away one evening. His brother lodged a missing report about Patil at a local police station.
    Day after day, Patil chose to skip court dates because he didn’t want to face the defence lawyer. Soon, Patil came under scrutiny of the court because he remained absent at the court hearings. The court proceedings were stuck because Patil was absent in the witness-box. It also came to light that he had run away without applying for leave.
    In a strange twist of fate, a man who had actually lodged the first information report against Salman Khan now had an arrest warrant issued against him for not turning up at court hearings. The arrest warrant was issued after he failed to appear for five consecutive court dates.
    As the judge ordered that he be arrested and produced in court, his seniors at the police force simultaneously approved that Patil be sacked from his job because he was absent from duty. His seniors chose to ignore the fact that technically Patil was ‘missing’ and not ‘absent’ according to their own records.
    Nobody was interested in knowing why he had run away from his house. Or, why the same person who was so forthcoming in lodging a complaint against a Bollywood star like Salman Khan, didn’t want to take the witness-box. Patil was never put under any witness protection programme.
    Patil was sent to Arthur Road jail with hardened criminals
    Like how they deal with a hardened criminal, a task force was prepared to nab Patil and find out where he was ‘hiding’. Finding him was easier than anybody had thought because Patil was not hiding anywhere. Ravindra Patil was actually staying in a small hotel in Mahabaleswar, just a few kilometres away from Mumbai. He would come to Mumbai often to meet his wife and family. He was not on the run from the police and was going around telling everybody that he wanted to stay away from the Salman Khan case.
    He had repeatedly requested his colleagues in Mumbai Police to work out a way so that he can be spared from the case. The problem was: He was the prime witness and without him the case didn’t stand a chance in a court of law.
    How many of you hate going to court? How many of you don’t like how witnesses are grilled in criminal cases by defence lawyers? Well, if I go by Patil’s example, then all of you should be put in jail. Believe it or not, Ravindra Patil was sent to jail because of this ‘crime’.
    The special police team swooped down on him, arrested him and produced at the court, the next day. The court sent him to Arthur Road jail, the biggest jail of Mumbai where most of the high-profile criminals are lodged.
    In Arthur Road jail, Ravindra Patil was incarcerated in a separate cell like they would treat an armed dacoit or a serial killer. Patil submitted fervent pleas that he doesn’t want to be grouped with criminals at the Arthur Road jail but the court was in no mood to relent.
    Twice, Patil filed applications saying that he is a witness and that he be held at Unit nine of the Crime Branch and twice the court ignored the application. In his applications, Patil went on record saying that he went absconding as he was mentally disturbed at the thought of being cross-examined by defence lawyers. But nobody seemed to be interested in what he was saying.
    If the courts didn’t pay heed to his pleas, his employers — the Mumbai Police — seemed to be on some revenge spree. A ‘missing’ Patil suddenly became an ‘absconding’ Patil in their own files and subsequently sacked from his job. This junior-most employee in the force tried every trick in the book to convince his senior officers that he should not be sacked from his job. But nobody was ready to listen.
    A witness was suddenly at the receiving end of it all. Life was dealing this grand witness blows after blows while Salman Khan delivered hits after hits at the box office.
    The last days of Ravindra Patil
    After Patil was let out of jail, he found himself in a strange situation — his family had disowned him and the Mumbai Police was not ready to take him back. Patil didn’t know what to do — suddenly he was the victim because he saw the accident and spoke about it.
    A broken man by then, Ravindra Patil went missing again.
    Patil was finally discovered at the Sewri Municipal hospital in 2007. Patil was begging on the streets of Mumbai before he landed up at the hospital. The years of acute stress coupled with heavy drinking had made his body weak. Worse, he had contracted a drug-resistant tuberculosis which fast tracked him towards an inevitable end.
    Patil wanted to get back in the police force but he was just a bag of bones lying on bed number 189 of ward number four on the fourth-floor of Sewri TB Municipal Hospital. His family members were not aware where he was and nobody had come to see him for a year.
    Constable Ravindra Patil died on October 4, 2007.
    Even after his death, there was nobody to take back his body. The friend who had admitted him to the hospital was so scared that he didn’t even inform his family. In the end, his brothers came forward to perform the last rites.
    Before his death, Patil spoke to his friend expressing his wish to get back to the force again while throwing up blood on the cold floors of the Sewri Municipal hospital.
    “I stood by my statement till the end, but my department did not stand by me. I want my job back, I want to survive. I want to meet the police commissioner once,” were his last words.
    Clearly, even God chose not to hear him.
    Ravindra Patil never rested in peace.

  • The one thing I don’t like about Supreme Court, High Court and other Courts in India are that they are completely closed for 2 to 3 months in Summer . There are millions of cases pending in India and these kind of vacations push the dates even further . There are 24 hrs in a day so judges, advocates and other concerned persons can work for 8 hrs in 3 shifts . There should be more Fasttrack Courts in India so that maximum cases are solved as soon as possible . This has been a very old practice so I don’t expect it to be changing anytime soon . But I hope the BAR Council takes a firm stand in this regard . I know every person is entitled to take vacations and I am not against it . But pending cases for so many years is really hurting the Indian Judiciary and common people are losing their trust in law and order .

  • I wanna see all losers face after supreme court decision, if court find him inocent then i wanna ask are you feeling shame to bash an inocent man from 14 years. If driver was with him why should he drive the car?

  • A guy who slapped a guard of his father age who was doing his duty, guy who illegally owned government property, guy who is cheating in tax payment, guy who made mockery of his own great country still roaming like a innocent soul no one giving any fuck to these antisocial activities of this terrorist.

  • 123 now you see lots of verdicts speaking and giving their decision here thinking themself as supreme judge of india from foothpath graduated and some will be like as they were sleeping there at that night of incident .
    Get well soon all foothpatheins ,tmhare bhokne se kch ni hoga just wait for the judgement and believe in judicial system.

  • Hey @Challa yes i am a Blind Fan,, I dunno whats the Truth and even if it is i choose to ignore it… The basic rule of Humanity says that everyone who has always been good in their life and is a good person now has done one bad thing in past due to a misfortune is not a bad Person.. May be he was driving may be he was not but it was an Accident,, An unintended ,unintentional accident.. Salman has been helping others since time Immemorial.. Even during his MPK auditions he had kept Pics of Friends with him that if i am not Chosen please Select my friend.Thats the Kind of man he is, I have personally met 10 people whose family members have been opreated by Being human for free and they adore him like God.. There is a reason why people love him. You haters just because he is at the top like to malign him,call him criminal to vent your frustation.. But not you,Not law,not even god himself can make me think otherwise for Salman.. I love him to Death without a Bias. Yes i am Blind Salman Fan,,and a Proud one..

  • It took him so many years to accept that his driver was driving the car and not him . Isnt it enough to prove that he is saying lies and manipulating the law . I know that the court cant send him in jail on basis of this , but the people who has minimum common sense will understand that he is guilty .

  • @challa
    A person is innocent till proven guilty. Salman has been acquitted by the court.

    Its you SRK fan who needs to get well, you want Salman in trouble as you are depressed about SRK’s failing career. Shame on you.

  • Though srk is the is highest earning actor of bollywood according to foreb why Salman & akki are highest tax payer why no case against srk who is cheating government I think he must be paying the tax money to his beau hafeez Saeed thrash this terrorist from my great country. Yeah Mr srk India is intolerant because people should kick out you from our great country but you are still roaming like a innocent soul.

  • @ Challa- You srkians is nothing more than crocodile. blaming on inocent, create suffering for inocent is biggest crime. If you were not eye witness why you guys barking in each and every article of this case? Do you have video proof?

  • @Challa itna type kaise kar lete ho yar against salman? So many stories u making as if judges of supreme court r gonna read ur statements here! But yeah good luck with all ur negativity ??

  • @saksham 1:07, yes very valid point. These courts remained shut for 2 months for summer vacations irrespective of several cases remain pending there.
    Only once when yakub Menon was going to be hanged , supreme Court opened at 3 A.M for the process. Only this time supreme Court had done commendable job.

  • Latest : Kabir Khan has confirmed Salman Khan in his next movie, the story revolves around a drunk driving case where the protagonist drives over innocent lives sleeping on the pavement.
    The movie has been tentatively titled ‘Criminal’.

  • IMO Salman Khan is no less than the likes of Yakub Memon, whether you take 1 life or 100 lives, it’s a life lost at the end of the day. Not just this, Salman is also involved in the killing of Black Bucks,a criminal mind always indulges in criminal acts. No wonder, this guy was tweeting in favour of Yakub Memon, late night out of nowhere, probably under the influence of alcohol.
    Take off that ‘Being Human’ PR tag & what is Salman Khan ? Women beater, alcoholic, criminal, (wannabe) philanthropist.

  • Reportedly the makers of Jungle Book are looking to make a movie on the Black Buck incident of Bhai which will for once and for all prove Bhai’s innocence.
    Storyline : Bhai was once roaming around in a jungle where he finds a Black Buck, but for some reason the Black Buck kills himself & buries himself just to frame Bhai in a false case because he is jealous of Bhai. We don’t know for what reason, but all we know is that Bhai is innocent, Black Buck is a criminal.
    #Justice for bhai.

  • people here talking abt law & order & Indian judicial who Dont know anything abt the system…..people here r ranting like they r d eye witness …..stop ranting if u Dont know any thing ……its d system which works same for everyone (Sanjay duty is d biggest exp) but ultimate take time not only for salman but for everyone…..the people who r barking if you went through this kind of accident den only you will know d difference….

    Although I never ever said he was innocence but let court decide what he really deserve ….Stop Barking without any Knowledge

  • Even If Salman Khan Kills PM !! Bhai Fans Will Say ‘wah Bhai Kya Kaam Kiya Hai , 1200 hear attack Operation , 2000 Carore , Few Bhai , We Are With Bhai !

  • Criminals Deserve only 1 thing !!! That is 5yrs Of Imprisonment !! Ohh Sorry 10yrs Kyunki BlackbuckCase Bhi Bhai Ki Acche Se Maarega

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